Verse of the Week DIY Wall Display

DIY verse of the week wall decor

DIY verse of the week wall display

I have to be honest with you, I was struggling with what to post for my DIY Wednesday this week. I don’t know what it is about this week but I. AM. EXHAUSTED. Call it what you may; I call my chronic tiredness a mother’s “come to Jesus” time. You know, because if my toddler pulls all of the stuff out of my kitchen drawers one more time, I may turn into a puddle of boiling rage.

And now I am writing this post at 9P.M. but it feels like 3A.M. Please excuse me while I take a nap with my eyes open…

However — despite my whining — I did happen to come across an adorable “verse of the week” wall display on Pinterest. I loved the idea of having a verse of the week on display as a way to memorize and really ponder God’s words. So, I decided to create my own with the materials I had on hand.


DIY verse of the week wall decor


This project was fairly simple because I already had the pallet board on hand. It was a gift that I never really found a purpose for until I came across this verse of the week idea!

If you’re really curious about how to make a pallet sign, check out THIS post from My Love 2 Create.

OR, you can click HERE to buy a small pallet on Amazon that’s intended for crafts like this.

The fancy medal/burlap florals in the corner were stapled on to the pallet board.

verse of the week

The picture above is what I started with.

verse of the week diy

Because I loved the surface of this wood so much, I decided to use the pencil/paper trace method to eliminate possible mistakes.

This tracing method is super easy!

First step: print off your desired verse.

Second step: lay the paper over the wood.

Third step: trace the letters with a dull pencil.

The picture above is the result from my pencil tracing. It’s not a PERFECT method but it definitely does the job when I am in the hurry but don’t want my letters to look off.

verse of the week diy

And that’s what the pallet board looked like after I painted the letters on. I used my Americana Everlasting chalk paint because it dries quick, has a pretty color, and is easy to use.

verse of the week diy

The last thing I did was hot glue metal clips on the pallet board and add a bible verse.

These are the exact metal hinge clips that I used except for in a different color.

And that’s it! Just make sure to hang your verse of the week in a spot that all of your family will see it at least once each day.

With that, I am off to bed.

verse of the week






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