Christmas Gifts for Mommy


Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy

Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy


It’s Saturday, I’m watching a movie with my husband and I just don’t feel very “inspirational” tonight. So, I decided to spend some time compiling this list of trendy Christmas gifts for mommy since it’s almost that time of the year! Some of these gifts are products I love, actually on my list to my husband, or items I believe you will love.


Let’s jump right in!


Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy

Yes ladies, this one is first because it’s my FAVORITE (and on my Christmas list). While some of the Too Faced Christmas products are not worth the high price, the Grande Hotel Cafe is a beautiful combination of colors — definitely worth every penny. I am in love with Too Faced, I often find myself splurging in their new products more than any other makeup brand.

Here’s a gorgeous planner for $14.95 with great reviews. Gotta love a planner with beautiful gold and inspiration written all over the cover!

Bloom Daily Planner 2017


Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy
via Mom Life Must Haves

Can we talk about this shirt for a second? EEEK, is this not adorable or what? Not only is this cranberry color my absolute favorite color in the whole world but the “home is my happy place” is literally my motto in life.

This shirt is from Mom Life Must Have’s and is retailing for $28.99. BUT, do a little Google search and I am sure you can find a 10% discount.


Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy
via Mom Life Must Haves

If this cranberry beauty is just not working for you — check out the “I have a coffee crush” tee. If you’re not a coffee drinker then we can’t be friends!! Just kidding… my husband isn’t a coffee drinker but I still love him. 😉



Ladies, I know that Case-Mate tends to have a bad rap on Amazon but I love them. Here’s why: my 1 week old iphone 6 was sporting the “Brilliance” case when I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet! I was certain my new phone had reached the end of it’s short life but when I took it out of the water it was still working. That was two years agoo and I still have the same phone. So, yeah, the cases may break “easily” but they work and they are gorgeous… just saying!

Case-Mate Karat Rose Gold Flake Case



Yes, you all know I am a big Chip & Joanna Gaines fan . But, if you’re new, you can read about how Joanna taught me to find success through God.

Can I just say that this book is really fantastic! It will make you giggle, it will make you smile at their adorableness, and it will inspire you. This book is so good that it’s a number one seller AND it has zero 1 stars or 2 stars (at least when I made this post).

The Magnolia Story

Christmas gifts for mommy
Christmas gifts for mommy

Fellow mommas, these NEED to be on your Christmas list. Yes, I am associated with Chloe + Isabel but it’s more than that. As a mom who often sports the “mom bun”, this bun cuff has been seriously the cutest accessory to dress up my outfits without wasting precious time.

Also, every time I leave the house with these fan pins in my hair I always receive comment after comment about how gorgeous they are! You will not be disappointed, I promise you that.

Click the pictures above or click HERE to view my boutique. Make sure to click the “hair” tab to find these sparkly gems.


This is actually on my Christmas wish list! It’s a tassel with a hidden phone charger. Super cute and very handy for us techie mommas who are often using our phones or on the go! Plus, you won’t have a huge chord taking up space in your purse. 

Apple Lightning Cable USB Leather Tassel



Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy
via Hanna Anderson


Hanna Anderson has the cutest matching pajamas. Either just for mommy or for the whole family (including the dog) — there’s something for everyone! Hanna Jams has been very popular with the trendy mommies lately.

COME OOOOON! Pink swivel chair? Yes, please! Perfect chair for those trendy, work-at-home mommas.

Tiffany Modern Office Chair in Pink


Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy

One of my favorite online boutiques (for myself) is Grace and Lace. On their shop you’ll find lace galore and all things feminine! I came across these socks today on Instagram and knew I had to share them in this post!



Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy


Can I just say that Ipsy has been like a shinning star during these dark winter months — seriously. I pay $10 and get 5 beauty products catered to my skin tone and preferences! This month I received a “Better Than Sex Mascara” from Too Face which normally retails at $22 a pop…. I’d say that’s definitely a steal. It’s like Christmas morning EVERY time I receive a new Ipsy package because I never know what I am going to get and I LOVE makeup. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Anyways, definitely worth it if you’re a crazy makeup woman like myself.

Click here to get your first Ipsy surprise in your mailbox!



These makeup brushes have fantastic reviews — if you take care of them, that is! Many makeup professionals say they can barely tell the difference between these brush heads and sigma’s. But, for $12.99 you don’t have much to lose with trying this set this Christmas season!

14 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy

Another Chloe + Isabel product that a trendy mommy may love! It’s hard to tell but this purple hat has beautiful sparkly strands throughout and has a very sparkly removable brooch. I have yet to see this in person but it’s very popular!

And with that, Merry Christmas! What Christmas gifts are you hoping for this year? I would LOVE to know — just leave a comment below!

Trendy Christmas Gifts for Mommy









Some of the above are affiliate links BUT regardless I only share with you products I think and believe you will love. I will not be held responsible for dissatisfaction with a product, this post is simply for ideas. Thank you for supporting a small business; you are SO appreciated!


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