Feminine Christmas Gifts to Give Yourself

Best gifts to give yourself this Christmas season

Yes, the title sounds really… self-centered — “feminine Christmas gifts to give yourself”? But, I promise this post has a positive message attached to it.

It’s October, I get that. But, in my experience I’ve learned that it’s never too early to begin thinking about Christmas shopping. The majority of us are going to be purchasing gifts this winter and the market knows that! This is why it’s good to start your shopping in the slow season.

I will be sharing lists for you to go by from now until December BUT this first Christmas list I am sharing with you is my favorite!

The list I am sharing with you today is a list for YOU.

Here’s the best feminine Christmas gifts to give yourself this holiday season!


Best feminine Christmas gifts to give yourself


I had so much fun compiling this list. At first I was thinking it would be a great way to show my husband what I want for Christmas. But, after thinking about all the strange gifts I have received from others, I realized that sometimes the best gifts we receive are the ones we give ourselves! Or, at least it’s a great way to inform those of you who are desperately searching for a gift to give us overwhelmed mommas.

As moms during this Christmas season it’s easy to stress, rush, and try to make the holiday… perfect. Sometimes — however — a reach for this “perfect’ holiday ends up with us being in tears and wishing Christmas would just pass already.

But, we need to consistently remind ourselves two things.

  1. Christmas is about CHRIST. So, presents are certainly not the main focus. Presents are merely a small part in celebrating the birth of Jesus.
  2. The only “perfect” that exists is Jesus. So, it’s time to start enjoying this coming holiday, your family, and even.. yourself!

The point of this post is not about what we “deserve”. If we look at this with Jesus in mind…. do we really “deserve” anything? But, I do believe that there comes a time where us mommas need to pamper ourselves. After all, that’s what The Beauty Within 31 is all about! My goal is to inspire women — that you can still be YOU even though you’re a mom.

I’m doing the Christmas holiday a little differently this year. With all that has happened in the past 10 months (successful blog, Etsy shop, husband’s new career… — stress, stress, stress), I decided to slyly save up the side hustle money I’ve made to buy myself a gift that I’ve been dying to have. I’ve never been one who bought myself much of anything, I would always feel guilty! But, now that I’ve saved the money I decided that I have no choice but to buy something. 😉

Before I begin, yes, some of these links below are affiliate links. If you purchase something through them I might be fortunate enough to purchase a peppermint latte or a Christmas present for my daughter!

Without further babbling — here’s a list of the top feminine Christmas gifts to give to a mom (YOURSELF) this season!



I’ve provided you a list of gifts below and if this is not up your alley then just skip to “the gifts that keep on giving”. But, I wanted to share with you the most beneficial gifts to give yourself this Christmas season.

1. Time: God has never promised us an unlimited amount of time. This means that we need to make do with what we have — no matter the amount. Give time to yourself; to pamper, to do what you love. Give time to each member of your family and the result will be a very happy heart in all of you. And, give time to Jesus because He is, after all, the reason for the season.

2. Joy: Don’t let what society has made out of Christmas rob you of your joy! You do NOT need to provide an unlimited amount of gifts for everyone. You do not have to let the stress get to you; enJOY yourself! Sing along with Christmas music, watch Christmas movies with the family, build a snowman, make homemade hot chocolate. Live and love the CHRISTmas season; leave behind the stuff that doesn’t matter.

3. Love: Love your family, love your neighbors, love your job. Love is the greatest gift that God has given us. In fact, how cool is it that God has created us to love?! Approach this season by giving yourself the gift of love.

4. Giving:  A true gift to give yourself is by sacrificing bits and pieces of what you own. No, not like Jesus’ sacrifice — He already did that so that we didn’t have to! But, what I mean is to be more intentional with giving time, resources, money, food, a roof, etc to others. Christmas is the season of giving and I can guarantee you that nothing will make you happier than giving to someone else who desperately needs something.

5. Live for Others: This kind of goes along with #4 but it’s more than the act of “giving” so I made it another category. Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worth while.” Wow, how profound and truthful! You will never realize how happy you can be until you live for others. Now, don’t get this confused with making other people your idol. People will always disappoint you — Jesus is the only person you can TRULY live for. But, in this sense, living for others means making someone else happy. It means to keep in your heart their feelings, their loves, their needs and acting on them.


Best feminine Christmas gifts to give yourself
via Ipsy

Your beauty routine is getting kind of sparse, I totally get it! The other day my husband was surprised when I greeted him with perfume on. “Ummm, EXCUSE ME? It has not been THAT long since I’ve beautified myself.”

