10 Adorable Toddler Costume DIY Projects

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toddler costume DIY

I have to admit, the posting schedule here has been a little wacky and I am sorry about that. Hopefully you haven’t noticed it too much! As many of you know, my husband just began the final stage of the credits he needs for a Fire Fighting career. So — long story short — his schedule changed which meant mine had to change. Apparently when you get married you have to be flexible. Who knew.

Anyways, because of this reason our schedule has changed. For the moment we will be moving away from posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In exchange we will be posting on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

I know what you’re thinking, “but Tenesha, DIY Wednesday is my favorite post day!” Luckily for you, DIY Wednesday is now DIY Thursday! It doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it but hey, it’s only temporary.

Toddler Costume DIY ideas

My daughter and I have been sick for over a week with a strange, life draining cold. So, unfortunately I did not get around to making something uberly amazing for today’s tutorial. However — thankfully — the internet is chalk FULL of amazing DIY’s who are generous in sharing content.

With Halloween coming up I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to share a small compilation of DIY costumes for children. Yes, I know that Halloween is still over a month away but if you sew like me, it could take a month to make a costume! I’m trying to give us all a head start here even though I know there are a *couple* (myself included) procrastinators visiting this post.

I am struggling with costume ideas for my little girl because A) we live in Montana B) this means she will need to wear a snow suit underneath. Sorry Yvette! 

I have to laugh because I grew up in Montana and every Halloween I would pray for no snow. But alas, two weeks before it would ALWAYS snow. Why did I pray for no snow? Well, because my mother always humiliated me by making me wear a snowsuit underneath my princess costume. I mean, no princess is a Michelin tire MARSHMALLOW man in disguise.

toddler costume DIY
via Time.com

I finally narrowed my costume list down to 10 adorable toddler costume DIY choices; 5 girls and 5 boys. I tried to find costume ideas where it would be doable to wear a snowsuit underneath.



toddler costume DIY
via Craftaholic Anonymous

OH MY GOODNESS. I’m fairly certain this unicorn toddler costume DIY will be the one I end up making for Yvette. It’s adorable and easy!


Toddler Costumes DIY
via Our Sweet Magnolia

Or maybe I’ll make this deer toddler costume DIY? Because nothing is cuter than a doe-eyed baby girl!



Toddler Costume DIY
via Luft Balloon Store

This Jelly Belly toddler costume DIY was my husbands favorite. I can’t imagine why! 😉 Although it is a picture with no tutorial from a balloon store, I believe it can be a very easy DIY.



Toddler Costume DIY
via A Thoughtful Place

This costume was my husband’s second choice. What is it with him and food? Anyways, I thought the Starbucks cup was absolutely adorable!



Toddler Costume DIY
via Naptime Crafter

Adorable owls and toddlers mix like PB&J! There’s just something about seeing owls on our children that’s just too cute. I believe this costume will be a little harder to craft but it’s definitely worth the time!

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Costume #6

Toddler Costume DIY
via Babble

If you have read my post about reading then you obviously know how much I LOVE Disney characters. This is an adorable toddler costume DIY for any little boy that dreams of magic and flying.



Toddler Costume DIY
via The Hills Are Alive Blog

I’m from a major logger area in Montana so I just HAD to show you this adorably rugged costume!



Toddler Costume DIY
via Mom Endeavors

Star Wars anyone? I believe it’s the best family movie series ever made for ages! Click the picture to see how you can make a Star Wars tunic.



Toddler Costume DIY
via Lena Sekine

Okay, this toddler costume DIY — hands down — will require the most time to make. But isn’t it fun looking?



Toddler Costume DIY
via Where The Smiles Have Been

Lions, and tigers, and bears, OH MY! Here is a sweet and easy to make scarecrow costume tutorial.


Have a beautiful Thursday and happy first day of fall (AKA my favorite time of the year!)

toddler costume DIY







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