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The Power of a Church Bulletin — How it Brought me Closer to God

There was a time when I really tried to avoid the men who would hand out the church bulletins by the entrance . I felt guilty grabbing the paper because 99% of the time I would not even look at it and would end up throwing it away. I knew the bulletin had church news, financial information, and usually a…

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How We Saved Over $80 in Change Our First Year of Marriage

  Coins in your pocket or wallet can be a nuisance. Coins smell. And are full of germs. But, do you know what I love about coins? When I buy a latte, I can use my little change stash in the car to use as a tip for the barista without breaking another dollar and throwing away more change. I…

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Bedroom Decorating Tips for a Strict Budget

We recently moved into a home much smaller than the last and so we have had to be very creative with the way we decorate. When moving into a new place it is very tempting to go out and buy a couple decor items for the front room, a new kitchen utensil, and maybe some towels for the guest bathroom,…

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