Makeup Artist Approved Makeup Products for Mommy

Have you been feeling makeup frustrated lately? Do you ever walked into Ulta or Sephora with question marks in your eyes and end up leaving empty handed because you’re completely overwhelmed? Have you ever searched YouTube in a quest for makeup help and the result is two Excel pages of makeup products?

Oh sweet mommas, I totally know the feeling.

As an international professional MUA, there are times when even I am confused! Makeup brands continue to pop out new products like candy which often leaves me starting at my computer scratching my head asking, “what in the woooorld is THAT?”

If makeup were not my job, you can guarantee that feeling of being overwhelmed would certainly overpower any desire I had to buy makeup.

But it is.

All of this means I have done the research. I have tested MANNNY of these products on many skin types. I have spent countless dollars on drugstore and high end brands. I have also watched hours, and hours, and hours of YouTube videos with all the famous makeup gurus — I mean, I want to know what’s popular, what’s doing well in the promotion/money making world, and what needs some work.

We all have different skin types; where one product works for one woman, the same product can look like a total mess on another.

However, there is one thing that tends to link many skin types in one category and that is “motherhood”.

Motherhood takes it’s TOLL on every. single. one of us! You could be the world’s most greatest mother but I can still guarantee your beautiful skin will show signs of “mothering”.

By this I mean…

Sleepless nights with babies = dull skin with dark under eye circles. 

Throw hands in the air children stress = dehydrated skin resulting in fine lines/wrinkles and acne

Late night alchohol indulgence = sorry ladies, alcohol dehydrates your skin

No time and lack of exercise = skin doesn’t get cleansed of toxins

Now that we have established what “momma skin” is, let’s jump into the 10 products I (and other makeup artists) swear by to help with momma deprived skin!


Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50 by IT Cosmetics  — $38.00

Makeup Artist Approved Makeup Products for Mommy

Here’s why I love this product: it has many different ways you can use it! Yeah, the price is a little steep but for having an anti-aging primer, foundation, SPF 50+, AND concealer in one tube the price starts to look much better. You are paying one flat price for an amazing product with multiple ways to use it which is why it’s my #1 product that I recommend to moms. The more we can eliminate the unnecessary makeup products taking up space, the better.


Confidence in a Cream by IT Cosmetics$48.00

Makeup Artist Approved Makeup Products for Mommy

Again, this is from IT Cosmetics but I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. The first and most crucial step towards a beautiful makeup application is having an on point skin care routine. This “Confidence in a Cream” jar is exactly what us mommas need to help re-hydrate our skin and add that “youthful glow” we all crave. For $48, this will go a LONG way. (Here’s a quick tip: save money by signing up to receive emails from IT Cosmetics. They like to send coupons in your mailbox that is much better than Ulta’s promotions.)


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz — $21

Makeup Artist Approved Makeup Products for Mommy

Hey mommas, I get you. We don’t have the time, money, OR energy to buy five different eyebrow products the YouTube makeup gurus try to convince us we need. Here’s the thing, you really only need ONE good eyebrow product to carve out some beautiful brows. Yes, it’s $21 but almost every makeup artist I know uses these brow pencils.

HINT: This is the first time I’m spilling this but I am in the process of creating a Mommy Makeup Course which will have a portion that describes EXACTLY how you can do your eyebrows quickly and beautifully with different types of products. Subscribe and stay tuned to gain a sweet deal! 


L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation — $12.99 at Ulta

Makeup Artist Approved Makeup Products for Mommy

Yes, it’s a drugstore product but for $12.99 it’s down-right amazing on almost all skin types. Again, most makeup artists have this in their collection. I have extremely dry skin and for a long time I could not find a foundation that had a decent amount of coverage and DIDN’T stick to my dry patches. This also works great on combination/oily skin; you’ll just need the next product to go with!

I will be demonstrating how to use this foundation in my Mommy Makeup Course — coming soon. 


RCMA No Color Powder — $12.00

Makeup Artist Approved Makeup Products for Mommy

RCMA powder is a a dream come true for many of us. It’s the perfect powder for baking concealer but it’s also great for dusting over those problem areas on a face that tend to be oily. This baby is often sold out because it was made famous by YouTube makeup gurus but as of right now it’s still available. I love this product because it’s cheap and works like a charm. Why by $40+ setting powders when you can buy this?


Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue (foundation) — $29.50

Makeup Artist Approved Makeup Products for Mommy

I am absolutely in love with this product for achieving that “glowy” foundation look. If you do not have a lot of problem spots on your skin, you can easily wear this alone and be happy. However, I like to combine this foundation with the L’Oreal one listed above to achieve coverage and a glow. It’s so light you can barely tell you’re wearing anything on your face. This is why I like to use it for many of my mommas who want to have that natural glow. Sign up for their email and receive 15% off of your first purchase!


Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer — $20.00

Makeup Artist approved makeup products for mommy

You can apply the most beautiful eyeshadow but it will be completely in vain if you do not have something to keep it in place. Our eyes are the warmest spot on our face which means it’s also the first place to melt makeup — you need something to keep it in place. Although there’s a lot of eyeshadow primers on the market, I love this one because it is fairly in expensive and it literally takes a drop to make your eyeshadow last all day. I don’t know about you but I don’t have a lot of time to touch up my makeup throughout the day so this is a lifesaver.


Tarte Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette — $53

makeup artist approved makeup products for mommy

If you’re going to buy eyeshadows, why not buy them in a palette? The biggest thing about finding a good eyeshadow is making sure it can blend. Blending is a makeup artists non-secret secret! This Tarteist PRO palette is great because it offers a wide variety of colors for all skin colors. If you take a look at this palette you’ll notice that each row is a group of colors (row 1 is red/browns, row 2 is purples, row three is cranberries, row four is cool tone blue). Also, each column has a purpose as well (column 1 is base, column 2 & 3 are transition, column 4 is crease, column 5 is shimmer). See! It’s called PRO for a reason. 😉

Again, everything you need to know from basics to advanced eyeshadow application will be included in my Mommy Makeup Course! 


Milani Baked Blush$6.97

Is anyone else loving that price of $6.97!? I love Milani blushes. They are gorgeous, pigmented, and have just enough shimma shimma to pass as a partial highlighter as well. This color specifically will look good on almost all skin colors because peach is considered the “universal” color — basically, it looks good on everyone. 



Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick — $18.00

makeup artist approved makeup products for mommy

Jouer is a beautiful new cosmetic company that strives to create products that are not chemical filled and have duel purpose. I am loving these Jouer liquid lipsticks because they are very pigmented and are not filled with nasty, icky chemicals. Jouer even offers lip toppers that can add shimmer over these matte lipsticks; I love using these for my fresh faced mommy looks.

There you have it! These are my top ten products I would recommend to any mommy. Of course you may like to use a concealer for your hard-earned mommy under eye bags but there are many great concealers and I cannot recommend just one. Let me know if you have used any of these products and if you like them!

Stay tuned for the Mommy Makeup Course which I am aiming to release a week before Mother’s Day!

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