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Before I became a makeup artist, I loved going to makeup stores but I would get so frustrated because I never knew what to buy! I would spend hours — COUNTLESS HOURS — roaming shelf after shelf in a makeup store with unlimited products, finally to leave with items that “claimed” transformation but virtually did nothing.

I really value my money; maybe because my husband and I fought so long to stay on our feet. It completely drove me crazy when I would waste it on products with false promises because I believed the box or new consultant rather than relying on my own knowledge.

So I decided to do something about it!

I went to makeup school, learned all the ins & outs, and ended up saving myself hundreds of dollars!

new mom makeup course designed by a makeup artist

Here’s the thing: everyone wants YOU to buy their product.

They want to make money and I don’t blame them! So, these companies are very good at highlighting the best qualities of the product while underlying the bad in very small letters on the bottom of the box. They want to sell these products so of course they are not going to tell you “works only when the moons are aligned” or “best on women who are of the age of 18 with no wrinkles, blemishes, hair, etc”.

Women are almost always the NUMBER ONE target when it comes to product promotion. Why?

  • Because women are the buyers in the family — in most cases.
  • Women tend to be more emotional and worry about products running out (hence why the “act fast because this offer only lasts for 1 more day” scare tactic works so well).
  • Unlike men, we are often more aware of our appearance which means we spend more $$$ to “paint the barn” when things are looking a little worn.
  • We tend to look for the good in everything which is why we are so easily manipulated by promotions. We want to believe them!

But I also learned something else in my training — MOST (not all but most) products do work. It’s just a matter of learning how to use them correctly! Not all foundations should be treated the same nor should all lipsticks be applied in the same manner.

My goal with this makeup course is not only to teach you how to properly apply makeup but also to teach you how to shop for makeup.

I want to give you the tools that will help you know {exactly} what you need from a makeup store! I want to show you how to determine which makeup brand is right for you and how to save money on high-end products.

Of course, most importantly my desire is to teach moms how to apply makeup with their ever-changing momma skin. 

how to apply makeup for moms


Remember the makeup store story I told you in the paragraphs above? Well, I was at the makeup store because I was a new mom and completely overwhelmed with my new momma skin. It didn’t take long for my skin to lose my “pregnancy glow” after having my daughter nor did it take long for my acne to return. BUT, what really bothered me was the age lines that began to form around my eyes and the puffy bags that grew under my eyes.

These were new skin problems and I had no idea how to conceal them! How do you conceal an eye bag? Seriously?! How do you conceal dark circles from late nights and still look like a natural beauty?

But, when I walked into that makeup store I instantly felt ashamed and embarrassed. These makeup consultants look gorgeous and yet I didn’t have time to fix my hair. The perfume woman smelt heavenly and yet I still had baby puke on my shoulder. The esthetician had perfect skin and there I was battling a huge breakout on my chin.

I was caught in the sales trap.

I wanted to look like them, smell like them, and have clear skin like them which meant I went on my buying rampage — purchasing products that I had no idea about!

So the moral of my story — the method to my madness — is that I want YOU to know that you are absolutely beautiful, sweet momma. You and everything you do is admirable and beautiful!

I want you to know that a huge way these makeup companies sell products is by telling you that you are not. They want you to believe that you will only be as beautiful as the “poster models” if you buy their products. But that’s simply not the case! 

I want YOU to walk into a makeup store completely confident in yourself, your beauty, and your wants. Do you want to up your brow game? Great! Let’s teach you how without selling you 10 different products (much like YouTubers). Most makeup artists use an average of 2 products on brows — not 10 — don’t be confused by the makeup selling game.

This is why I want you to know that I will receive absolutely ZERO commission for all the products I recommend in this course. This is for you, mommas — I do not want you to feel like I am taking advantage.

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