Why Scentsy is my Favorite Product

Why Scentsy is my favorite product


Here is why Scentsy is my favorite product of all time!

I’m just going to throw this out there and say right now that I am not a Scentsy consultant and I am not getting paid for this post. This post is strictly for my love relationship with Scentsy! 

This all started as a young girl… I could not do less than pleasant smells! I had such a sensitive “nose” that anything remotely stinky would churn my stomach and have me running for the bathroom. I am the type of person that carries poo pourri in my diaper bag because if the public bathroom smells, there’s no way I’m going to go in there! That’s so bad, I know. Don’t even ask me how my sense of smell was when I was pregnant…. UGH! I’ll just say one thing– I now immensely dislike any tropical smell (like Hawaiian Breeze).

Because I am a smell freak, I get a lot of questions and compliments about the smell of my home and almost every guest is surprised when they find out it is Scentsy rather than freshed baked goods. Usually the comment goes like this: “It smells like cookies in here, someone must have been baking!” Nope, all scentsy.

For those of you who don’t know what Scentsy is– They are a company that produces smelly products. They started out with wax melts and wax warmers (I Believe) and have now branched into laundry, car, and children’s products. They are one of those companies where you can only order through a consultant which is great! It’s so good to support people of our community rather than big chain companies.

I have not purchased the laundry products but I have used plenty of samples. They work wonders! However, as a young mom I am for now forced to choose the product I would enjoy most to spend on and that would be the wax melts.

My husband is really sweet. He tries to give me an allowance each month that I can spend on anything I would like! The problem is that I never want to buy myself anything. So, every couple of months my sweet man makes me sit down and purchase a truck load (extreme exaggeration) of scentsy because that is one of the products that truly gives my heart some joy!

Why Scentsy is my Favorite Product

There are hundreds of different scents when it comes to Scentsy’s wax melts! I prefer the smells with a spice note which works as a double advantage to me because it makes my home smell like a bakery shop. The Cedar Cider bar in the picture above smells like a mix between Apple Cider and pine trees which is my all.time.favorite.smell! I tried to hide the Perfectly Pomegranate one as best as I could because I’m not a fan but I save it because –as I mentioned in my prayer frame DIY I save everything!

So, why do I love scentsy so much? 

Besides the fact that it makes my house smell like cookies…

Scentsy is a safer alternative to candles. Don’t get me wrong, I love candles too! But there has been too many close calls with candles. As a wife of a firefighter, I am often reminded (much like being pecked to death by a chicken) about how dangerous candles are. Although the scenty warmers are a much safer alternative, it’s still good to keep an eye on them. Use common sense and don’t throw a blanket over a hot warmer.

The scent will last almost DOUBLE what a wax bar from Walmart would last. Not only is the scentsy bar bigger (8 cubes verses 6), it also has a life expectancy of 80 hours verses Walmart’s 54 hours. You are paying for quality over quantity.

When I purchase Scentsy I am also supporting wonderful people. I love scentsy, but do you know what I love even more? I love the fact that I am supporting dear friends with my purchase. I am helping someone make a living!

Even though I’m already receiving excellent quality for the price, the company also offers discounts! They have sales and other ways of lowering the price such as hosting a party– which I probably should do sometime!

The wax burns at such a low heat that it does not release any chemicals or toxins in the air. Also, because of this low heat it is almost impossible to get a terrible burn from the wax. I can stick my finger in the liquid wax and not burn which is what I would prefer when having small toddlers around the house. Granted, if my children are on the counters in the first place there will be a problem!

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Why am I mentioning all of this? 

Maybe because I just ran out and I’m attempting to hint to my husband that Scentsy would be the perfect Mother’s day gift to this momma.


Maybe because I genuinely love the product and I want my readers to know about Scentsy and know more about me on a deeper level!

Either way sounds great to me.

Honestly, it’s one thing to have a clean house and it’s a whole other ball game to have a home that smells welcoming to my guests. I purposely do not buy the clean scents such as “linen” or “fresh laundry” because I don’t want to leave an impression of over-cleanliness (I am hoping that my daughter’s toys aren’t creating a rug for the floor would be enough proof of this). I would rather leave an impression of warmth, love, and a welcoming atmosphere. A home that has a sign of life over a home that looks like it’s never been touched. So I buy scents that smell like homemade baking and holidays. After all, I believe that each day should be celebrated. It is a day God has given us so we should be glad and REJOICE. I may use out-of-season Christmas scents but it sure does bring a smile to my families face when they walk in the door. If you want to read more about my homemaking ideas, check out the post Finding Joy in Entertaining.

If you’re having troubles finding the perfect scentsy consultant, I have the perfect one for you! Kelly Adams is absolutely the sweetest consultant you’ll find. Plus, she is an amazing business woman and will contact you back seriously within five minutes– she’s that much on the ball. I can’t really explain this “on the ball” phrase because I’m fairly sure I see my ball rolling about a mile ahead of me each time I try to find it.

That’s it for this post! Thank you so much for reading and following. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Do you use Scentsy? What is your favorite scent? Leave a comment below! 

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