It Takes a Village this Mother’s Day

Appreciating Mother's Day -- it takes a village


Mother’s Day; a day filled with many doily flowers, hand print tea towels, hand painted flower pots and home grown tulips. A day that is characterized by breakfast in bed and a day designed for us moms to do “nothing”. A time where jewelry commercials overpopulate the TV and store windows fill with the slogan “gifts for HER”.

Mother’s Day is so materialized that I believe we often forget why the holiday even exists in the first place.

Why DO we celebrate Mother’s Day? If we are mothers already, why should we celebrate ourselves? Is there a point to a day that has been commercialized beyond its true meaning? I mean, the school crafts/gifts we receive from our children are so lovely but somehow, somewhere I think we have lost something truly special in the meaning of Mother’s Day.



What are you getting on Mother’s Day? What’s your plan for the day? 

That is usually the first thing we ask other moms when it comes to Mother’s Day. We want to know what other moms are getting, doing, and achieving for the special day. If I am being honest, we really just want to compare everything about our Mother’s Day to other moms and their day.

But you know it’s not our fault… not really. Mother’s Day has been so commercialized from businesses looking for ways to make money that the day has really lost the spark that was meant to be there.

We are made to believe that Mother’s Day is all about receiving jewelry, kitchen aids, gift cards, and a free ticket to a day of doing nothing. Which, I mean, are great things! Really! I am receiving a kitchen aid for this Mother’s Day from my husband (yes I already know because I picked it out).

But do these things truly celebrate the beautiful mothers in our life? Not really.

I’m taking Mother’s Day with a new approach this year. Instead of focusing on myself and what I can gain from the day of REST || is that even possible?|| I decided to take the day to really appreciate the other mothers around me.

The mother who serves me weekly at City Brew.

The mother who bags my groceries at Walmart.

My friends who are mothers.

The women who long to be mothers.

The mothers who are hurting for their children who are no longer with them.

The mothers who work long hours to support their children.

The mothers who have yet to meet their little one.

The mothers who have gained their children through another mother.

The mothers who stay home day after day to invest in their children.

The mothers who bring their children to work and school.

The mothers who are spending the day in the hospital with their sick child.

The mothers who are spending the day away from their children.

To the mother’s mother.

To my husband’s mother.

To my amazing mother and my grandmother.

It doesn’t matter what our current situation looks like, we are all great mothers. It doesn’t matter if one of us can’t afford that fancy diaper bag while the other can, we are all great mothers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom, or a working mom…






Like I have stated above, this Mother’s Day I want to take a different approach with how I will celebrate. Instead of me seeking happiness for “myself”, I am going to try and focus the day on reaching out towards other moms who I believe need a boost in encouragement. I’m not going to buy fancy gifts for everyone around me — partially because I can’t afford it and mostly because I don’t want gifts to be the focus. Instead, I am going to send out handwritten letters and put aside part of my day to calling many of the mothers in my life.

Mothers are seriously the jewels of this world. { But of course I am a little bias. hehe }

They stay up all night with their children for countless reasons. They provide for their family either with work, at home skills, knowledge, etc. Mothers are constantly pushing aside their own desires for the desires of their family. They are the encouragers, the inspirationists, the thinkers, the lovers, the compassionate.

Men are often that way as well but there is something about mothers and their tenderness towards their family and the world around them.

I mean, you know the drill, moms are awesome! What better way to show appreciation to moms than to go out of our way this year to encourage the moms/mommies around us. The mentality of Mother’s Day should not be, “what can I do for myself?” but rather, “what can I do for others?”

What can you do this Mother’s Day to show appreciation to the lovely, hardworking moms around you? 

So, gather your notecards (and other stationary items) and let’s band together as the moms who have a desire to encourage the moms around us this Mother’s Day. I will be posting my Mother’s Day notecard progress via Instagram in the upcoming week! Be on the lookout.

Just as it takes a village to care for our children, it also takes a village to encourage. It’s time to let the motherhood village around us know that we really, truly appreciate them and their tireless efforts!

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Side Note: Thank you everyone for the prayers this month. We are officially moved into our new home in Spokane Valley, WA and we are extremely happy!  Now that the hard part in moving is over, I should be more present on the blog in the upcoming weeks. 







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