Why You Should be Living a Transparent Life

why you should live a transparent life

Alright mommas, I’m going to be honest with you all for a second. Is that okay?

I have recently been going through a season in my life to which I had absolutely no motivation for….. life. I had lost the interest in attending get-togethers, crafting, and homemaking. But, worst of all I had lost interest in reading God’s word. Although the cause of this lack of motivation has been unclear, I can only assume that it’s directly linked to the anxiety I have been feeling lately.

My husband and I are undergoing a large move with a future that isn’t quite in sight as of yet. Although we have absolutely no fear or worry for this large move — we know it’s God’s calling for us — we still feel the pressure from loved ones who are not quite as peaceful about our transition. As a young couple who is familiar with heading advice from our elders, it’s a scary situation to venture away from advice that we believe is not quite what God wants.

Anyways, the madness behind my motive — the reason behind the story — is to talk about a subject that has been near and dear to my heart: being oneself — flaws and all.


why you should live a transparent life as a Christian


I’m not sure if the mentality of being a “perfect Christian” is societies new expectations or if it’s a way of thinking that has been passed down from generation to generation. Maybe both? Either way I believe we have all been slaves at one point to an image that doesn’t exist; an image of perfection.

This bondage to the ideal image is an epidemic of sorts. It makes us believe that in order to be a perfect Christian we have to lead these perfect lives. But, reality is far from perfect. We face daily struggles, temptations, and trials as Christians; we see death, loss, divorce, children straying, cheating, and lying. These things do not go away just because we decided to follow Christ! Jesus flat-out says in Matthew 16:24 that, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” 

Oh mommas, have you ever really thought about that bible verse before? It’s a tough one. It does not guarantee an easy life following Jesus. In fact, it means the opposite. 

“take up their cross…”

Do you know how much the cross weighed? According to Reference, the horizontal bar weighed approximately 125 pounds and the entire cross weighed approximately 300 pounds. That’s a lot of weight for a man that was beaten almost to death; kept alive only for the mockery! Can you imagine being tortured and then told to drag your own 300lb death tool? The exact distance for which Jesus dragged the cross is unknown because Jerusalem has two locations that is a possible crucifixion spot. However, I have been to Jerusalem and have walked to both locations and I can tell you that neither location is just around the block — it’s quite a walk. 

I’m totally deviating from the original topic but the point I am trying to make is that we are not promised an easy life. So, if that’s the case… why do we pretend that it is? Why do we hide behind an image of perfection when we are not called to be perfect? If we were perfect then the ultimate sacrifice would be for nothing and we would not need Jesus who is perfect in every way. But that’s not the case; we completely need our Lord and Savior.

More than that, I have found that it’s almost entirely impossible to fully relate to another person when we pretend that everything has been figured out. I mean, sometimes the best of friends that we meet are from less than ideal situations (such as having a total break down in a grocery store).

Sometimes the greatest friendships are formed when someone responds to your story with, “Really? Me too! I thought I was alone!” 

It’s exhausting to try and hold up this image of perfection.

Since starting my blogging journey, I always get one particular, “why do you share so much about your life?” Now, although I don’t share the gooey details of my location and whatnot; I do like to share about my marriage, motherhood journey, and success/failures along the way.


Because I am HUMAN and I want you to know that you’re not alone. If we don’t share the good and the bad, how will our younger generation know that it’s alright to not be alright? How will a new mother know that these weird feelings from postpartum depression does not make her a bad momma if someone isn’t brave enough to say “I went through this too”? Or in my case, I would have felt much worse about my current situation of low-funds if my family didn’t step up and say “we have gone through this stage too”.

I wonder if we spent more time sharing about our struggles, would those who have doubts about their life finally feel a breathe of fresh air?

We all have some form of cross that we carry! So, I have made it a mission of mine to strive towards transparency because I never know who might be listening — a sleepless momma, an overworked husband, a grieving teen…. It can be scary to open up but I also know that it can be so liberating to connect with God’s children through honesty.

So, will you try it? Will you try living a transparent life? Will you dip a toe into the water and feel it out?

I hope you do! I am fairly certain you will be glad that you did! 🙂

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