Balancing Home Duties as a Work-at-Home Mom

how to balance home life as a work-at-home mom

For the past THREE weeks I have been battling one sickness after another. What started out as a common cold turned into the flu which turned into pink eye then whooping cough and finally a bacterial infection in the left side of my face.
It’s been one tough month for this momma which is why I missed last week’s post!
But, part of me is thankful for the sickness, too. I know that sounds completely crazy however I’m being 99% serious – 1% of me is thinking I’m crazy too.
Being sick gave me a chance to rest which I couldn’t believe how much I needed it. I was exhausted! Resting also gave me the insight I needed to realize that my business had somewhat overtaken my home life.
We have been going, going, going with firefighting/EMT studying/new business/makeup schooling/family/life that I have not had the time to really, truly rest and enjoy my home life.
That’s the tough thing about being a stay-at-home mom and a work-at-home mom. Am I right? How do you differentiate from the two?

How to balance home life as a work-at-home mom
I have come to the conclusion that with all good things there must be a balance.
You cannot simply eat JUST fruit, that would not be a balanced diet nor should you eat just meat. In a balanced diet there is a grain, a protein, a dairy, and.. um whatever else. (I should really study up on my food pyramid — yikes!)

Just like a balanced diet there is also a balance between God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit called the trinity. I know some have different views on how the trinity should be approached but I believe that the trinity are separate beings but also one. In other words, they act separately but they rely on each other — one does not exist without the other. Does that make sense?
As humans, we were made in God’s image. Our Christian marriages are supposed to represent our mighty God and function very similar to the trinity because we are, in fact, made in a similar nature to God.
So, there must be a healthy balance between the man, wife, and God — without God in the picture we are lacking the glue that sticks us together!
There must also be a balance between work, play, rest, and alone time. There must be a balance between hustle and quality time. There must be a balance between the “goods” or positive elements in our life. Although work is a great thing and we are called as disciples of God to work for our food, we are also called to rest and enjoy the beautiful things God has given us. And, although spending quality time with our loved ones is extremely important, there too must also be a healthy balance present.
Where do we draw the line and create this balance?
Being sick has brought me back to reality in a way. I was getting so caught up in what my social media numbers with work and how many “friends” I was making that I began to think more about what I could do with my blog than what I needed to do with my family.
It’s extremely hard for us stay/work-at-home mommas to create this healthy balance. When work is at home and home is at work… where is the drawn line? Our office is our bedroom and our bathroom is our “think tank”. So, it takes extra effort in our case to leave work at work.
So how do we leave work when work is at home?

Turn off electronics

Turn off your electronics when it’s not “work time”. If you are a work-at-home mom then your main way to communicate is probably through your phone and computer. Turning off your electronics when it’s time to relax eliminates the temptation to check on stats, progress, emails, etc. for your business.

Avoid pestering notifications

If you can’t turn off your electronics because you still want to engage socially, I’d suggest closing down those business apps and turning off notifications. If you have an iPhone then it’s really easy to pick and choose which applications you would like to receive notifications from.

Set time boundaries

The best thing you can do is to set a time boundaries with work and down time. For example, you can say, “I want to work from 9am to 3pm but once the kids come home from school I need to shut everything down”. For me, my time limit is to try and be done with all business stuff by the time my husband arrives home. That doesn’t necessarily happen every day but it is my goal. As long as you don’t beat yourself up for going over your goal “time boundary” or not working that long, it’s a good thing to try to implement.

Pray about it

Asking God for strength with achieving desires and goals will really help. Trust me! God wants us to be the best that we can be so why not ask Him for help? He wants us to work for our money but He also knows we need rest. So, God is good at reminding us of what we need – whether with our family, ourselves, or with work.

Don’t take on too much

Are you doing too much? Are you taking on more than you can handle? Did you accept an opportunity that you couldn’t pass up and now you’re swamped? At some point in our business we all have to ask the question, “how much is too much?” You need to figure out what can you handle before it makes you overwhelmed. After all, when we are overwhelmed we begin to be stretch beyond our reach and assignments are not accomplished with our full attention.

Being a stay-at-home mom and a work-at-home mom is tough because finding that “perfect” balance is such a fine line. However, when it comes down to the nitty gritty…. You are only human! You can only accomplish so much and the rest is up to God.
Being intentional with your home life “time” as a work-at-home mom is the number one tip I can give you. No more being “half” aware of our surroundings because we are distracted with something else. Set a time to finish work each day, pray for the strength to overcome work temptation (turning off notifications will help), and enjoy your family/rest time!

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