Mothers and Their Selfless Love

While growing up I never really gave any thought to mother’s day. To me it was just another day with the added bonus of giving my mom something “homemade” in a school setting and possibly make her a breakfast. It wasn’t until my freshmen year of college that I really stopped to think about mother’s day and the meaning behind the holiday.

My mom is the ideal picture of selfless. If you were to look “selfless” up in the dictionary you would probably  find a picture of my moms smiling face.



Isn’t she lovely?

She is one of those people who would literally give you the shirt off her back. My family didn’t have much money growing up but somehow my mom made sure that every holiday was spectacular, we always had a pair of new school clothes, not one birthday went unnoticed, and so much more. She tried her best to get us the “newest trend” even if it was the knock-off brand.

One day I was listening to my new iPod touch that I received for my birthday and noticed my mom was wearing the same shirt she wore yesterday. Because I was a typical teenager I decided to investigate why she would commit such a HUGE fashion crime; I mean at least skip a day right? I looked in her closet and noticed only a couple shirts that fit her and an extremely used nursing bra with holes in it when she wasn’t even nursing!

I had a huge reality check when I learned that all the pay she received from house cleaning was used to settle the selfish luxury needs of us children instead of buying herself an outfit which she desperately needed.

This right here is an example of the selfless love that Our Father has for us. A love so deep and so pure that He sent His son to die on the cross for OUR sins. He took care of us even when we didn’t deserve it.

My grandmother is another amazing woman who also demonstrates this love. She is the type of woman who would give you her whole house if she could. Every time we visit she insists on giving us half of her pantry AND a trunk full of household items. Of course that is a bit of a hyperbole however she is EXTREMELY generous and lives off of the idea that what she has really belongs to God anyways. One of my goals as a homemaker is to really live by this mentality. Too often I see family after family who thrive on the quantity of their things than appreciating what God has given them.

I want to talk about one more woman who I have learned to appreciate and that is my husband’s mother. She is the type of woman who checks in to see how I am doing without being prompted to do so. I am beyond terrible at checking my phone however she regularly sends me texts to let me know that she is thinking and praying for me. There is something about the feeling I get knowing that someone cares enough to take time out of their day to see how I am.

These moms have been my mentors; guiding me slowly towards the mother I hope to one day be. Each one has their own parenting style but has one goal in mind and that is to love and take care of their family. I am very grateful for these moms and for all the other moms out there who sacrifice so much!

Happy mother’s day!

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