Three Ways to Spruce up Boring Mason Jars

Three different ways to decorate your mason jars

Three different ways to use and decorate your mason jars!

In comparison to other competing products, mason jars are on the extremely cheap side of things. They can be found nearly everywhere including thrift stores, huge department stores, and local stores. However, the best thing about mason jars is the versatility that they posses.

Although mason jars were originally for canning, they now are the staple decor item for the farmhouse chic look! You can find mason jar planters, mason jar wall hangers, mason jar vases, mason jar shot glasses, mason jar spice racks, and the list goes on.

I love mason jars but I try to not use them excessively. I have a fear that someone is going to walk into my home and ask if my decor theme is mason jars (and not farmhouse). Eeek. So, I try to use them as an accent piece and NOT the theme like I have seen so many farmhouse fanatics do. With that in mind, I really only have four different ways that I use mason jars and I wanted to share these ideas with you!

Anyways, here are the three main ways that I use my mason jars (the fourth will only be briefly mentioned as I have already written a post about it).



1. Chalk Painted Flower Vases

Three different ways to decorate your mason jars

I’ll forever be a flower fanatic as long as I live. The only problem I have is that flowers are expensive! Good thing we have a Lilac bush right outside our master bedroom window. SUCCESS.


I like to use painted mason jars for my flower vases because I am weird and do not like seeing the stems and water in the vase. I prefer to only see the pretty petals. I used chalk paint so– as you can see– they aren’t perfect which is why I love chalk paint so much. In fact, some of my brush strokes are down-right terrible. Who’s idea was it to take an up close shot?

Three different ways to decorate your mason jars


Sometimes I use a robin egg blue for my vases and other times I use a vintage lace; both are equally as beautiful and charming.


2. Plant Pot

Three different ways to decorate mason jars

I had the opportunity to actually decorate this mason jar at my community MOPS program. If you haven’t read my post about my experience with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) you can see it here. This pot is quarter painted with a beautiful gold and then I wrapped the center with burlap and lace. Ahhh burlap, another farmhouse essential. Has anyone ever noticed that burlap does NOT smell very pleasant? This is why I could never make a burlap pillow, the smell would drive me crazy.

I potted a cute, little succulent in this mason jar. The reason why succulents are a good idea is because they obviously do not require a lot of water to stay alive. If you pot another plant in a mason jar, you’re probably going to need some sort of hole for drainage at the bottom unless you’re a planting expert– which I am not!

mason jar planter

I used my mason jar potter as the cover photo for my 11 Spring Projects post as well!


3. Supplies Organizer

Three ways to decorate mason jars

I love to use my mason jars as a supply holder/ organizer for utensils, paint brushes, and colored pencils. They provide a way to stay organized while adding that farmhouse feel.

For this mason jar, I wrapped the middle in burlap and hot glued it to the jar. After that, I added a beautiful lace ribbon over top. I love lace and I wanted to incorporate it somehow but I felt that it looked incomplete without something underneath. The burlap added just the right amount of pop to make the lace stand out.

mason jar decorating projects and three ways to use them


Bonus Idea: Spice Jars 

I have written about my spice jars in the past but I wanted to briefly mention them because I receive a lot of compliments about them.

Mason Jar Spice Labels

Cute, right? These labels are free printables made by me! You can find them when you sign up for my course 5 Weeks of Discovering a More Creative YOU and you can also read more about the labels in my very first launch post. All you need to do is Mod Podge (or glue) them to the spice jars lid.

How do you incorporate mason jars into your decorating? Feel free to leave a comment below! 

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  1. I love these! I really like the chalk painted mason jars. I also really like the spice jars! That’s such a good idea that I will keep in mind when I get a house.

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