Celebrating Fall with Gold Hand Lettered Paper Leaf Place Settings

DIY Gold Leaf Place Cards

Fall may not be here yet but September is and that means I am going all out! Here comes the pumpkin spiced everything and beautiful burnt orange colors; I can’t resist myself, it’s gonna happen.

I bought these gorgeous table napkins with gold leaf embellishments at Target and decided that they would not be complete without table place cards that matched. So, I set out and bought some supplies to add to the fall tablescape charm and ended up loving the result.

These hand lettered leaf place settings are so easy to make that I am pretty sure my two year old could make them. That is, if she knew how to write and could handle scissors.  I suppose if she *truly* made them it would look more like a giant paper blob with gold smears. Whatever, you get my point, right? They are easy peasy and super cute.

Here’s how to make them!


– scissors

– green paper

– gold paint sharpie

–  a cat  

(why are my cat and child always getting in my pics?)


DIY gold leaf place cards


So, these place cards are super simple to make which is why I am going to make this tutorial look super exciting by overwhelming it with semi-creative pictures.


DIY gold leaf place cards


STEP ONE: Draw and cut out a leaf shape in your green paper. I found my card stock paper at Michaels for, like, 79 cents or some crazy low number! 


DIY gold leaf place cards


STEP TWO: Take your handy-dandy gold paint sharpie — shake it (before taking the lid off — and write the desired name on the leaf.

Tip: Don’t write the name in pencil first because it’s nearly impossible to cover. You’ll have a ton of shiny lead peaking through the paint but if that’s your thing then go for it!


DIY gold leaf place cards


STEP THREE: That’s it. There isn’t really a step three. These place cards are so simple and yet I find them to be so elegant! The hardest part is making sure your handwriting doesn’t look like an elephant trampled all over it. I suggest maybe practicing a couple times before making an “official” leaf because sometimes it just takes a little time to get in the groove.


DIY gold leaf place cards


You could also write the name first and then cut the leaf shape out around it. Personally, I like cutting the leaf first because then I can cater the handwriting according to the leaf shape.

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Our daughter had a blast setting the table and placing the name cards where she thought we should sit. Our seating arrangements changed about 50 times (if you can even make that many different variables with four chairs) but eventually she settled with daddy sitting in the middle of the table.

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