Girl’s Vintage Dresser with Magnolia Home Paint

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia -- Ella Rose Magnolia Homes paint


Just like you, I love a good DIY.

There’s just something… magical (?)… about creating something beautiful with your own hands.

Anyways, I have been DYING to get my hands on the Ella Rose paint color from the Magnolia Homes paint line. I didn’t have a destined purpose for it or a “must do” project, I just knew I wanted it! So I picked it up a matte “Ella Rose” from a local Miller Paint Company a couple of weeks back and have been storing it like my most cherished treasure on my bedroom dresser.


DIY vintage little girl's dresser with Magnolia Homes Paint Ella Rose


And then, surprise surprise, I was actually attempting to organize my daughter’s room when I noticed my husband’s old dresser hiding in the closet corner like a giant eyesore I was trying so hard to avoid. I decided this dresser would be the perfect project for my newly acquired Magnolia Homes paint!



Clean cloth

Hand Sander


Sponge Brush




DIY vintage little girl's dresser with Magnolia Homes Paint Ella Rose


The first step for a project like this is to make sure the furniture is wiped down and clean; unfortunately their home paint line is not like chalk paint although I did hear they are dropping a chalk paint line as well. After the furniture is clean the next step is to sand as much of that manufacture gloss off as possible — probably best to use a hand sander for this unless you want a workout like I apparently did.


DIY vintage dresser with Magnolia Homes Paint


After everything is sanded and the dust is wiped away, you can add your first coat of paint with a brush (I always prefer sponge). This paint dries so fast that by the time I reached the bottom of one side it was almost ready for the second coat so timing really isn’t a problem.

However, the problem I did run by is that I did NOT sand enough of the gloss off which resulted in, literally, like 8 layers of paint. No I do not recommend that many layers but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


DIY vintage little girl's dresser with Magnolia Homes Paint Ella Rose


Those handles?

I am finally fortunate enough to live by a Hobby Lobby so I love to shout to the heavens with joy for that small bit of luck. I love when my money goes to a good cause so if I have to spend it I want to spend it at Hobby Lobby. Anyways, I found these handles at Hobby Lobby for about $3 a piece without coupons. If you are patient (unlike me), wait for a coupon and buy them at nearly half that price.

Quick Tip: Always make a quick visit your local vintage store for handles as well. Sometimes I find the greatest deals on knobs that are actually vintage! 


DIY vintage little girl's dresser with Magnolia Homes Paint Ella Rose


When your final coat of paint is done it’s always good to add a top coat for your sanity the furniture’s protection (especially in children’s rooms).

And yes, you’ll notice I have yet to fill in the holes from the previous knobs but honestly it’s pretty low on my “to do” list. All you’ll need to do that is some wood filler (like putty), after it dries sand it down, and paint over.


DIY vintage little girl's dresser with Magnolia Homes Paint Ella Rose


All in all, super simple project that took way too long because of my lack of proper sanding abilities. I am extremely impressed with the Magnolia Homes paint like; I don’t think they came out with a single color that I don’t like.

I did notice that the Elle Rose paint color seemed to be a little lighter than pictured on the paint card — or maybe it’s the lighting in my home — but it’s still just as sweet and elegant.

What do you think? Have you tried any of the paint from the Magnolia Homes line? Were you impressed? 


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