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When I first was creating this blog, it took me about 2.5 seconds to come up with our catchy “The Beauty Within” title. There is so much ground that I can cover within my niche and filled with such truth that the possibilities are nearly endless. Originally The Beauty Within 31 started out as a personal diary — of sorts — that lasted for about a month in 2015 before I got bored and left it. In March of 2016, a year later, I decided to pick The Beauty Within back up again with a dream and a mission.

It’s been almost 8 months of continuous blogging and even more experimenting; I can hardly believe it! As most of you ladies know, my main focus has been to inspire with biblical truth. But, I have really been wanting to find a side subject that could branch off of my initial tagline, “inspiring women”.

I tried a side focus on homemaking but I found out fairly quickly that this topic bore every ounce of my soul. The next topic I tested was decorating…. that lasted for about two weeks. I also explored the topics of cooking (ew), vintage, Etsy, etc… but nothing resonated with me.

However, about a month ago I decided to ponder and make a list of my loves and key qualities. That was the moment where I realized that I had a big love for a topic that I have never even thought of…. beauty.

Seriously? My title is “The Beauty Within” and I had never even considered the idea of writing about beauty? Come on, that should have been my first choice! I was trying so hard to be like the Christian bloggers around me that I forgot the key towards success is marching to the beat of your own drum.

So, you’re going to see a new category popping up on the blog. Want to take a guess as to what it will be? Of course, it’s BEAUTY. My hope is to take a biblical perspective into the art of inward and outer beauty.


Chloe + Isabel jewelry for the Christmas season


One thing that has happened during this time of “discovering” has been my partnership with Chloe + Isabel which I am SOOO excited about. Chloe and Isabel is a jewelry company based off the idea of two friends with different styles. Chloe is the spunky friend with bold colors while Isabel is classic and timeless (much like myself).

There are a couple of reasons why I love and decided to partner with Chloe + Isabel. I’ll list a few…

Reason #1: I love that they feature two different fashion types — bold and classic. This caters to ALL types of women and doesn’t leave one or another out. The idea that these two styles are made into friends (or friendship) is great because it encourages respect and love towards both kinds of women.

Reason #2: I decided to partner with them because I seriously and truly have a desire to remind women that it’s okay to invest a little in themselves. It’s okay to dress yourself beautifully — much like the Proverbs 31 woman who dressed in fine linens. There was a time when I believed that buying a piece of clothing/jewelry/makeup for myself was down-right selfish when I had a child to think of. But, my husband has been such a big help in teaching me that I matter too.

I often mention that, “Even though I had a baby, it doesn’t mean that I quit being Tenesha” just like you don’t quit being you.

Reason #3: Jewelry is such a fun way to express yourself as a woman. We like to feel as if we have a purpose and a place in this world. We like to feel beautiful and important. This mentality doesn’t make us bad people… it just makes us human. Now, I am not saying that we should be completely vain and spend all our money on self-indulges. BUT, we do need to set aside a little time and money to bring a little sparkle back into our womanly lives.

Reason #4: I have always had a love for high-quality jewelry but could never afford the high price tag. Collaborating with Chloe + Isabel gives me the opportunity to afford jewelry with the confidence that each piece is protected under their lifetime guarantee policy.

Reason #5: I really wanted to partner with a company that had a similar mission with The Beauty Within 31. Chloe + Isabel is very, VERY focused on helping women to succeed. They want women to strive, be inspired, and follow their passions. Although they are not a Christian brand, they do have many core values that this blog also encompasses. They offer resume building classes and self-confidence workshops for all women! This is the exact reason why Chloe + Isabel stood out to me over the thousands of other companies.

Anyways, I hope you don’t mind the posts and many pictures that are about to come since this collaboration! I am extremely excited about Chloe + Isabel AND for all the beauty posts which will be showing up shortly.

With that said, I wanted to quickly introduce you to part of my new jewelry kit which would go perfectly with this Christmas season!


Chloe and Isabel Jewelry

This is the Heirloom Crystal Bracelet which is my absolute FAVORITE — I cannot seem to take it off! This picture does not do it justice but I cannot believe the quality and the shine for the price I paid. Even the clasp is high quality; with petite crystals that lay on the antiqued gold clasp. I’ve only had this bracelet for a week and I have already been stopped multiple times by ladies who are curious about this bracelet.

It’s stunning and perfect for a Christmas party or for a Christmas gift.


Chloe and Isabel Jewelry

On the left is the Mirabelle Drop Earrings and on the right is the Round Crystal Stud Earrings. I knew I was getting these two items in my kit but I had NO IDEA as to just how beautiful they were until I saw them with my own eyes. Again, this picture does not do these crystal earrings justice but you can see some of the intricate detail.


Chloe and Isabel Jewelry

Look at that detail! There are so many gorgeous stones in the earring and it shimmers beyond belief. I have to say that when I first saw these I was a little worried about how heavy they would be. But, surprisingly, somehow Chloe + Isabel makes all of their jewelry VERY light! I have no idea how but I so appreciate it as I do not like heavy earrings that pull my ear lobes down.

The Mirabelle is nickle-free and plated in antiqued gold; inspired by vintage decor.


Chloe and Isabel Jewelry

The Round Crystal Stud Earrings are probably my all-time favorite which I had no idea they would be until I saw them! They are so gorgeous and the light reflects on them with a beautiful shimmer. Even the backings have small crystals in them which you can kind of see in the picture. Man, I wish I was a better photographer!

I love these earrings because they are a beautiful touch for an “every day” look or they can pair perfectly with a dressy look. These earrings are very versatile.


Chloe and Isabel Jewelry

Above and below is the Stargaze Convertible Pendant Necklace which is plated in antique rhodium. In case you didn’t notice it before, the jewelry at Chloe + Isabel is grouped into inspirational themes. This particular necklace is part of the”enchanting Nordic land” and is suppose to resemble crystal-like icicles. There are themes based off of French architecture, the desert land, the Great Gatsby, nautical, etc. This type of thing is a very neat feature for an “artsy wannabe” like myself!


Chloe and Isabel Jewelry

Here’s the cool thing about C+I; a lot of the necklaces are convertible! So, I can wear this as one piece or I can unclasp it and wear just the shorter one or just the longer one. How cool is that? Not many jewelry companies offer multiple ways of wearing a piece which is reason #6 as to why I love Chloe + Isabel. This is a great way to get every “bang for your buck” type of deal.

But, if you’re on a search for holiday glam… check out the Chloe + Isabel gift guide where they have just launched a jewelry line specifically for this Christmas season!

Right now Chloe + Isabel is donating 20% of every purchase towards the Toys for Tots program! This really makes my heart smile because the Toys for Tots program is for a beautiful cause and has helped my own family in the past. I just love that my money is going towards a good cause.


Chloe + Isabel Jewelry

BTW, they are also featuring a promo for buy two get one free! This will ONLY last for a limited time so hurry, hurry. I actually just used this promo to buy a couple Christmas gifts for some family and friends!

Don’t forget to be on the look-out AND prepared for a new addition to The Beauty Within 31!

I appreciate the support and love every. single. one of you!

Chloe + Isabel Christmas Jewelry

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