How Joanna Gaines Taught Me to Find Success Through God

Joanna Gaines
via Magnolia Market
via Magnolia Market

I am sure you have heard of Joanna Gaines. However if you haven’t, she is an incredibly talented interior designer, decorator, and realtor in Waco, Texas who is also the co-star (along with her husband) of the TV series Fixer Upper which America has fallen in love with. On top of that, together Joanna and her husband Chip own a popular vacation rental designed to give other families the Gaines’ Magnolia experience and recently opened a Magnolia Market at the Silos. She is also blowing up Pinterest and Google with her beautiful designs and farmhouse decor!

However, Joanna Gaines is more than just a fabulous interior designer: she is a mother of four, owns a ranch, and has a huge heart for God.

When I began watching Fixer Upper it wasn’t just the beautiful renovations that caught my eye, it was also Chip’s wacky personality and Joanna’s class and reserved intelligence.

(Chip and my husband have very similar personalities which is probably why I enjoy his wackiness on Fixer Upper so much)

via HGTV
via HGTV

Although Chip and Joanna Gaines’ faith was not directly stated on the show until the third season, there has always been subtle hints towards it such as bible verse farmhouse signs, missionary help, and talk of their church now and then. The Gathering Testimony: Joanna Gaines was the first real insight to the Gaines’ faith. The short “documentary” was a year ago by Baylor University and shares about how following God’s lead is what will result in greatest success. 

In the video Joanna Gaines talks about her struggles growing up. She talks about feeling out of place and how she believed the lie that who she was wasn’t good enough. What gave her strength to preserver was hearing God say to her,“I have a calling for you. There’s going to come a time when I tell you to go and I’m going to need you to step out and go.”

Listening to Joanna’s testimony reminded me that God has a calling for each one of us. If we would just stop believing the lies and start doing things God’s way, we would eventually come across the purpose we were created for.

via HGTV
via HGTV
via HGTV
via HGTV

** Love Joanna’s industrial chairs in picture to the left? You can find similar ones HERE!

Continuing in the video, she also talks about how the first attempt at opening her Magnolia market was not a big success while she was pregnant with their second child. Joanna felt that God was calling her to stay home with her babies which resulted in closing down the shop. The closing of Magnolia Market felt like crushed dreams to her.

And then Joanna says something that brought clarity into my own eyes:

“I hear God say very clearly, ‘Joanna, if you trust me with your dreams, I’m going to take Magnolia further than you ever dreamed.’ I remember hearing that and feeling completely peaceful about it and I walked away.”

How often do we hear God’s voice and yet we continue to do things our own way? How often do we feel God push us in a different direction but we resist and continue down a road with no future? If Joanna had not listened to God, she would most likely still have a small boutique in small-town Waco, Texas . However, because Joanna listened to God and closed down her shop she is now the star of HGTV’s most successful show! Like I stated before, she also owns a Bed & Breakfast, two Magnolia Markets, a paint and textile line, a custom-built ranch, and silently ministers to people around the world!

Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper renovation
via HGTV

In an odd way, Joanna’s story reminds me of the book of Job. Job thought he had everything he could possibly need and want. He owned property, animals, workers, etc. He also had a large family with a happy wife. Things were going well! But then everything Job worked for was taken away, including his children. Despite the tragedies Job faced he still stayed faithful to God which resulted in him earning double what he had before making him– once again– a prosperous and happy man.

It’s this thing called following Jesus.

No one claims that it will be easy! In fact, Luke 9:23 states that following Jesus means carrying the burden of the cross and leaving our selfish ways behind. We are to follow Jesus, do things His way, and he will bless us with more than we could have imagined before because we are honoring Him.

We don’t always understand why we are in this current situation. The situation is hard, there’s barely any room to breathe and we want to ask “why?”. But John 13:7 reminds us that someday we will understand and the situation will be full of clarity.

After I listened to the beautiful testimony Joanna Gaines released about six months ago, I felt compelled to take this thinking and apply it to my own dreams and business ideas. I didn’t have much of a business, all I possessed was a failed blog from over a year ago. At the time I couldn’t understand why God would be calling me to return to that blog. It was poorly constructed, uneducated, and lacked any content that would qualify as “good” in the blogging world. However, I listened to the small voice in the back of my head and set aside a couple of months to give my blog a DIY makeover.

The blog relaunched in April and now here I am with a following and constant page views! I am generating a side income for my family while doing something I am passionate about and being a stay-at-home mom. Not many women get the chance to use those three components in the same sentence. I contribute a large part of my success to God and Joanna Gaines’ testimony (and my husband, but if you stuck around long enough you probably already knew that).

“I’ve trusted you with my dream and you have taken it further than I could have ever imagined.” Joanna Gaines

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Here is the full video of her testimony


Joanna Gaines helped me find my way

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  1. You never have any idea how this blog post has helped me today. It has brought total confirmation to my present situation. May God bless you and increase your blog. I am a huge fan of Joanna and Chip. I’ve asked my husband on several occasions to consider moving to Waco, TX to get a fixer upper.

