Launch Week: Friday Lettermate Giveaway

Lettermate Giveaway-- Launch Party Freebies

Lettermate Giveaway

Welcome back for the last day celebrating The Beauty Within launch! As always, I’m beyond excited that you are here. It is because of YOU that I am seeing such a success at The Beauty Within.

Scroll to the bottom to read the details about the Lettermate giveaway! The Lettermate will be the perfect tool to help write handwritten thank you cards.
If you’re just now tuning in make sure to check out Start Here! to see what we are all about.  As a recap of the week, I will post a picture of the four earlier printables and the new one below! You will need to click on the link to be re-directed to the page the printable is located in.

Monday: Limited-time spice labels! These labels are limited-time as they are included in my course 5 Weeks of Discovering a More Creative You. Tomorrow (Saturday), you will need to sign-up for my course in order to print these.
You can see the post HERE

lettermate giveaway-- Spice Labels Farmhouse Inspired


Tuesday: Farm-house inspired recipe cards! We discussed how they would make a great bridal shower gift that will be useful and cute!

You can find them HERE

Lettermate giveaway-- Recipe cards as a bridal gift


Wednesday: My favorite printable — Adorable gift tags! These tags make it so easy to dress-up a gift or even give as a gift.

You can print them HERE

lettermate giveaway-- Best Wishes printable gift tag


Thursday: Printables for inspiration. I included two different verses however there is three different designs. Here is my favorite of the three! The frame/border is for display purposes only, it won’t be on the picture (don’t worry).

HERE is the post for the printables

lettermate giveaway-- you are enough display


Friday: Today is kids day! I wanted to create a printable that will encourage family involvement. Because I studied piano in college, it seemed only right to make sheet music for the kiddos. I assembled two simple songs and one more complicated song, I suppose you’ll notice that below.

lettermate giveaway-- printable sheet music for children

There are three different methods that your children can read the music. 

  1. By Ear: There are words your children can follow where they use their ear and creativity to find the right sounds. This method is more recommended for very little ones.
  2. By note reading: There are the designated notes below the words. Although there isn’t a music staff, encouraging your child to associate the note with the sound they are creating will make them more familiar with music reading.
  3. Finger Numbers: This is where your child can associate the number with the finger. Ex: thumb – 1, pointer finger – 2, middle finger – 3, ring finger – 4, pinky – 5. This is not the method I would recommend but according to your child’s way of learning  it may be the most helpful. Some of us are visual, some of us are numbers, some of us use our ear, etc.

The three songs are listed in level of ease — first being the easiest.

  1. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  3. Old McDonald
lettermate giveaway-- Mary Had A Little Lamb Sheet Music
Click the picture to print

Mary Had a Little Lamb is considered the easiest because the whole song uses only the first three fingers.

Each method of music reading is color coordinated to make it easier on your children’s eyes. Also, unless otherwise noted just assume the song is for the right hand.

lettermate giveaway-- Twinkle Twinkle sheet music
Click the picture to print

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a little longer than the previous song and uses all five fingers of the right hand which makes it a little harder. More fun though! When your child rocks Mary Had a Little Lamb they will automatically want to move on to the next song. Kids are great like that. Always learning, always improving.

Lettermate giveaway -- Old McDonald Sheet Music
Click the picture to print

Old McDonald is a little more marked-up! I included some traditional music ideas such as the repeat to the beginning and the stop area to begin teaching common ideas that will be introduced early in a piano lesson. To make it more fun I made the stop section a stop sign because why not! 🙂

This song also uses BOTH HANDS, so watch out for that. The last two lines of music are right hand because it is not noted otherwise. In order to do this hand position your child will need to place both thumbs on middle C.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Launch Week Lettermate Giveaway

I’m so thankful for all of you and for making this giveaway possible! Although it is small, it is a fierce little guy that will help creating invites without breaking the bank.

To remind all of you about what I’m talking about, here it is

lettermate giveaway
via thelettermate

The Lettermate! I can hardly believe how popular this thing has become in such a short amount of time. This is great for those of us who do not have beautiful handwriting *cough* *cough* ME.

The winner will be announced tonight at 6:00pm MDT! To qualify, all you need to do is subscribe to my blog to get my posts in email form and like the facebook page. That’s it! Very simple and helps me out A TON.

So check back tonight on the facebook page to see the winner!

Lettermate-- The Beauty Within Homemaking







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