Raising A Daughter To Find Her Identity In Christ

Raising A Daughter To Find Her Identity In Christ

Psalm 139:14

Guest Post by Summer Overstreet


Prom season has just finished here in the Heart of Dixie! As a floral designer, I have been looking at pictures of dresses and bow ties, coordinating ribbon shades to flower colors and going home every night COVERED in glitter! Tis’ the season!

The whole prom experience is an exciting one and something that a teenage girl really looks forward to. Prom is her opportunity to be the center of attention for that one magical moment in time. Wearing an amazing dress, sparkling jewelry, having her hair, nails and makeup professionally done and being captured on camera again and again.

Sounds like this girl is living the dream, right?

Raising A Daughter To Find Her Identity In Christ
However, what if this girl did not have a prom date? What if she was attending her high school prom alone? Would she still be given all of the great perks described above? Would she and her prom have the same level of value with no date in the picture?

I have been in the floral market for over fifteen years, and more times than I would like to admit, I have heard parents make statements like this when ordering her dance flowers: “Just do something simple since she is only going with some friends.” Or “Just do the smallest bouquet you have because she does not have a date.”

Does a girl have to have a date in order to be treated like she is a big deal? Does a date increase her value? Does having a guy by her side make her more important?

Before I go any further, please know that I am not being judgmental towards these moms. I am sure that they love their daughters to death and would never want anything less than the absolute best for them. However, what kind of unintentional message is being relayed to these girls with statements like the ones above? Could words like these be driving girls to think that their self worth is based on whether or not they are single?

Mom, your daughter needs to know that she has value. She needs assurance that she has value in her own eyes as well as the eyes of you, her father and God. She needs to be constantly reminded that she is good enough without a man at her side.

Her worth is found in God.  He is the One who makes her priceless because she has been made in His image. (Genesis 1:27Your girl has been fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) and her God is rejoicing over her with gladness. (Zephaniah 3:17)

Your daughter is never too young to start being told that she is intelligent. She is cherished. She has potential. She can go far. She can be proud of who she is right now. She does not have to depend on the presence of a boy in her life to complete her. Love operates under her terms and God’s terms only…not a dates.

She needs to know that although a boyfriend might be great she is just as much of a big deal in your eyes if she is single all her life. As long as she is pursuing Christ with everything she has, she is making you just as proud of her as you could ever be. She needs to experience true love from you, from her dad and from God first. Otherwise, she will not know what it looks like. This could be more inclined to accept a poor substitute of true love from a young man one day.

So make a big deal of your sweet girl because she is a big deal. After all, if her heart belongs to God then she is the daughter of the King. It does not get any greater than that!

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 Show your darling that she is important every day even if she does not do anything big or special. Buy her flowers. Put forth the effort to show her that she is loved and is always worthy of love and that she should accept nothing less. Make a fuss over your daughter just because of who she is.
What a mark of love, self worth and joy you will make on her life.

I can promise you, she will never forget those feelings!

Children will not remember you for the material things you gave them but for the feeling that you cherished them. – Richard L. Evans

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Raising a Daughter to Find Her Identity in Christ

Summer Overstreet -- Raising A Daughter To Find Her Identity In Christ
Hey Sisters, my name is Summer Overstreet. I am a Christ believing, Sunday school teaching, sweet tea drinking Southern belle. I have been a floral designer for fifteen years and I LOVE my job! I am new to the blogging world and am seeking to encourage and inspire women to embrace a lifestyle of joy and hope in Christ. I would love to see you at jessicasummeroverstreet.com soon!

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  1. What beautiful truth! I found myself saying “exactly” while reading. The printable is perfect. Thank you for your words.

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