Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style

farmhouse styled bathroom decor

Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating for the Farmhouse Look

We have all had a tiny bathroom at some point in our life. When you saw your tiny bathroom for the first time you may have tried to be optimistic with an “it’s not too bad”mentality. In fact, you may have even liked your tiny bathroom! However, once you get ALL your stuff into that tiny bathroom, things begin to look a lot more depressing as you squeeze your way to the toilet with a toddler in hand.

Mornings were crazy in my home as we all tried to get ready for the day. My husband and I could barely see our own faces in a shared medicine cabinet mirror. I’m pretty sure– somehow– my husband made it so that I would get the crack in the mirror over my face every time I was putting on my makeup.


Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style

During our whole marriage we have always had a tiny bathroom. But we are young, right? Our large, glorious bathroom will come in due time as we work our way up.

In the mean time, I needed to learn a couple of decorating tricks so that my bathroom did not look and feel as crowded as it really was. Plus we tend to host a lot of guests and the bathroom is always the most used place in our home, I did not want that space to feel cluttered for my guests.

Here’s what I have learned with my journey in tiny bathroom decorating:

Tiny bathroom decorating tip #1: Use light colors

I have talked about this in my decorating 101 post and my free creativity course but it’s just so important and often overlooked that I had to mention it again.

Dark colors can be beautiful, I get it. I actually love the color burgundy and when I was first married I wanted EVERYTHING in that color. However, what I learned rather quickly was that the burgundy in my already dark apartment just made everything feel dreary.

Have you ever worn a black shirt on a very hot day? If you have, you’ll know how much warmer your shirt and body can get in the heat versus when you wear a white shirt. Maybe you have taken an art class or photography class and have heard about white reflecting the light?

These same principles apply to decorating.

Your black shirt will become warmer in the sun because it absorbs the light while the white shirt reflects it.

In photography, using white poster board as a “wall” next to the object you’re photographing will reflect light right onto it if you have done the placement correctly.

When using white decor items in your small, dreary bathroom it will seem much lighter and brighter. The white decor items can even make your space feel bigger because the white is reflecting light into darker corners!

A couple of ways you can add white into your decorating is

  • White shower curtain– I would choose a ruffled one so that it’s not too plain
  • White rugs– if you’re brave enough
  • White towels
  • White toothbrush holders
  • White decorating statement piece– such as a large, distressed wooden letter or a picture with a white, crisp feel

If you absolutely dislike the color white other colors can be used instead. Try a sea salt blue or a creamy peach color and use white as the undertone.

Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style -- white and sea salt blue bathroom makeover
via bless’er house

Take this bathroom for example.

It doesn’t look like it but all four pictures are of the same bathroom! So, why do the pictures on the right look much brighter than the ones on the left? One reason may be the different times of day that these pictures were taken but another obvious reason is the use of white to reflect light. They used a very pale blue called Sea Salt (which is my favorite color btw) for the walls and does a fabulous job of lighting up the bathroom.

Tiny bathroom decorating tip #2: Utilize Your Space

For obvious reasons, the wall space behind the toilet is the best place to add some extra shelves for adorable storage. Toilets are waist height and they bulge away from the wall which leaves the wall above a perfect space that will be out of the way to decorate.

My all-time favorite way to utilize that space is by using industrial piping shelving. I love the black pipe against the beautiful barn wood.

Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style -- industrial shelves
via dandelion patina

Another beautiful shelving idea is to make your own wooden floating shelves.

Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style -- floating shelves
via Shanty 2 Chic

I have also seen people use wicker baskets, mason jars, and cabinets with sliding “barn” doors. It all depends on your personal taste but utilizing that space is going to be to your advantage.

Other spaces you can use is the space above your bathroom door and the corner spaces on your vanity. In most homes, there’s about a foot or more of space where you could easily add a shelf with baskets to store extra towels or toilet paper. Both the left and right back corners of the vanity are often left untouched when those spaces can be the best spots for small basket storage!

Tiny bathroom decorating tip #3: Decorative Storage

One word: baskets.

If you have a small bathroom, odds are you probably have a small linen closet as well. This means that you’re going to have more items than what can actually fit into that tiny closet. Use these baskets to store rolled up matching towels or toilet paper.

Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style -- industrial wire basket

Industrial wire baskets would be the perfect touch for the beautiful wood shelves or to use in the wasted corner spaces of your vanity.

You can find similar baskets HERE. These baskets are adorable and come in multiple sizes. They also have a spot for labels if you have multiple baskets.

I know what you’re thinking, “Those labels are so cute, I wish I knew how to draw with chalk”. Well, look no further and check out my hand lettering chalk tutorial where I spill out my first attempt at chalk.

Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style -- Glass canisters
via Pottery Barn

You could also use mason jars or glass canisters to hold odds and ends such as cotton swabs, tissues, soaps, elastics, or whatever you need to store.

I have bought very sturdy glass canisters from Amazon because I just can’t afford the high prices at Pottery Barn. If you are in the same boat as me, check out the ones on Amazon HERE. I love them! I use them for my spice storage.

Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style -- Floating shelves
via Bless’er House

Tiny bathroom decorating tip #4: Add greenery

Tiny bathrooms are already dark and dreary. What’s worse? Most of them don’t have a window to let in some sunshine or life which means that we have to manually add some life ourselves. Adding some greenery, at least one plant– fake or alive– will add color and decor that encourages life in the room.

Use pine cones, branches, cotton stems (one of my favorites), or an actual house plant to add a little balance in the room. Plants are a God made decor item that we should utilize in every room of our homes!

Just Pinterest search “bathroom decor” and you’ll notice almost every picture showcases some sort of plant, large or small, in some way.

Need some fake plants? Check out Ikea’s greenery! (I shop for them on Amazon because the closest Ikea to me is 15 hours away)

Tiny bathroom decorating tip #5: Use frames

Frames are a great finishing touch to items when you want to “class” them up a bit. It can be as large as crown molding which frames a room or as small as a frame around your light switch plate.

However, the best way to utilize frames in your bathroom is to add one around your main mirror.

Five Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style -- DIY framed mirror
via Cherished Bliss

Here’s an easy to follow frame DIY with instructions to making your own framed mirror!

My favorite part about these framed mirrors? They are budget friendly and take only a small amount of time to build!

**Take note on the greenery and the use of white decor items.

And now it’s time for YOU to begin your tiny bathroom decorating journey! 

Please feel free to leave a picture of your bathroom decorating or a tip in the comments below.

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