Three Must-Do’s for a Functional Baby Nursery

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Three Must-Do's for a Functional Baby Nursery

Three Must-Do's for a Functional Baby Nursery

Three staple components you can do today to create a more functional baby nursery

1. Adding an organized dresser to create a functional baby nursery

Coming home for the first time as a new mom (if you’re anything like me) will be a happy but stressed and down-right overwhelming time. When you have a prepared dresser, you will save yourself a huge chunk of amount of time and energy trying to sift through the piles of clothes just to find a plain white onesie.

I am a cloth diapering mom which means I use the top half of my ginormous dresser sorting my diapers by brand and thickness. The middle bottom drawer is casual pants and onesies. The bottom drawer care items such as wipes, disposable diapers, assorted butt creams, thermometer, teething tablets, and so on.

You can check how much money I am saving with cloth diapers HERE and my

wash routine (plus free printable) HERE.

Here are a couple of dresser organization posts to check out:

Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery: an organized dresser from Ikea
via Two Twenty One

Chelsea puts many baby dressers to shame with her crisp white Ikea dresser. She share how she organizes her dresser including rolled fabric technique, diaper placement, and a miscellaneous drawer.

Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery: An organized dresser from little lovelies blog
via Little Lovelies Blog

Here is a great diagram for organizing newbies where Ashlee shares how she organizes her nursery dresser. I am extremely impressed with her nursing/medicine cabinet, I can’t stop looking at its neatness!

Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery: an organized closet from 12 Oaks
via 12 Oaks

And just in case you’re more of a closet person, here is a beautiful and very functional way to make your nursery closet an easy access where they use dark brown wicker baskets to help organize the baby items. Having the side cubbies is a brilliant idea for items that need to be reached quickly; this saves the time to bend and search for the right basket.

You can find a set of three beautiful brown wicker baskets on Amazon. These baskets are great quality and an even better deal for the price! Wicker baskets are normally hanging around the $20 range each without a coupon so three for $20 is practically a steal.

If you’re looking for baskets that are more squared and taller, check out these Winsome wicker baskets.


2. Adding a statement wall piece above the crib to create a functional baby nursery

Statement piece and functional? What?

Statement pieces are great for two reasons: 1) It sets the tone of room 2) It gives you the chance to add something large and truly artistic.

In most cases, a statement piece consists of the child’s name however I have seen paintings, curtains, chandeliers, and photography photos which also has acted as a statement piece. It all depends on your taste and the mood you would like to set for the room.

The reason why I added this idea as a component to a functional baby nursery is because having a statement piece makes the buying process easier. It creates a category to go off so that you can decide what items are matching and what items should be left out of your shopping cart.  And because of your statement piece,  you no longer have to rely on just an idea.

Here are a couple of functional baby nursery statement pieces that I love!

Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery: A rustic statement piece from Project nursery
via project nursery

Not only is the marbled looking B a statement piece, but so is that beautiful wood planked wall!

Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery: A princess statement piece from Project Nursery
via project nursery

Project nursery has a whole post dedicated to princess statement pieces around the crib! You can check it out here.

Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery: A shabby chic statement piece from Project Nursery
via project nursery

Once again from Project Nursery (I’m not biased, I promise! They just have great examples), here is a beautiful nursery that features a fabric garland and a gold cursive name as a statement piece. This baby room is more of a shabby chic/vintage lace theme– my favorite. I have mentioned this room previously in my 17 DIY Baby Nursery Projects post where I talk about making a fabric garland.

3. Add a comfy but stylish rocker and crib to create a functional baby nursery

It goes without saying, a crib and a rocker are the two most well-known objects in a baby nursery. Therefore, they can easy be the first thing a person notices when walking into a room.

Because I am a firm believer in saving money, I found it easy to purchase a budget friendly crib and spice it up with some artistic touches. The only thing I had to be careful about was making sure it was none toxic because babies will eat everything– including the crib!

Here’s what I learned about rockers: you need one.

In the beginning of my motherhood journey, I tried to save money by not purchasing a rocker thinking “I can walk and rock, that way I’m still being productive”. WRONG. I didn’t take into account that this rocker would be my second home until my daughter was officially done nursing. The first month of my daughter’s life was spent trying to find the “perfect” rocker that was in our budget.

We ended up buying one from Goodwill and at first I didn’t mind it but as the weeks dragged on, I began to dislike it more and more. The reason was because the cushion around my head was so fluffy that I couldn’t lean my head back and I began to get terrible neck pains from constantly leaning forward.

My absolute favorite rocker is the Delta Children Rowen Upholstered Glider! It fit my body perfectly and the cushion ended right at the neck which left room for me to lean my head back or set a pillow behind me. However, I had coupons and gift cards to Amazon so I decided to find a similar one there.

This plush nursery rocker chair is the closest I found to the one at Target. At $226.99, it’s $64 less than Target’s rocker and it’s much easier to get deals on this chair.

You can check out the plush nursery rocker chair here.

Okay, that was a long thought about the rocker but I wanted to relay to you just how important it was for me to have a decent rocker.

Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery: via Style Me Pretty
via Style Me Pretty


Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery: via Mini Style Blog
via Mini Style Blog


Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery: via Project Nursery
via Project Nursery

Check out 17 Dreamy DIY Baby Nursery Projects to find some great inspiration on your next nursery project!

Please feel free to share your baby nursery pictures in the comments below! I would love to see them and be even MORE inspired.

Three Components of a Functional Baby Nursery

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