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DIY prayer frame tutorial

Prayer Frame: DIY prayer frame as a reminder for God's works in our life


How to make an answered prayer frame

If you have been following me the past couple weeks or even new here, I think it’s safe to say that I love DIYs! A night filled with DIY projects is my idea of a good time because I love decorating without spending the big bucks.

Anyways, in my post about creating a gratitude journal I mentioned the fact my family and I needed something that would be a good reminder for all our answered prayers. For a time we were struggling to focus on the good that God has done when it seemed like we were surrounded by nothing but bad. In fact, we even forgot big prayers that had been answered because we were so focused on the ones that haven’t.

So I decided to come up with a plan. My family needed something to act as a reminder. I didn’t have materials to make a cute shadow box or some sort of bulletin board; all I had was a picture frame.

I went on a Pinterest quest to find a picture frame craft that I could transform into a prayer frame but to my surprise I left that quest empty handed.  That’s when I decided to jump out on a limp and just go with what I had!

I absolutely love the farmhouse decor style so I wanted to incorporate some twine and a beautiful robin’s egg chalk paint blue to really enhance the desired decor style.

Farmhouse inspired prayer frame DIY


Confession time: I’m ashamed to admit this but I’m kind of a hoarder of objects that may turn into a project someday. I hold on to everything; wrapping paper scraps, paper scraps, ribbon scraps, broken objects that I might be able to re-purpose. I also have wood scraps, dried flowers, and anything else you might think of!

I’ve had this frame for almost three years now. It was given to me before my wedding and broke when we moved into our first home from my husband stepping on it. Who keeps a broken frame? Me of course!

Prayer Frame DIY

The only problem I ran into was not having long enough pieces of twine. Each piece was about three inches long as scraps from a previous project. Because of this, I spent about an hour glueing each piece of twine together to create one long strand. You can’t really tell that it was a hodgepodge twine project… but if you had looked at my blistered fingers– since I used hot glue– you would have known.

How to make the prayer frame

1.  Paint two layers of chalk paint on the frame– color of your choice.

2. Hot glue the twine in a zig zag pattern down the frame. Make sure to glue on the back of the frame and NOT the front.

3.  Hang your new prayer frame!

If you have absolutely no idea where to start on all things chalk paint, check out my course 5 Lessons to a More Creative YOU My course is free and I make sure to discuss (in detail) everything you need to know about beginning to use chalk paint.

Side note: I purposely didn’t focus the pictures of my prayer frame because I want you to have your own ideas as to how God has answered prayers in your life.

However, I’ll give you some simple ideas as to what I put and the route I went with my answered prayers.

  • New amazing friends.
  • New job for my husband– now that he won’t be gone ALL summer. We may actually take a summer vacation!
  • I failed to realize just how much God is watching over us until we reached the end of our bank account a couple of years back. But then, we received a random message from a family member asking if we were alright; a family member that did not know the situation we were going through beforehand. We were helped beyond belief soon after. Isn’t God great?
  • Our daughter. Always and forever will be such a huge answered prayer! I went into labor with her a month early. Somehow– despite her size– she passed every premature test in the hospital and we were still able to leave the next morning.

Of course not every prayer is answered the way we hoped– it’s answered even BETTER!

  • Went to buy our first house two summers ago and we were not able to follow through with it due to unforeseen circumstances. We were pretty upset however it turned out to be a blessing because we found a job in a new city and ended up moving two months later!
  • We thought my husband landed a very high paying job until two weeks in the owner could not find any work and had to let my husband go. This was a real scare for us because we had just went on vacation. However, my husband was able to score another job that was less of a guessing game a couple of weeks later.

How has God answered your prayers? Please leave a comment below!

prayer frame DIY







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