How to Sparkle in the Mist of Dullness

how to sparkle in the mist of darkness

There are two things I love very much as a fancy, frilly momma: sparkles and pink.

Sure, maybe you can say that I’m a very feminine sort of female but my husband is surprisingly at ease with the multitude of glitter that tends to make it’s way into our home.

And still, despite my keen eye for all things feminine, I do know that I also tend to be a very melancholy/observant person. On top of that, I am {unfortunately} very much a realist. It seems realism and melancholy tend to go hand in hand. Whatever! I have decided that even with my drab personality tendencies, I do not need to be defined by them.


how to sparkle in the mist of darkness


Being the melancholy person that I am, I know that my personality tends to bubble darkness to the surface of any situation. I am always finding myself contradicting the good or underestimating the power of positivity. Any of you ladies in the same boat?

It doesn’t necessarily make us bad people; everything must have a realist to bring those optimistic Sally’s back out of the clouds. If our heads are always in the clouds, we will never accomplish anything — and vise versa — if we are constantly doubting, how will we ever succeed?

So why sparkles? What does it have to do with any of this?

To me, glitter symbolizes

  • Light: the iridescence of each flake reflects light which makes a beautiful sparkle!
  • Strength: how annoying is it to clean glitter? Oh my goodness, once it’s on something it never comes off!
  • Beauty: Glitter is very good at making things beautiful and it’s everywhere! On our projects, in our clothes, decorating our home, etc.
  • Statement: it’s always making a statement!
  • A beacon — a sparkle flake can be spotted on someone’s face from a mile away! It’s ridiculous.

Okay, maybe this is a silly comparison but I needed to find something that many ladies can appreciate and imagine.

I mean, as long as our children isn’t playing with it, who doesn’t love a little sparkle?

Just like sparkles reflect light, we too are called to be the light in this world (both women and men). As Christians, we are supposed to be the beauty; the hope, the love, the good. We are to make a statement with our faith — when someone looks at us there should be no question what we stand for. But most importantly, we need to be the strength of the world. Yes, our world is falling, it has been falling since Adam and Eve, but there has always been someone who sparkles in the mist of darkness.


He has been our light since the beginning of time.

  • The Old Testament of the Bible is continuously pointing towards Jesus.
  • The New Testament is following Jesus.
  • And now we are waiting for the second arrival of Jesus.

Everything points towards Jesus because He is the light that leads the way — He is who sparkles no matter the situation. I may be a melancholy person — or a realist — but I sparkle because of my love for Jesus.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

To sparkle in the mist of darkness/dullness is to constantly seek Jesus; our light. How can we shine if we do not have the main power source?

A beautiful city nightscape would cease to exist if it were not for power plants and a magnificent sunrise would not be possible without the sun.

But, the only way we can draw power from our power source, Jesus, is by getting to know him! We must draw light from Him through prayer, communication, and meditation (with the Bible) to become the sparkle we desire to be in this world.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

It doesn’t matter your personality — realist, pessimist, optimist, adventurist (?) — we all have the ability to SPARKLE because of Jesus; our power source.

So what do you say? Are you going to shine in this dreary world? Are you going to sparkle with the light of Jesus? 

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