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Welcome back to the second day of our launch party! WOO HOO. As you probably can guess, I am extremely excited about launch week! This is where all my hard work and dedication finally get’s to shine a little. Plus I love spoiling my BW guests with a fun giveaway. <3

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For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the free printable, scroll down!



Just a little bit more…



Before and After Recipe Cards


In light of the spice labels, I kept today’s printable in a similar niche.

I love having recipe cards. It’s nice to have a recipe written down and in hands reach. Recipe cards are a neat heirloom for our children and grandchildren. I have inherited recipe cards full of recipes from both my mom and grandma. Most of my grandma’s recipes were her own but it was cool to go through them because there were some taken from her mom or mother-in-law! So, I’m keeping the tradition going by making my own cards to pass down to my daughters and possibly sons if they are anything like their daddy and LOVE to cook.

Recipe cards as a bridal gift

Because recipe cards can be such a cool heirloom, they also make a FABULOUS bridal shower gift! They are budget-friendly for the giver and useful for the receiver.


Click on the picture to print your recipe cards! 

Recipe Card Printable

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