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Top 5 Easy and Delicious Crock Pot Meals

5 of Our Favorite Easy Crock Pot Meals I love crock pot meals. The smell, the quick prep, how easy it is to create a delicious meal– all of it entices me! I am not  a homemaker who enjoys spending hours in the kitchen. I love to cook for my husband and family but if I were a  lone bachelor with…

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A Christian on the Fence: Part Two

Welcome back to part two of On The fence!  I hope the previous one left you with a lot to think about. You can check out part one HERE if you missed it. Too often I see people identifying as Christians and then not living their identity. Too often I hear people claim to have “Christian values” and then not acting…

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5 Cleaning Habits That May Save Your Sanity

Five cleaning habits and giving yourself grace Cleaning is a never ending task! Oh my word. Just when I get the dishes done, there’s a toy bomb in the living room. When I finish cleaning the living room and go back to the kitchen there’s an open pantry door with food spewed all over the floor. After cleaning up all the…

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