Creamy and Easy Crockpot Hot Chocolate

Before we talk about hot chocolate can we just mention that whoever said daylight savings gains us an hour never considered parents! We are two days into this time change craziness and still just as groggy and unadjusted. Three days ago my daughter would wake up at 7am and now, thanks to time change, she…

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16 Simple Home Decor DIY Projects to Try This Weekend

  Fall is here, the days are getting colder, and indoors is starting to sound very cozy. So, now is the perfect time to spend a couple of hours making one of these gorgeous home decor DIY projects! Below I compiled a list of 16 unique and wonderful home decor DIYs that I think you…

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10 Adorable Toddler Costume DIY Projects

  I have to admit, the posting schedule here has been a little wacky and I am sorry about that. Hopefully you haven’t noticed it too much! As many of you know, my husband just began the final stage of the credits he needs for a Fire Fighting career. So — long story short —…

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