Scribble Art Memory Display Reveal & Tutorial

How I turned my toddlers scribble art into a memory display

How I turned my Toddler’s Scribble Art into a Memory Display

My toddler girl– Yvette– had a big ut oh moment the other day after I had just finished painting white on my art table for a DIY farmhouse table tutorial. It looked pretty great too; I was proud of myself. But then I made a mistake by leaving a PINK pen on the edge of the table and walking away to start dinner.

I am sure you can guess what happened next.

How I turned my toddlers scribble art into a memory display


Yvette loves doing whatever mommy does! If mommy brushes her hair, Yvette will too. If mommy cooks dinner, Yvette will too. If mommy paints a table, Yvette certainly will find a way to do that too — it didn’t help that she loves coloring. In most cases I would be upset, whine a little, correct the behavior, and fix whatever happened.


How I turned my toddlers scribble art into a memory display

However, as I looked at my toddler’s scribble art my heart couldn’t help but smile. My sweet girl only wanted to do what mommy was doing and the look of pride on her face for her artwork was beautiful. This was also Yvette’s first ever attempt at coloring without mommy’s help which made it that much more precious!

After weighing the feedback I received on Facebook and Instagram from all of you, I decided to keep the scribble art on the table and create my own artwork around it.

Let them be little

I quickly free-handed this cute little quote over the scribbles. I did not fill in the “little” because I wanted the pink scribbles to be seen and not covered. There was a lot of children quotes on Pinterest to choose from but I went with this one because it related the most with our scribble art situation!


Let them be little

This world is already trying to make my 18 month old daughter grow up with education, clothing, and movies. I want our home to be the one place that my children feel completely comfortable in; there’s no need for walking on egg shells in fear of “ruining” something. My material items can be replaced but my children’s upbringing and memories cannot. I don’t plan on raising children to get away with behaving badly– don’t get me wrong– but I also want a home that encourages dreaming, being little, and being silly.

I cannot allow the world to rob my daughter of her youth.

So I kept the scribbles.

toddler helping paint a memory display over scribbles


My daughter even helped me paint the flowers! It was a very messy ordeal. I probably spent more time covering up mistakes than actually painting but it was well worth it.

(For the pictures sake and my sanity, in this picture she has no paint on her paintbrush. However, that didn’t steal her joy for helping mommy!)

I actually chose to add flowers around the quote because of how much my little girl loves them. Originally I planned on only painting the quote on but I felt like it needed more “Yvette” personality so I added flowers. Every time we venture outside the first thing she does is pick dandelions for our journey. Yvette doesn’t have the word “flower” under her belt yet so instead she calls each one “pretty”. Which I think pretty is such a better word for flowers anyways!

For the paints I used a very cheap set which I actually adore! The paints work well for my projects and they don’t break the bank. You can find the acrylic paints HERE.

how to turn toddler scribbles into a memory display

This memory display is a fun little project because it is something that can be done with children. (That is, if you are up for a little paint mess.)

My hope is that having this memory display will make it so that I never forget that sweet face when I caught her making “art”.

How I made a memory display out of scribbles

These scribbles are now the sweetest part in our family room!

Do you have a memory of a toddler accident that makes your heart smile? 

How I turned my toddlers scribble art into a memory display







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