The Power of a Church Bulletin — How it Brought me Closer to God

The Power of a Church Bulletin

There was a time when I really tried to avoid the men who would hand out the church bulletins by the entrance . I felt guilty grabbing the paper because 99% of the time I would not even look at it and would end up throwing it away. I knew the bulletin had church news, financial information, and usually a small ‘follow along’ Q/A for the sermon which for many years just didn’t seem important to me unless I needed something to ‘read’ to get myself through the service.

I don’t remember the exact day that I began to fill out the Q/A for the sermons but I began to realize that on the Mondays after church I could still recall what I had learned yesterday! This was a big accomplishment for me because I have such a bad fog brain.

After weeks of actually learning something in church it finally occured to me that those questions I was filling out helped me follow along with the sermon and remember it! The questions made me use my full attention in order to find the answers!

At first this was all just a puzzle for me to get through the sermon but as the months went on I noticed myself growing excited for Sunday so that I could hear the next sermon in the series because the pastor usually left us at a huge cliff hanger.

I was engaged!

I was captivated!

And I began growing in love with the idea of wanting more. I wanted to learn more about Jesus.

In response I wanted to be more involved with the church.

When I started volunteering and getting involved I began to make friends. Good friends.

Being a Christian began to come more natural. What I mean by natural is that it wasn’t forced. I wasn’t playing the part of a young Christian woman anymore; I had actually became one.

And although I mess up daily, I sometimes still space out during a sermon but by God’s grace I am continually forgiven.

—Even if you don’t experience a “re-freshness” like I did, the Q/As in the handout is still a great way to get at least the key points out of a sermon if you learn like I do. My husband is a soaker. He learns better by sitting and hearing the word to soak it up. I learn better by using more of my senses  such as ears for hearing the word, touch for writing the word, and sight for seeing the word.

Do you find the church bulletins to be helpful? Have any tips on sermon memorization? Leave a comment below!

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