What Would Your Life Look Like If….?

what would your life look life if...?

What would your life look like if you followed your dream?

Seriously! What would it look like? Imagine with me for a second — humor me.

Yeah, I know, some dreams are just a phase in life and other dreams are down-right scary.


what would your life look like if...?


When I was six years old I was convinced I was going to be a singer like Britney Spears. When I was in junior high I was convinced that being an OBGYN was my true calling. After my sister was diagnosed with Leukemia, my “calling” evolved into a strong interest in Music Therapy.

However, when applying for colleges I realized that those who offered Music Therapy were way, WAY out of my budget so I settled for Psychology — hoping to transfer once I finished my core credits. After a semester in college for Psychology, I switched to Piano Pedagogy where I stayed until my last day of college.

And now?

I am back “in school” to become an International Makeup Artist.


So, when I say the word “dream” I am not meaning that phase in our life. When I say “dream” I mean…. what would your life look like if you followed that nagging, constant feeling on your heart? You know, that feeling which you absolutely KNOW you should be doing/saying but you push it aside for multiple reasons.

That sometimes scary but somewhat liberating feeling?

That feeling that says, “quit your job” or, “don’t buy that house”.

It could sound like, “move to another state”, “marry that person”, or maybe even, “it’s time to create your own path.

You see, these feelings that are tugging on our hearts so strongly are definitely bigger than a phase. These are feelings that God has placed on our heart to explore! These feelings… they are what God has called us to do but sometimes we push them aside because they seem bigger than who we are.

But maybe that’s the point!

These dreams ARE bigger than we are! That’s why we cannot do them alone; God placed these dreams in our hearts and He is determined to walk with us on this new and rocky path towards spiritual success.

We are each created with a purpose, of sort — a purpose to lead, to heal, to help, to mother, to love, to protect, to defend, to encourage. I believe we were born this specific time in this specific place for a specific reason! No matter how small or how big this reason may look in our eyes, it’s monumental in heaven when we follow the path God has laid for us.

To ignore this dream or heart tugging feeling is to potentially ignore something that God has specifically created us for! We don’t know the reason for the dream we have placed in our hearts. It could be so that God may put us in the right place, in the right time to help someone in need. Or, maybe this dream of yours is to help encourage another heart? This heart tugging feeling is something that was specially designed to place us on the map of God’s ultimate plan for this world.

Yes, following your dream can be scary — in fact, it always is. But it’s only scary because we cannot see or predict the outcome! We feel as if we are walking into uncharted territory with blinds on our eyes.

Here’s the thing: it only feels like uncharted territory to us because we are not omniscient.

But, God has skillfully and carefully weaved a path for us through the high waters, through the low valleys, and over the tallest peaks! It’s not uncharted territory because God already knows what is going to happen; He has already walked that uncharted path to create it for YOU.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

God already knows your path! Now, it’s up to you to listen to what He has to say and follow Him. If you quiet those negative thoughts — still every movement inside yourself — you will begin to hear that still, small voice which is there to guide you.

(Which means, if you sit in prayer and meditate — waiting for God’s guidance — it will be made known to you at the right time. Maybe not in the way we’d hope or expect but He hears you and He will take action.)

Sometimes our biggest, most bravest moments are when we learn to quiet down our thinking (which is hard for myself) and sit with a quiet, patient trust in God.

But, once again, this is only if you are willing to follow that dream God placed in your heart.

What would your life look like if you followed that dream?

Now it’s your move.

Are you going to follow God’s way or the highway? 

(Hint, in the long run the highway isn’t as great as it sounds!)


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  1. When I was in high school I always wondered what I was was going to do. Was I going to follow my dad in the electrical industry or go to college for music. The electrical rout probably would have been smarter but something pulled me to college. If I didn’t go to college I wouldn’t have met the love of my life and I would have been introduced to the fire department. Plus I wouldn’t have my sweet little girl! My life would be completely different if I chose the path of my dad. God deffiently has a way of intervening in our life’s and I’m alright with that!!

    • Aw, my hubby! I love you and thank you for being so supportive and reading all my posts. 🙂

  2. Beautiful words of encouragement!!! I studied Humanities and switched to Business Administration because it was expensive to finish what I liked. I did not finish. I got married, blessed with three wonderful children. I worked with children for about 11 years, loved it, but not my deepest passion. After asking God for guidance , He asked me to leave my job. Now I can study because my husband as a disable veteran, can pay for my school with his benefits. I really want to go back to school, this time to study what I always dreamed of, arts. I have to pray for guidance and motivation. I am 52 years old and sometimes I think I am too old. And sometimes I am not sure of what the Lord wants me to do. I will follow your advice, meditate and listen to His voice.Thankyou so much!!!

    • Daisy, thank you for sharing! I will be praying for you and your possible pursuit towards the “arts” field. I do not think 52 is too old! I just left college two years ago and some of my greatest friends were in that age range. This might be crazy advice but I believe God is very good at closing doors when you ask for guidance. So, I’d definitely say it’s good to “test the water” towards something you want to do and if it’s not what God wants He will let you know! That is how it’s been for my family anyways.
      Thank you again for the comment. 🙂

  3. Great encouraging post! Setting goals and following your dreams in the context of who God wants you to be is key to success!

  4. I really needed to hear this today. Thanks so much. I have set out to follow that dream in my heart, but change, even when it’s positive, is scary and uncomfortable! I’m struggling with thoughts of turning back and calling it quits. I need to listen to His voice for direction, encouragement and renewed passion.

    • Oh Robynn, I am so glad this post spoke to you! I often struggle with those type of “thoughts” as well — it’s human! But, God is very good at getting us through the uncomfortable, the scary, and the terrible. I’ll be praying for you as you juggle with the idea of turning back! Feel free to reach out if you need to chat. 🙂

    • Hi Veronica! I am so glad you found this encouraging and, as always, thank you so much for sharing!

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