Learning to Live a Grace-Filled Motherhood

Learning to Live a Grace-Filled Motherhood

Learning to Live a Grace-Filled Motherhood

Not comparing ourselves and grace-filled motherhood

As a very young mother who is just beginning to build her funds, I find that it can be so easy to compare myself. I see mothers with children the same age as mine who have these fancy rooms, fancy toys, and fancy clothes that at this moment I cannot provide for my daughter. I see these mothers with multiple designer diaper bags for different occasions such as day time, beach time, and vacation time; I only have one.  I see mothers who have the money to take their children out for nice meals and fun outings as a regular thing while for me, my daughter will be lucky to visit the water park once this summer.

It’s SO easy to compare rather than live a grace-filled motherhood when we have been raised in a society that thrives on comparing. We are always comparing and competing! Who has the highest grades, who is the best athlete, who has the nicest home, who has the most cars, who looks the fittest: it has been driven into our culture. As Christians and leaders of our homes, we should begin to recognize this trend and seek out the truth.

The truth is God’s word and in the word you will find something called “grace”.

Let me tell you something, grace-filled motherhood is a phrase that I had not fully understood until this past year of becoming a mother. In fact, when the word grace first appeared in my vocabulary I actually remember looking up the word in the dictionary. I have decided that living a grace-filled motherhood is something that is best learned through experiences and not a textbook knowledge. Nobody can quite understand the depth of God’s grace until we come to a spot where we are actively seeking it.

When I am comparing myself to other women, I need to be reminded that, as mothers, we all have unique situations that will lead us to our divine purpose. We each have our own story and an obstacle that we are overcoming which has been designed to make us a better person. Some mothers have a special needs child, some are dealing with anger problems, some are dealing with inadequacy, and other’s finances. These experiences are given to us so that we can build a specific area in our life that God has called us to build.

With my family’s finances I believe God is teaching us not only to work for what we want but to also to seek Him for help.

Every challenge we face is to bring us closer to God!Learning to Live a Grace-Filled Motherhood

Yesterday I was down-right exhausted. There was no more pushing on, no more playing nicey-nice. I lost my temper once– which rarely happens for me– and I did not make dinner. I put my daughter to bed an hour earlier than her bedtime and I flopped in despair onto our couch where I didn’t move from that spot until my husband arrived home an hour later.

However, during that evening I was desperately praying to God for patience with my daughter. I also prayed for the strength to get through the evening without having a break down and for contentment when I realized that my blog was just not going to happen for me that day.

I could feel God’s grace envelop myself. I felt that He was with me and that was enough to help me get through the evening in one piece– mentally.

I believe these situations-gone-wrong are an opportunity God creates for us to lean on Him and explore His greatness. These opportunities are when we experience just how mighty He can be and to show us that He is listening.

Had yesterdays craziness not happened, I am ashamed to say I probably would have gone the evening without praying to our amazing God.

I believe that God doesn’t create these “bad” situations so that we are forced to compare ourselves to the other mothers. I believe that these situations are created so that we can find the road to our divine purpose and seek God along the way.

Next time you begin to compare yourself to another person, remember that we are all learning this grace-filled motherhood journey. Also remember to open your heart to let God in because He knows each situation and He has a purpose for the one that you’re currently in.

Hang in their momma, you’re doing great.

“Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9 But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:8-9
Learning to Live a Grace-Filled Motherhood


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  1. Good job mama! We all need grace in our lives – and for mamas, particularly in our parenting and caring for our homes, hubbies and families! As my children get older, I remind them that it would be kind of them to also extend grace to me as their mom. By now they’ve all figured out I’m far from perfect and also a human in need of grace from God and from others.

    My favorite verse on comparing myself with others, which you probably already know and may have shared before, is Galatians 6:4. “Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else.”

    It seems that the lesson on pride that we hear most often is that God hates it. We can even use that to be self deprecating. Now, we should not boast or brag and should give God all the glory because even our ability to do anything comes from Him – but God’s word says that it’s okay to do well and to feel good about it. We can rest in that without comparing ourselves to others – either as better or worse. That’s kinda cool!

    As far as seasons go – you’ve got a few good examples of aunties, parents and grandparents in your life who could probably share some pretty good stories about what kind of shape their finances were in when their first babies came on the scene. Generally, the youngest receive the benefit of parents who are a little more established. That said, there are benefits that my older children reaped that came from not having so much. There were a lot more walks to the playground and other “priceless” kinds of entertainment. Treasure these times and all the ones to come.

    Love ya!

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