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Welcome back to The Beauty Within for Wednesday’s launch party! If you are just now checking in, head over to Launch Week Freebies and Giveaway for more details about our week-long party. In the post you will also find a limited-time availability of spice labels and our GIVEAWAY!

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Gift tags -- Recipe cards as a bridal gift

Maybe you’re a little behind and missed yesterdays recipe card printable. If that’s the case then you can print it HERE


Aren’t they cute? They will make such a great heirloom gift for a bridal shower (which is what I plan on doing with them, hint hint). They are extremely easy to print out. All I did was print them on regular printer paper and then I glued them to card stock. I used lighter colors so that there will be minimal smearing — because nobody likes black ink smudges.


So what’s today’s printable?

I’m so excited about the printable! I wanted to continue the trend and play off of the previously posted printable. Monday was the kitchen spice labels therefore Tuesday stayed in the kitchen theme with the recipe cards. Because recipe cards are often gifted at bridal showers and weddings, I decided that today’s printable would be gift tags!

Gift tags -- Best Wishes printable gift tag


Last summer my husband and I brought a small gift to the wedding we were attending. I was fairly proud of the gift as it was a pretty cute and useful object. I wrapped it with a farmhouse feel and even added twine around the present as a finishing touch. Five minutes before we were going to leave our house for the wedding, my husband pointed out to me that I forgot to label the present. UGH! The only gift labels I had on-hand were Christmas inspired with a jolly, plump Santa and reindeer. Double ugh!

You might say “well why didn’t you just quickly make your own tag“? That is completely and totally what I should have done but I was not yet aware of the awesome luxury of printables and I did not own a wide variety of paper crafting supplies. I was forced to write on a piece of paper and taped it to the once cute wrapping job. If I had decent handwriting maybe my gift tag would have went from a minus 1 star to a three but I do not…

Did I mention it was a really expensive wedding?

When I looked at the gift table I noticed that my gift was the ONLY one with a huge piece of white printer paper as a gift tag. Oh well. At least I made an impression on them, right?

My hope is that these gift tags will save you from the small amount of “humiliation” I had to endure! In some cases, a piece of printer paper may be completely acceptable but in other cases it can leave you slightly embarrassed.

Sometimes we want just one gift tag for someone special in our life that’s extra cute but don’t necessarily want to buy a package of 20+ tags, that can become really expensive! This gives you the freedom of making as many (or as little) as you want!

Gift tags -- Best Wishes gift tag 2

Plus… I’m not a scrapbooker. It would be cool if I was! My mom has the cutest baby book of me that she made in a scrapbooking club (I believe?) and I remember as a child I would look through that book more often than you’d think. I would love to have the time and make cute scrapbooks for my children like my mom but like I said previously, I’m not a scrapbooker. Having something that is already made and simply needs printing makes me look like a rock star crafter while spending minimal time actually crafting!


Click the picture to print your gift tags

Gift Tags Printable



Check back tomorrow for Thursday’s printable! Don’t forget to sign-up for the giveaway, it will only be open for the first 100 subscribers! 

I’m so blessed and thankful that you took the time today to read my posts! It means so much to me!

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