Living a Life of an Imperfect Homemaker

Living a Life of an Imperfect Homemaker

Imperfect homemaker but perfect through Christ

Have you ever looked at a homemaking blog and felt a ting of discouragement? I know I have.

Although these cleaning/cooking/decorating blogs are supposed to give encouragement, it sometimes leaves me feeling unsatisfied with how I am taking care of my home. These women boast of pristine white kitchens, constant trim and healthy meals, and gorgeously decorated homes with a farmhouse charm.

Living a Life of an Imperfect Homemaker

Ladies, let me be real with you. I am an extremely imperfect homemaker!

My kitchen isn’t clean. The dishes often pile in my tiny sink for days. But hey, at least I am feeding my family right? Speaking of feeding my family, sometimes I feed them mac & cheese. No, not the gourmet stuff but the boxed Kraft macaroni you buy at Wal-Mart. I’m pretty sure the cheese is healthy. And although I love decorating, most of my decor comes from garage sales and out-of-date clearance items.

While I am at it, my clean laundry has been in a hamper on my couch for about a week now. We call our couch the second clothes closet!

There are times when I look at these blogs and seriously say to myself “How in the world do these women find the time and money?”

It’s so, so easy to get jealous! Oh, how much I would love to have a beautiful farmhouse pristine white kitchen but it’s not the season I am in. Although these homemaking snapshots are beautiful, it’s NOT what defines a person as a good homemaker.

An exceptional homemaker is someone who loves her family and to teach her children how to love– just like Jesus did. I am an imperfect homemaker which means that I forget about this whole “love one another” situation when things get tough. This is why I have established a family mission statement to use as reference from Matthew 22:37-39  “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

An exceptional homemaker is someone who extends and receives grace in parenting. Grace does not give our children a “free pass” or mean no boundaries when it comes to discipline. Instead, it is learning how to weave grace into instruction and discipline instead of balancing grace. You can learn more about grace and parenting in episode 55 on the God Centered Mom podcast.

Living a Life of an Imperfect Homemaker

An exceptional homemaker is someone who does their work eagerly for God and not for our husband or kids who can disappoint us. I struggle with this one but somehow when I keep my mind focused on Jesus, my chores don’t seem so bad after all! When I am working diligently for God my chores and parenting become a privilege and not a nuisance.

An exceptional homemaker knows her passions and flourishes. You may find it hard to believe but we all need sometime that can relax our rejuvenate our souls– especially as a busy homemaker. Because I am an imperfect homemaker, I NEED something that can clear my anger and negativity in a positive way. Having a passion doesn’t mean that we are negligent to our family. In fact, it means that we love our family so much that we are willing to make ourselves the best that we can be.

For me, reading and painting are what makes me a better homemaker. Together those two passions are what can help clear my anxiety and bring me joy once more.

Above all, an exceptional homemaker is a woman who is okay with not being exceptional. There is no such thing as perfect so we all need to get that out of our beautiful brains right now. Although these women with beautiful spaces and crack out amazing meals for their family look like they have it all together, I am sure each woman has their own heart aches and struggles.

We are going to exhaust ourselves trying to compete with what the social media says we should be doing in our homes! We can be exceptional by accepting what we are great at and be at peace with the stuff that we aren’t. For me, I know that I am great at being creative but I am not so great at loving to cook dinner. It would be silly of me to be angry at myself for lacking the joy of cooking so instead I decided to focus on the fact that I have taught my daughter how to accomplish tasks through singing. (I was a music major in my past life)

The best part about acknowledging that I am an imperfect homemaker is that it creates an opportunity for me to reach out to God.

Each time I mess up I am reminded that I am an imperfect homemaker and I am not the center focus– God is. Every time that I feel like I can’t go another day with the crying, I am reminded that God can take my burden and help me through it. I am imperfectly perfect; meaning, I am not perfect but through Christ alone I am perfect by His grace. I know that I struggle with certain hard aspects of homemaking which is why I am so grateful for a God who I can lean on and trust with my responsibility.


Living a Life of an Imperfect Homemaker


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    • Thank you! I appreciate the comment. It took me an embarrassingly long time to write this post– brain farts galore!

  1. While “skimming” (honestly I have already forgotten what I was looking at! ha) Pinterest, I came across this post…..I too am an Imperfect Homemaker!!! I was a single mom of 3 girls (now 20, 18 & 14) for a majority of their lives…I now also have a 4 yr old son…..did I mention I’ll be 42 this year?….I’m not longer single (been with my husband for over 3 years) and he was a God send! Being a single mom, with no support, I didn’t have an option to work or not…& I became a “workaholic”! I have experience in just about everything from real estate to Legal/Law to Oil & Gas Industry! I’m a researcher at heart and if I don’t know…I WILL! I worked for a Frac’n Co for 5 years….LOVED MY JOB, LOVED MY BOSSES, LOVED MY CO-WORKERS….I met my “sister soulmate”, BFF there….closest person I’ve ever been to, only person I’ve ever trusted 100%, she was very “protective” of me & my kids as I was with her & hers. (which were 3 boys that were close to my 3 girls’ ages!) We were polar-opposites! Yet just alike! She taught me what “family, love & loyalty” meant and felt like! In Sept 2014, after years of battling mental illnesses (which was another reason we were close…we “got” each other and our “issues”), I lost her by suicide….My world turned upside down! I’ve always been good at “coping”, aka not dealing with stuff and “pretending” it didn’t exist, and I was able to maintain that for about 5 months after her death….then I fell apart….went on leave from work and ended up being put on Disability….It’s been 1 year & 4 months since I worked….the Oil & Gas Industry plummeted and I got “laid-off” in Sept 2015….my “termination” date? The YEAR ANNIVERSARY of her death….which I’m actually ok with. I began “crafting”….Mason Jars, pallets, etc. Today I finished 2 furniture make-overs which were my 1st “big” furniture projects ever! I actually feel accomplished! (I’m a “start 10 things & never finish” kinda gal! lol) THIS POST WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!!! I’d read Joanna Gaines’ story within the last couple months and was inspired & your post was the cherry on the top! Although my mental illnesses/disabilities hinder me, I will no longer “accept” defeat from them….I will refer back to this post often!!! Thank you again!!! Tomorrow I will start a new beginning…..(you will probably hear from me again! 😉 GOD BLESS YOU! (& Chippers & JoJo too!) P.S. I’m also going to try to start blogging….PLEASE PUT ME/US IN YOUR PRAYERS!!

    • Lexie (what a CUTE name!), thank you so much for sharing what’s on your heart! Believe me when I say that your comment and honestly is extremely appreciated. You have endured many obstacles in your life but when I read your comment I had a feeling of awe because of your attitude! Despite your past circumstances, you have risen above and I can practically feel your strength in your words.

      My hope is that God laid on your heart to comment as a way to encourage other women (and men) in similar situations as yourself who happen to stumble across this blog!

      With that said, I am deeply sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I also have a tendency to pretend the problems in my life don’t exist. The only advice I can leave with you is to give your hurt to God! He can/will heal your broken heart and He will use your experiences for good.

      P.S. I also get lost in the “rabbit hole” of Pinterest. It’s too easy to do!

      P.S.S. Let me know when you start your blog. I’d love to check it out and support you however possible!
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