    • Geneva, and you have no idea how much your comment has encouraged me today! I had to laugh because many evenings in my home is centered around me lightly “pestering” my husband to move us to Waco, TX. 😉

  2. Loved reading this today! I too heard God calling me to give up my dream last year. We had purchased 10 acres of land about 8 years ago with the intention of one day building our dream home. Well, after about 5 years of obsessively planning every little detail and finally getting the blueprints in hand – we were ready to start the build. However, I heard God whispering to me to give it all up and sell the land. Of course, I did NOT want to sell – we had worked so hard, and waited so long to build that house. But we listened to Him and sold the land and found peace. And I just started a blog this year as well, and am happy to say that I’m earning an income too – but still able to be a sahm 🙂 I also feel Him calling me to start a tshirt & product business targeted toward teens. But none of this would have been possible if I didn’t listen to Him and give up my dream to follow His purpose for my life! Sorry for writing such a long comment – just wanted to share 🙂 Love your blog & your faith! Blessings, xo Christy
    Christy *theharperhouse recently posted…Fixer Upper Windmill DecorMy Profile

    • Christy, thank you SO MUCH for sharing! This served as a good reminder for me as well. It’s hard to give up something that we worked so hard for. However, it’s even more amazing to see how God uses that opportunity to work in our lives and gift us with something better than we could have ever imaged before.
      P.S. Let me know if you need any help with your startups! I adore promoting content with a beautiful purpose.

      • thank you so much Tenesha! I will definitely let you know once I have things up and running with the shop. I’ve got so many ideas buzzing around in my head – just need to figure out all the logistics and business details, but hope to have things up this fall. I’ll keep in touch! Thanks again 🙂
        Christy *theharperhouse recently posted…Fixer Upper Windmill DecorMy Profile

  3. Thank you so much for this post. It spoke to me and I am very appreciative. It takes a great deal of faith to take a risk and try something new and different.
    I enjoy your blog and your beautiful content.

  4. Beautiful testimony! The voice of God is quiet and comes to us when we take the time to listen. Joanna says she had a full conversation with God, with Him a answering her questions. So my question is this. If you have the ability to th g converse with God as Joanna claims, why does she only talk about herself and her dreams? What not ask for the cure for childhood cancer or how to end the violence in the world? Is God truly interested in a business? Does God have conversations with people? I don’t think so. God has blessed Joanna Gaines with her talents, her drive and courage ,her husband and beautiful family. They have worked very hard to get where they are and now have the connections and a team guiding them to make them into a brand. Their true love of God will keep them humble, generous and grateful.
    To say that Joanna has the ability to converse with God , makes her Holy person, above the rest of us. And if she is a Holy person,then she should uhhbe in a different field of work. Love their show, their style, their relationship. Good T.V. watching and they’re making millions. They worked hard for it and kept God in their hearts. But God doesn’t tell someone when to stay home, when to open a store, when to close a store . That claim is disturbing and unfair to all who believe in Jesus being our Savior.

  5. Diane,
    Thank you for your input and point of view on this subject! I appreciate your comment.
    With that said, here’s my opinion on your question.

    Like you said, I also believe that God comes to us when we take the time to listen. And because of this belief, I also believe that God does take the time to show us the route we should take according to His will. This belief stems from the fact that He loves us dearly (John 3:16) and wants the best for us (Jeremiah 29:11). With this kind of love, it would be crazy for me to say that God doesn’t care about what we do with our lives on His earth.

    So, I do believe Joanna has the ability to talk to God — through prayer, that is. We all have this beautiful ability because of His love and His extreme desire for a connection with us! I also believe that anyone who has the Holy Spirit is a Holy person because the holy spirit is holy. Sickness, death, famine, war, sexual immortality, and all other sins have entered this world as a disease for the wrong choices that Adam and Eve made in the Garden of Eden. God does not promise to take this “disease” away from our lives until we are either A) living in Heaven with Him or B) When Jesus joins us on Earth. We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world where hurt and death dwells.
    As a woman who recently had a baby sister with Leukemia (at three years old), I now know that God did not give her the disease; it was something that already lingered on this earth for choices made many years ago. But, I do know that God used this situation as a way to reach my family AND gave my family the voice they needed to know how to help other people in similar situations.

    With that said, Yes, she does talk about herself BUT I believe it’s because God has been using Joanna’s life (and her family) as a way for Him to disciple to His people. Her success has led to thousands of people coming to God because of her show, her blog, and her ministry. This is why I think she talks about her life — because God has used it to impacted thousands. In the same way, God has used my blog as a way to reach many women who I would never have been able to before!

    Thanks again for sharing your opinion! I do love hearing other sides and possibilities. Although we don’t see eye to eye 100%; what matters is that we both know and acknowledged Jesus as our Lord and Savior! Please feel free to email me with any other questions you may have!
    Tenesha recently posted…DIY Ombre Color Chalk Paint with Food ColoringMy Profile

  6. Her story of God’s leading is so, so similar to mine and the start of our lighting business. God wanted this business so other’s can see His Word.
    Without a doubt, God will take us farther than we could ever have imaged if we only let Him!

  7. Oh Jann, absolutely! I am so glad that God is using you (and your business) as a way to spread His word and reach people’s hearts. I have to say that using a light business is a very clever way to do this — I mean, just thinking about all the bible verses that mention God’s light and being the light. How cool!

    I will be praying for you, your company, and a blessed success!
    Tenesha recently posted…10 Easy and Trendy Hairstyles for New MomsMy Profile

  8. Fantastic article! I do want to clarify one point, Joanna is not a licensed Realtor. Her husband, Chip Gaines is. This hardworking and talented couple is absolutely a force for good and in a world clamoring for hope and goodness, their message and how they live their lives rings true. Thanks so much for this great article!

    • Hi Dixie, you’re right! Thanks for clarifying for the readers. I was using the world “Realtor” to explain the act of buying and selling homes; not necessarily in the terms of “certification”. But you are correct, she’s not the “certified” one! However, she’s still fantastic at what she does and I can’t wait to see what she does next. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

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