Are You On The Fence?

On the fence

When Christians are on the fence with following Jesus

This is the first of our mini series “Are You On The Fence?”. For three Saturdays starting today we will be discussing where we are at in our relationship with God.


It’s so easy to do. You know, to stay on the fence. It seems like a comfortable spot. We are closer to the sky therefore we appear to be closer to flying while our companions are still on the ground next to the fence. They are so low there’s no way they have it better than me! I have more air, more sunshine, and more height. Technically those companions on the ground are looking up at me, right?

We have all been there!

Sin is blinding. It creates a veil over our eyes creating an illusion of comfort, stability, wealth, and sometimes power. We often find ourselves so happy with our lives that we assume it has to be from God. Have you asked God if this is the spot He meant you to be in?

The devil makes sin look comfortable so that we have no reason to leave! We see people around us struggling with their finances, struggling with their marriage, struggling with a death and yet the one thing they have in common is a faith deeply driven in God.  “I’m not going over there”, we say.

More often than not I see the thinking: I believe in God. I want to go to heaven but I don’t want to give up my Fifty Shades of Grey, my sex before marriage, my drinking habit, my addiction, my indulgence in sin. I don’t have time to read my bible. The church is too crowded, the church is too empty, the church smells funny, the church..the church..the church.. 

I can still be a Christian and indulge in some earthly habits. True! You become a Christian the moment you ask God into your life but what if that isn’t enough?

Ponder on this question for a minute or two: Are you saying that God is not more important than your daily habits? Hang on, don’t say “yes He is!” right away like you probably already did. Really think about what you’re telling me.

Is. God. Not. Important. Enough? The God who made YOU, who gave YOU life, who gave YOUR children life. The God who said that He will provide for YOU (Luke 12:22-34),  who is always with YOU (Isaiah 41:10), who will meet all of YOUR needs (Phillipians 4:9), our God who wants to take YOUR troubles and listens to all of YOUR prayers (Psalm 120:1), a God who can heal YOUR brokenness (Psalms 147:3), and finally… our God who can do all things in YOU through Him; A God who strengthens YOU. (Phillipians 4:3) Even after all that He does for us, God is not important enough?

On the fence-- Is God Not Important Enough?

To be on the fence is to be a hypocritical Christian. You know, the ones who preach but don’t act in the way that they preach! I believe this right here is one of the reason why Christians are developing a bad rep. Those who are on the fence are quick to judge actions of others and quick to defend themselves but what they lack is a deep and meaningful relationship with God. 

All of us believers will have struggles, it’s just part of taking up the cross and following Jesus. But when we are living right with God, in God, for God and when we are trusting Him, our problems seem to fade as our burdens are not our own anymore.

I believe that if we are living the way God intended for us then He will bless us! Maybe it’s not a “blessing” we think we would like but God’s thoughts are higher than our own. The thing is, every single one of us has a purpose that God assigned specifically for us. When we are in the exact moment and place that God has called us to be, when we are following God’s plan for us there will be great things happening. An example of this would be the movie God’s Not Dead. Have you seen it? Such a great movie! If you haven’t seen it but have heard rave reviews, you can purchase it HERE but if you have a Hulu membership I believe you can watch it for free.

Anyways, getting off subject here– The example would be when the pastor can’t get his car to start. He and his friend tried from dawn until dusk to get ANY car to start for them to head on a trip but none of them will. Long story short they finally purchase a rental car that starts and as they were driving through town the pastor witnesses a hit and run. The man who was hit by the car was an atheist who was dying, the Pastor happened to be in the right place and the right time to be there and bring this man to God right before he died. Pretty powerful right?

If we are always on the fence, we will never have the opportunity of living to our full potential!

God works in mysterious ways “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways” (Isaiah 55:8-9a). When we are doing what God called us to do rather than what we believe we should do, we will be more happy in the long run. If we get off that fence and follow God, we will be living a life for God.

Sally Clarkson, a superstar christian momma, hits the nail right on the head in her book The Lifegiving Home. Here’s what she says: “God desires to work supernaturally through normal people who are willing to follow Him wholeheartedly and reflect His glory.”

So I’ll ask you again: Are you on the fence? 



On the fence-- The Beauty Within Homemaking







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