Friendships and the Presidential Election

Friendships and the 2016 presidential election

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Election day is coming up as I am sure most (if not all) of you know.

Although this is the second presidential election where I have been able to legally vote, it still feels much like my first! At 18 years old, I was completely unaware and unfathomed by the importance I had as a voter.

Things are much different now. I don’t know everything… in fact, very little. BUT, I have a family to think of and a company/business to protect. This election will affect my (and yours) day-to-day life!

Anyways, my point of this short post is not to tell you who I am voting for or who you should vote for. My point for this post is much, much different.


Friendships and the 2016 presidential election

We each have a unique story. 

I think of it like a one of a kind vintage piece. Vintage is all the rave right now! Vintage and farmhouse. Many ladies (and gents) want to have at least ONE statement vintage piece.

But, what makes a vintage piece special?

A special vintage piece has character! In other words, vintage pieces feature beautiful wear and tear. In areas where the first layer begins to rub off a new layer appears. This layer effect creates a beautiful/unique color combination. We try to fake this “aging” but most professionals can usually tell the difference between genuine and made to “look the part”.

What does this have to do with the election?

Like I said, we each have a story. Each one of us has been rubbed, worn, and tore in certain areas of our life. Although this aging can be beautiful, it means that have been shaped by our surroundings. A wear in one area of your life can be a tear in another’s and vise versa.

We are a unique piece that God has created — no one is like ourselves.

Therefore, we are not going to vote the same. The circumstances that has shaped our lives and way of thinking is different. This is why I believe it’s completely unfair to forcefully throw an opinion on someone else. One person may believe that voting for “candidate A” will be the best choice because what they stand for is similar to this person’s beliefs and values. Once again, vice versa.

I am honestly appalled at the words, hatred,  anger, and bullying that has been thrown around this election. Why must we call a person ignorant for voting a certain way? Why must we call them stupid?

Most importantly, why do people lose valuable friends over a presidential election?

We are more than this.

God will not “accidentally” put someone in office and He doesn’t make mistakes. On November 8th there will be an election, that’s a guarantee. But, when it’s all said and done we are still THE people. After the smoke settles from the bombs of hatred and unkind words, what will we have left? Unhealthy friendships and a bad taste in our mouth?

I cannot control who my friends vote for but I can control how much effort and love I put into our friendship.

Please don’t let this presidential election weaken our bonds as a nation. Please don’t let it separate us! Rise above the different opinions and different views and focus on our ultimate leader and creator — God.


friendships and the 2016 presidential election

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