Faith is what gives each one of us a purpose and a story; without it, we would be lost in this big world. My faith is what gives me comfort, peace, joy, love, wisdom, and kindness. My faith is what helps me believe what I read in the written word is true.

This page is generated on my experiences, my wisdom (or lack of wisdom) that God has blessed me with.

This page isn’t perfect. It’s about struggles. It’s about the darker times we face in life. It’s about sleepless nights with children and learning to accept obstacles that are thrown our way.

However, this page is also about triumph. It’s about our strengths through Jesus and our victories. It’s about seeing the goodness in a situation and not always focusing on the evil because their is good in everything, you just have to look for it. This page is about being steadfast and knowing that a difficult situation is only a season in our life.

But most importantly, this page is about love.

So, here’s a page dedicated to faith and hope in Jesus Christ, for without Him this blog would not be possible.

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