Cloth Diapers Saves us $295.30 Yearly!

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How we save money by using cloth diapers

“Cloth diapers are an out-dated way of diapering children”, I told myself. “Who would ever want to rewash something that had poop on it!”

After all, industries now offer many types of name brand and generic disposable diapers. There is even patterned disposable diapers that you can buy from the Honest Company! I can buy these cute diapers and when they become soiled all I have to do is fold and toss in the garbage.

The idea of taking care of a soiled, poopy diaper is well, um, GROSS!

And then the inevitable happened.

How we save money by using cloth diapers

Less than a week later I was five minutes into shopping at Target with my 6 month old when she began to have a huge allergic reaction in her face! Her lips began to swell and crack. She was also developing hives on her cheek! I raced her to the emergency room only to find out she had an unknown severe allergic reaction. 

That was it for me. I had enough.  With all the recent scares of cancer causing items and recalls I decided it was time to do something about what I was putting on my child’s body.

I had recently noticed that most of my friends were using cloth diapers. So, I decided to do a little more research and contacted my cousin (who I believed as an experienced cloth diapering champ) and I ordered over $100 worth of china cheapies called Sunbaby.

I also ditched all her bath products and opted for a line of all-natural products. 

I was a little extreme, I will admit that. But for my daughter to have such a huge allergic reaction only from sitting in a COVERED and protected shopping cart made me a little more paranoid.

How Cloth Diapers Saved us $295.30 Yearly
my Sunbaby starter stash

The day I received my diapers from Sunbaby was extremely excited — And, honestly, a little scary. I had followed a GREAT online resource for cloth diapering but for the most part you don’t really know what you have until you have it, you know?

There are many, many, MANY different types of cloth diapers. However, I decided to purchase an easy, beginner version of cloth diapers. Why? Because I didn’t know how I would like it or if it would even work.

With the pocket Sunbaby diapers, all I had to do was take an insert (white cloth in upper part of pic) and stuff it into the diaper pocket. So, because of this reason these diapers are called pocket diapers.

Initially I did shell out a lot of cash to begin cloth diapering but once that part is over it’s a large money-saving ordeal. I would say that they can definitely a little time-consuming while assembling the diapers for use but completely worth it if I am saving money.

saving money on cloth diapers


Average amount of money spent on disposable diapers

Well, lets throw some numbers out there.

Considering I am an Amazon Prime member and an Amazon Mom member I will receive bulk wipes and diapers for a little less. If you’re a Costco member you would also be saving but at the time I was not.

– Amazon prime is $99 for a year.

I bought Huggies because that’s what worked best for us. Right now on Amazon if you subscribe to Huggies you can save %20 on the diaper bulk box.

– Diapers were $42.00 but with the subscribe and save %20 deal I could get 192 diapers for $32.60.

Pretty good right? But, that box would last a little over a month so let’s say I paid $32.60 for 11 months that total would be $358.60. Plus the amazon subscription would make the total $457.60 a year.

– Okay, let’s add the price of wipes.

During that time I was paying exactly $11 on Amazon for a fairly large box of wipes when I had a subscription. Those wipes would last us about two months so I would pay $66 a year for wipes which brings the total to $523.60 yearly.

Average amount of money spent on cloth diapers

– Right off the bat I spent $84 on 12 diapers with 24 blended inserts.

– I make my own wipes and pay about $4 for a bulk sized box of paper towels. I received Melaleuca oil from DoTerra for free however I think they average around $24.  (Before purchasing oils, please do some research as there are some who recommend not letting your infants near oils. This is why we only use ONE DROP to prevent the spread of mold). I probably purchase paper towels once every three months so that would be $16 yearly plus a $24 bottle of oil. Yearly wipe total would be $40.

If you would like to know how we make our disposable wipes, click HERE

– Our electric/water bill went up about $4.50 a month so that would be $54. I have to note that before this we did purchase a pretty fancy eco-friendly washer.

– Detergent is $12.57 and I buy about every three months with the paper towels so that averages out to be $50.28 yearly.

So, our yearly total averages around $228.28! We saved a total of $295.32!

Can I take this guessing one step further? 

Assume my husband and I have four children who are each two years apart.

Continuing on this guessing game, assume that we had each child potty trained by age two (at the earliest) so that we would not need any form of diapers anymore.

If that were correct, that would mean that for EIGHT years one of my children will be in diapers.

Want to guess how much money we would spend while using disposable diapers?

Hopefully I am aiming somewhat in the ballpark to say that we would spend around $3,660.80! Woah.

With cloth diapers we would roughly be spending $1,826.24!

—– I think I will have my children roam naked for a year——

“What about the gross stuff?”

This step would technically be considered Prepping Cloth Diapers for Wash but I will say it as it is, we are getting that poop off! I’m going to be a little biased here and say that because she is my baby, her poop doesn’t gross me out as much as it would being some other cute babies poop.

That being said, it really isn’t as gross as it sounds. If your child consuming only breast milk at the moment, the diaper will only need to have a quick swish in water and then you plop it into a laundry prep basket. Some say that you don’t even need to swish but I do just to ease my mind on cleanliness. But really, you don’t need to rinse because breast-fed poop is completely water-soluble meaning it will break-down in water.

All other types of poop you need to rinse off. Sorry!

Bible Belles: Heroes for Her!

I do this by pulling the insert out and storing in the diaper hamper. I then will throw the diaper in the tub and give a quick spray with a removable shower nozzle. As your baby ages the poop will more likely plop into the toilet so you don’t even need to rinse!

That’s it!

You can buy products that can help with rinsing the diapers off. There is a company called Spray Pal that has a guard that shields the ricocheted water off the diaper and a sprayer that hooks up to your toilet so that you don’t have to rinse in the tub. I just can’t tell you much about them because I have never bought one!

Once you start running out of diapers you would need to run the load of diapers.

**If you are thinking about purchasing cloth diapers please check out Fluff Love University where they explain in detail the proper wash routines based on your washer.**

Ultimately, the reason for switching to cloth had nothing to do with saving money — although that was a huge bonus! As parents, we were nervous about the products we were putting on our child’s body. This switch gave our minds some ease because we know what the diapers are washed with, we specifically picked certain materials she would be rubbing on, and we know the exact ingredients in our wipes.


What cloth diaper brands do you use, love or would recommend? Please leave a comment below!


how to save money by using cloth diapers


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