How to Organize Like an Overtired Crazy Momma

How to Organize Like an Overtired Crazy Momma

I have to apologize my posting cycle has been on a total wacky schedule. My plan is to begin posting two times a week — although I haven’t quite figured out the exact days I want to post on.

For the past two weeks my husband and I have been running around like headless chickens trying to get every last item out of our rental home and into a transition home. Tomorrow should be our last day of moving/cleaning so I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been so supportive and thoughtful!

To fill you in, we are making our way out of state but we are waiting for the official “okay” from a fire station position. So, while we wait we decided to live in a temporary location to save a couple bucks in the hopes of paying off debt before we move into a state with high tax (hint: we have never paid state tax before because we live in Montana)! Sounds reasonable, right? The only problem is that we now have to move all of our junk TWICE! Oh well, totally worth it in the long run I suppose.

Anyways, while packing hundreds of items, my family was absolutely floored at the amount of stuff we had hidden in our teeny tiny home. I just had to smile because it’s amazing how much stuff you can actually store in a tiny home if you are very careful with placement. I am too tired and broke for fancy organization which means I am more of a “shove a little here and throw a cardboard box there” type of organizer.

Even though I am very active on Pinterest, I would not consider myself a “Pinterest mom” and I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a good organizer! Why? Because organizing requires thinking and thinking requires brain matter… which mine has been seriously lacking since I have become a new mom. I tire much much quicker — it’s crazy! There was a time when I would poke fun with my mom when she would tire out so quickly and now I tell my husband that wifey/mommy is no longer mentally “home” after 6PM.

Because of these reasons, I have come up with a sort of “system” for organization that isn’t your typical…  Pinterest system. 😉

Here’s what I do . . . .


— Step #1 —

Under Objects

Like I said, I am not a professional organizer. haha!

What am I? An overtired crazy momma who sees furniture in my home as the perfect place to hide unneeded objects! I like to do what I call the “walk by shuffle”. As in, when I know someone is stopping by my home that day and I am too exhausted to clean, I will walk by items on the floor and do a little shuffle boogie until that item is under something and out of sight.

But seriously, I have found that the trick to living in a tiny home is by utilizing every, single space in a home. I have found that the best way to organize is by purchasing those very thin totes and sliding them under beads, couches, etc.

Step #2

Got tiny spaces?

Call me crazy but it’s all about using your “nooks and crannies” x-ray vision. Do you see a small space between the dryer and the wall? Utilize it! Is there a small space above your bathroom door? Add a shelf and store extra toilet paper up there! It’s all in how you view your space. I am a person who really, REALLY dislikes clutter so I have always looked for ways to cram an item somewhere out of sight. Clutter makes me feel completely overwhelmed and that’s the last thing I need while balancing my darling baby on my hip.

Step #3

Out of eyesight = out of mind

how to organize like an overtired crazy momma
via Wrapped in Rust

I feel like I am going completely against all organizational tips every written on Pinterest. Please don’t write me hate mail! 😀 But, the key to keep things looking tidy in a tiny home is by keeping the clutter out of guests eyesight. Let me tell you, there’s a lot of items you can shove in a closet if you try really hard!

I like to stack pretty pink baskets in my closet and just fill them (semi-organized) with items I don’t use every day. Hiding items rather than displaying helps save a little brain matter on my part because I don’t have to think about “presentation”. And, preserving brain matter is so important for a tired momma.

Step #4

The ever-inviting garbage

Have you used it in the past year? No? Then chuck it.

Have you used it in the past two years? No? Do not even hesitate to chuck it.

That’s the philosophy my husband and I go off of. Yeah, sometimes it drives the pack-rats in our family a little bonkers but we have found that throwing out items we just really don’t use saves us a lot of energy in the long run. Plus, it’s so much easier to move a house that isn’t filled with unnecessary items!

There was a time when I would keep broken items because I thought they might be able to serve a new purpose in the future. I would see videos from Nifty or on Pinterest where someone will recycle jars or whatnot to create something even more beautiful. BUT come on, really? I just threw out two large boxes of broken items from four years ago that I believed might serve a purpose! If I had to hold onto something that long, odds are I will not ever need them. Besides, not many of us actually have the time to repurpose. At this point in my life, I’d rather just buy something new than spend hours making it.

Step #5

Bins, baskets, totes, oh my!

How to organize like an overtired crazy momma
via Carrie Dahlin

There’s a reason why the dollar store carries baskets…. they are handy. Like I stated in step #3, I like to throw a bunch of cheap baskets in my closets because they can organize my linens, odds & ends, shoes, etc. Baskets are a home owners dream come true! I am not going to spend hours organizing on my shelves, it just takes too much time. But, a basket organizes without actually ORGANIZING. You know what I mean? It gets similar items in the same spot without painstakingly organizing it.

Storage bins like these cloth ones are my favorite because they are cheap and still more adorable than the dollar store bins.

The bins above are $15.99 and the ones below are $10 on Amazon.

Step #6

What comes in another must go out

It goes without saying, if you bring something into your home then you really need to take something out; this just saves everyone time. I admit, I do not utilize this tip as much as I should but in our new home this is going to be something I really try to practice; it just makes sense. So, if I bring in three new pairs of pants for myself then I better be prepared to get rid of three of my old pairs. Of course this does not work for everything but you can be the judge of that. For instance, I do not like getting rid of my daughter’s clothes because I plan on reusing them for our next little girl — if we are blessed with one! However, if you bring in a new serving bowl then you should certainly think about getting rid of an old one.


And these are the tips that I live by as an overtired crazy, (un)organized momma! Yes, I do try to organize but in the long run it’s just not quite feasible for my situation however this doesn’t mean I can’t try in my own way. Organizing doesn’t have to look a certain way. Honestly, a good organized home is one that works for your standards and what you prefer. One person may enjoy the look of a complete organized makeover unit from Ikea while another person sees organization as grids/rows/systems.

Seriously ladies, there is no “proper” way to organize! The most proper way is the way that works for you! If one system doesn’t work, try another; keep trying until you find the one that saves you time in the long haul.

You got this, momma!

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