My Postpartum Body is AWEsome {And so is Yours!}

My Postpartum Body is AWEsome {And so is Yours!}


Why I love my postpartum body and you should love yours too!


My postpartum body is awesome

It should come as no surprise to most of you that many, MANY women experience some sort of body shaming after having their first child. And alas, I too fell prey to this common body warped depression that surfaces after a birth of a beautiful baby.

I have always had this ridiculous idea in my head that I was obese. When I was wearing size 6 junior jeans in college I could not let the idea go of needing to lose more weight. Imagine my surprise when I graduated into a size 12 mom jeans after having my daughter — I nearly went ballistic! All I could see were numbers: numbers on the scale, numbers on my clothes, numbers in my food intake. It was overwhelming, confusing, and down-right depressing.


My Postpartum Body is AWEsome {And so is Yours!}


I’m just being really, really real with you ladies. This is tough stuff to conquer and I am no expert. I have suffered, I still suffer in certain ways but through my suffering I have learned a great deal and I feel this overwhelming need to share.

The media has made us believe lies. Lies that we are too fat, too skinny, have too small of breasts, have too large of breasts, shouldn’t have stretch marks, should be hairless, and have this amazing fit body to be beautiful. The list goes on and on; the sad part is that there are many men who believe these lies because they are plastered in front of us all! You know, I feel slightly bad for the media and marketing. They are so desperate to make sales that they are willing to sell lies to women; making them feel inferior and that they must have these products to look beautiful.

Even more than that, it’s a lie that Satan is selling and I have decided to have no part in his devious plan. I will no longer fuel his flame. 

Like I said, it took me a long time to see the real issue behind the epidemic of the “perfect body” and I am still struggling with it. I mean, I have to give the devil some credit, spreading these lies after childbirth is such a brilliantly hideous way to reach each woman in it’s core when we are the most vulnerable. Instead of enjoying our time with our babies and giving our body the much needed rest it deserves, we overwhelm ourselves with the guilt of not looking perfect.

The only problem? We are not and never will be perfect! If we were perfect then why would we need our ever faithful and loving God?

When we become obsessed with transforming our bodies back to it’s original state we are totally and completely undermining the beautiful pain and strength our bodies endured. Childbearing is no easy feat so why do we expect to look the same afterwards?

Here’s what I say to that: Kintsugi

Have you ever heard of it? “Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold. It treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.” (wiki, yo) This pottery becomes more valuable and more beautiful after it has endured hardship, breaking, and a dramatic change.

Oh ladies, if we only believed this of our own bodies.

Our stretch marks, our new wrinkles, and our mommy tummy pouches tell a story; God’s story. These imperfections are proof that we followed God’s command by bringing His children into the world for His purpose.

loving our mama postpartum bodies

Of course, please do not undermine the need for keeping our bodies in the best shape we can. After all our bodies are our temples and God calls us to take care of them. We should eat healthy (with the occasional scrumptious treat) and we should exercise to be the best parent/wife/follower of God we can be. In fact, I have decided to finally take my health seriously — where exercise was once just a way to get me looking perfect is NOW a way of keeping me in my optimal shape (regardless of the way my body looks physically). I want to be like my grandma, hiking Petra in 100 degree heat and surpassing her grandchildren. Phew! Only years of intentional self body care will make that possible.

But there is a thin line between healthy and obsession; I would be very careful with teetering towards the latter. Just like with any other earthly thing exercise and the need to look perfect can become an obsession and the problem with obsessions is that it takes our eyes away from God. Obsessions draw our eyes away from the calling God intended for us; if we are obsessing with our weight then we cannot fully focus on our connection with God, with our children, with our husbands, and anyone else who we encounter.

So, I have decided to love my body! With God’s help I refuse to allow Satan to have this negative body image grasp on me. Everything on my body (and yours) is NOT a mistake — we have been carefully woven in our mother’s wombs with God’s mighty hands. How dare I even point a finger at myself — God’s masterpiece — with disgust or hate. How dare I allow the “perfect body” obsession and the need to look flawless to others take dominance over God and what He has in store for me.


I love my postpartum body no matter the scars it may carry. I will walk with my head high and enjoy every moment this body lives! It may not be perfect according to the publics eye but who cares? When God finished creating me {and you} He smiled for He was please, very pleased with His creation.

And YOU, sweet mama, do not have to be Satan’s next victim. With God’s strength, you do not have to listen to those nasty whispers that say “you’re not good enough”. You are good enough, you are beautiful enough, you are strong enough, you are wise enough with God and for God’s purpose in your life — you need only ask Him for the wisdom to see it.

Have you ever fallen prey to body shaming yourself? Feel free to talk about it below!

Check out this post about the importance of self care in motherhood for more encouragement.


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I have a challenge for you.

For one week every time you look in the mirror (yes, EVERY TIME) you must tell yourself that you are beautiful. If you feel a thought creep up or start to doubt your beauty, remind yourself that God does not make mistakes. Ask God to help you in this area — I am sure He would love nothing more than to set you free from the chains of trying to be physically perfect.

It’s time to start loving and appreciating the body God has blessed you with!


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    • It seems that all moms tend to struggle with this at one point or another! I am glad it spoke to you. 🙂

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