Listen Love Repeat: A Godly Perspective on Giving

Listen Love Repeat: A Godly Perspective on Giving

Tis’ the season for giving!

I love the Christmas season for that very reason! It’s as if a switch has been turned on during these beautiful winter months as many families begin to think about giving away time, money, and items for others. I just LOVE it!

Recently I came across Karen Ehman‘s new book “Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World” and instantly fell in love!

Wow. Just wow — I mean, I have no words for the lessons she has taught me.


Listen Love Repeat: A Godly Perspective on Giving


Have you read it yet? It was released last month and I am so glad I was able to get my hands on it during this season of the year. Why? Well, Karen’s book is the most unique approach to giving that I think I have ever came across! When I read her book and heard a Podcast  — my body was covered in goose bumps. I literally stood in the middle of my kitchen — wet from dishes — enamored by her heart and beautiful persona!

I won’t give you all of the details of the book — you’ll have to take a peak of it yourself — but I want to share with you a unique way of giving which I learned from Karen.


Karen Ehman's new book

Karen has a huge heart for giving. However, not just any type of giving. Karen likes to give to others throughout the entire year!

How does she do this?

She keeps a calendar (of sorts) entirely stocked full of monumental dates and events. She takes note of all funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special dates that correspond with her friends, family, and acquaintances.

If a friend’s dad/mom/spouse/child (or whoever) passes away, she will write the date of their death in her calendar. When that date passes around the next year she will make sure to either call them or put a note in the mail! Not only does she do this a year later, but she also will do it EIGHT years later! Even when people begin to forget as the years go by, Karen knows that the loved one still struggles which is why she makes every effort to let that person know she is thinking of them!

Karen also keeps a “mom store” in her basement. That’s where she collects a bunch of trinkets and gifts that she can give when she feels someone needs a pick-me-up.

Listen, Love, Repeat is a beautiful book about loving yourself, loving other’s, and going out to share the love like how Jesus did.

Honestly, this multitude of giving would have never crossed my mind. But, when I heard the Podcast I knew that God was calling me to take action and to think of other’s needs more highly than I was before. My plan is start filling out a calendar now — specifically for this type of giving — which I will begin to implement the beginning of 2017!

I just LOVED Karen’s idea so much that I wanted to create a small calendar / journal set that you can print if you decide that you love Karen’s idea too!

Click here to be taken to the giving calendar page

This calendar will feature twelve unique quotes from Karen’s new book (since there are twelve months, you know). Fill out the months with monumental dates of your loved ones and use it as a way to keep track/give!

Here’s Karen’s book if you’re interested

P.S. If you already do something like this then you should share your ideas below! I would love to hear more about it.










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