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Bible Belles: Heroes for Little Girls

Bible Belles: Heroes for Her!

The Beauty Within 31 has always had a strong focus towards building younger moms up to the person God has created them to be. I have strived to show each of you that their is more to you than the “mom” label on your forehead.

And then it hit me: what about young girls?

Our insecurities start at such a young age; especially for women! And, as women, we often look to someone who we find to me “more experienced” to be our role models/heroes. Unfortunately this mentality often includes celebrities we have never met and expectations from the magazine in the grocery store check-out line that we are supposed to meet.

Women are the backbones, the feelers, the thinkers, the lovers, and the beauty in this world. So, what happens when we believe at a young age that we aren’t good enough because that’s what society tells us?

We sink.

And when we sink the backbone becomes weak, the love becomes sparse, and the beauty withers.

But… what if their is a way we can boost a little girl’s sense of self in Christ at a very young age?


Bible Belles: Heroes for Little Girls


When I think about the word hero things that come to mind would be 9/11 helpers, fire fighters, law enforcement, and the military. If I am being really honest with you… Iron Man, Thor, Super Man, and Captain America are also what come to mind. (Because Marvel is where it’s at)

However, if I put a little thought behind the word hero I would also come up with Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, teachers, and so on. I mean, when I think about heroes I think about people who have positively impacted a large group of people or even the world.

But my question is this:

Who are your little girl’s heroes? 

My daughter is still a little too young yet to fully grasp the idea of a hero. However, even at 20 months, I am still beginning to see admiration set in her eyes for specific people and things. She doesn’t know it yet but she is already placing in her mind different kinds of heroes.

Let’s take a step back for a second. What is the definition of a hero? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a hero is ” a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities”.

For most of us parents, we are probably going to be the first true hero our children set in their mind. Why? Because we are the first people they really encounter who make a positive impact in their life. We display brave acts of killing spiders to saving them from water. Parents are often getting their feet unstuck and tend to be a shield from the bullies at school. We are also really great at rescuing them from their cribs.

As our babies age, they will begin encountering other types of heroes too.

When I was growing up my hero bank included my parents, my grandparents, and the Disney princesses. Even though princess Jasmine was my favorite, I still had a special place in my heart for Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). I could tell you everything you could ever want to know about these princesses! Even at four years old I knew which countries they were from and every single word to the songs they sang.

I was a princess die-hard. I wanted to be one of the princesses so bad. Every Halloween I dressed up as a Disney princess and most of my pj’s included a princesses face.

Now that I am a parent I am now aware of how incredible a child’s brain is! At four years old I knew EVERY word from every song; that’s thousands of words! I could comprehend that these princesses were from a land that isn’t where I am from. I knew that Snow White was from a place my dad was originally from. I knew that Belle was from every little girl’s dream place: France.


Modern day heroes for young girls


And now that I know how much my daughter’s brain is taking in, I also know how important it is to introduce to her a more positive role model/hero. These princesses are charming, beautiful, and magical; they are any little girl’s ideal hero. I don’t want to take these away from my own daughter but I don’t want these fictional characters to be the foundation to which my daughter bases her critical thinking from.

These princesses are lovely but they also teach lessons such as:

  • It’s okay to not listen to your parents (Ariel and Jasmine).
  • You can marry a boy at 16 (Aurora).
  • “But daddy I love him” when she hasn’t even talked to him (Ariel).
  • Eat food from strangers (Snow White).
  • A man only notices you when you’re rich and dressed up (Cinderella – the prince needed a shoe to prove she was the person he “loved”! Obviously he wasn’t looking at her face…)
  • Live at some strange man’s home in exchange for her father’s freedom (Belle).

Plus, have you noticed a theme to all of these stories? They all end with a young girl needing her prince! Emphasis on the young because all of these girls are literally around 15-16 years old.

I want my daughter to love a man and marriage BUT I also want her to know she is amazing without a man too. I want her to know that she possesses beautiful qualities that can impact the world. She should know that her main focus is to serve God first; not be finding a partner.

So, I did some major searching and found a fantastic solution for my daughter.

Bible Belles!

Erin Weidemann is the wonderful developer of this idea. The Bible Belles are based off of Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth and Deborah and created — for lack of better words– new Disney princesses. Together Erin, her husband, and a former Disney artist began developing these characters into beautifully illustrated books and party gear!

Each Bible Belle has a positive lesson attached to their story-line.

  • Hannah: The belle of prayer.
  • Esther: The belle of patience.
  • Abigail: The belle of bravery.
  • Ruth: The belle of loyalty.
  • Deborah: The belle of leadership.

And just like how I remembered the countries attached to the Disney princesses; I am positive my daughter will remember the attribute associated with each Bible Belle. These are the type of heroes I want in my daughter’s life! Heroes that will not only teach our daughters truth about the bible but also truth about themselves.

When my daughter feels like she has been waiting forever for something, I’ll reminder her about the Bible Belle Esther.

When she is afraid, I’ll tell her that it’s just like the story of Abigail and she will be reminded of the bravery.

If she needs an example of how prayer works, she can recall her hero (bible belle) Hannah who showed her the fundamentals of prayer.


Bible Belles: Heroes for Her!


Erin does not have all of the Bible Belle books out as of yet. But, Hannah and Esther are available on the shop with Abigail following close behind them (launching in December). Right now these stories are only in book format but I am hoping that they may take them to the next level with a possible movie launch!

Bible Belles: Heroes for Little Girls
via Bible Belles


Anyways, I am a big promoter of reading to our children so I would prefer the books over movies any day. You can read more about statistics and my philosophy about reading to our children HERE.

Each book has very high quality. So, each book is an 8 1/2 by 11 size (larger than a normal children’s book) with beautiful thick, glossy, card stock pages to make the vibrant colors pop.

I also love the party box they offer because little girl’s and parties are a big thing. These party packs are a great way to celebrate with their new princess heroes and also spread stories from the bible to other little girls.

These Bible Belles are still a relatively new idea but can you see how great these new princesses are going to be for our daughters? I don’t know about you but I am excited for the possibilities and inspiration we may see from Erin and the Bible Belles.


Bible Belles: Heroes for Girls

heroes and the bible belles







(And yes, if you do buy a Bible Belles book I do receive a small commission. Regardless, I ONLY recommend products I truly believe in. I would never scam you out of money! You and I both know how hard you worked for it. Thank you for the support and being amazing!)


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