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Welcome back to launch week!

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Like I’ve stated in earlier posts, I love printables. I love the convenience of them and I like the subtle charm they can add to my home. I really enjoy inspirational printables and I tend to scatter them all over my home, you can read more about that here. Although helpful printables are extremely useful to have on-hand, there’s just something about having words of encouragement in eye-sight. We are called to think on whatever is true, right, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. Having small reminders around our home helps encourage us to think of such things.

As women, we often have such low self-esteem. We are constantly comparing ourselves to someone who is more attractive, more fit, more educated, has more money, has nicer clothes, and so on. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others when God made us exactly the way He wanted us to be! I may not have as toned of body as other moms but I have artistic ability and that’s huge to me! I may not have a lot of money but I am rich in heart. I may not have the new diaper bag moms are raving over but you know what? I have the education and drive to make my own diaper bag! We should all be focusing on our positives and not the negatives that we can’t always change.

I am the type of woman who can be so critical about myself because that is the type of personality I have: striving for perfection. Because of my constant need for perfection, I am often focusing on the parts of myself that aren’t perfect such as my frizzy hair, my freckles, my baby tummy, my stretch marks. You know, the usual.

Here’s the problem with this, 1) none of us are perfect 2) I’m teaching my daughter to think the same thinking about herself. 

When we are continuously commenting on a body part we don’t like about ourselves 9/10 times we are teaching our children to not like the same thing. When I look at my daughter, I see absolutely nothing I would ever want to change about her. When God looks at us, He sees absolutely nothing that He would want to change about us either! We are His children and through grace we are perfect in His eyes.

This Dove commercial explains what I’m trying to say perfectly 


After watching this commercial, I began thinking about my own family and if I noticed this trend.

Here’s what I came up with:

I hate my stomach, it’s flabby. Nothing I can do about it because I carried a beautiful baby in there.

My sister hates her stomach, I have no idea why! She could hide behind a street light and not be seen.

My mom hates her stomach, after having six kids she believes it is the worst feature on her when I think it’s amazing that she had the ability to have six kids! Only through God’s strength would I ever be able to have six children. Oh my goodness.

And you guessed it, my grandmother hates her stomach. She thinks she’s huge and yet she weighs less than me!

I don’t know how my great-grandmothers viewed their bodies but I am sure one of them hated the way their stomach looked.

I suppose “hate” is a strong word, but it demonstrates how much we think about and try to hide our dislike!

My goal with my daughter(s) is to demonstrate to her how beautiful and precious she is in God’s eyes. I will not mention to my daughter my dislikes about my body because I should love every part of myself! And of course I will probably fail at this daily because I am only human but the first step is acknowledging and the second is applying. If my heart is in the right place then there is bound to be some sort of result, right?

Anyways, I went so far in a tangent that there is no return so with that I’ll introduce the printables for today.

Each printable has a “frame” around it. This is for display purposes only as I didn’t want the white background of the picture to blend in with the white of the post. When you click on the picture you will have a printable without a frame.

Celebrating launch week with free printables!

I included one picture with a watercolor background and one without. I just couldn’t decide on which one looked cuter!

she is more precious than rubies

Click on the picture you want to print for the original copy.

you are enough display

Check back tomorrow for the last printable this week and don’t forget that at 6:00 MDT we will be posting the winner of the Lettermate!

P.S. Whoever wins the Lettermate should let me know how they like it after they have received it!

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