Well… maybe it has been that long…

I’ve been tired, stressed, and too exhausted to visit the beauty store. This is why Ipsy is such a fun place to subscribe to! For $10 a month (plus free shipping) I get five beauty products catered to my style and skin tone delivered right to my doorstep. Besides the obvious fact that you’ll be saving around $20 on makeup per month by participating in Ipsy, you also don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home! YAY!

Another cool thing about Ipsy is that each month you also receive an adorable makeup bag that holds your catered makeup pieces!

My favorite part about Ipsy is that I get “points” for reviewing each product that I receive and these points go towards earning a free box. I am all about point systems. I definitely take advantage of the good point systems (such as Ipsy and Carters) because it saves me a lot of money.

Anyways, Ipsy is a great (and cheap) gift for yourself! Or, HUSBANDS, it’s a great gift to buy your wife! It’s the gift that keeps on giving and I believe most women enjoy receiving packages (myself included).

Visit Ipsy to receive your first makeup box and receive 100 points just for signing up!



Best feminine Christmas gifts to give yourself


An Amazon gift card in a cute, mini Amazon box? YES PLEASE! Nothing says, “I’m gifting myself” than by purchasing a gift card that can be delivered right to the door in a miniature fashion. Same goes for purchasing it for someone else! Honestly, receiving an electronic gift card is just not that classy. BUT, for no extra charge you can send a cute gift card right to someone’s door.

And, you all know I am a big Amazon fan. Their customer service is fantastic and it’s like an online community! Have questions about a product? No problem, just research it and either ask the community OR see if someone else has asked a similar question!

(Don’t worry, they have more to choose from than just “happy birthday”!)

Amazon gift card on Amazon.



best feminine Christmas gifts to give yourself


Hey, it’s expensive but totally worth it, right? I keep telling my husband that I NEED a KitchenAid to make all of his cinnamon rolls but I’m not quite sure he caught on the “need” part. 😉

I can’t decide if I want this beautiful pink KitchenAid or if I want a classic chrome KitchenAid. Part of me is like, “give in to your feminine side” while the other part is more logical saying, “you’re going to hate that it doesn’t match your kitchen color theme”.

Anyways, there’s so much you can do with a KitchenAid and it’s still probably the #1 gift to give any woman — even after being on the market for quite a while!

This Christmas gift is even more amazing for moms because it,

1) saves time

2) frees hands

3) convenient

’nuff said.

Plus, it’s kind of like a gift that keeps on giving because you can always buy yourself attachments!


I have been dying to purchase a good camera for two reasons. The first reason for a good camera is obvious; to improve my blog photography. The second reason — and the most important one — is to have something to really document my family’s life. My hopes of purchasing a high quality camera is that I will finally have a way to take beautifully captured pictures of my children.

Anyways, I have my eye on this Canon camera bundle but you CERTAINLY don’t need to spend that much on a camera — this is just a really good one.



30% Off Your Top 3 Most Loved Products


As someone who grew up with a sister with Leukemia, I am often looking for ways to take a healthier journey. Now, I’m not the person that will avoid McDonald’s at all cost — sometimes a girl’s gotta have her fries — but I do believe that we can make better health conscious decisions.

Anyways, 100% Pure a great addition to your feminine Christmas gifts list. They are made with no artificial colors/artificial fragrances/synthetics/preservatives/or toxins. They are organic and makeup colors are made with fruit pigment! Pretty cool, huh? The Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze: Elderberry is #1 on my “to buy” list because I’ve heard amazing things about their lip glaze collection!

Check out their limited-time hero sale (breast cancer deal) to receive 30% off their best products!

Best feminine Christmas Gifts to Give Yourself


Pink Blush is my absolute FAVORITE place to shop for clothes. The picture above is from the mommy daughter photo shoot my husband bought for me. And, you guessed it — the dress is from Pink Blush!

They almost always offer some sort of sale. Plus, they have cute clothes for many different sizes of women (including pregnant). It’s worth checking out!



Best gifts to give yourself this Christmas season


Is the above camera not in your budget right now? That’s okay, mine neither — I wish, though! This Mini Pink Camera has fantastic reviews on Amazon and has been referenced by many bloggers. I don’t know much about it but it’s cute and would be a great addition to your feminine Christmas gifts “must buy” list. Anyways, it’s a good buy if you don’t have an iPhone 5 or newer.






Adorable office supplies are the perfect feminine Christmas gift! And, they are a MUST if you are a work at home momma or even if you do the bills! I love all things gold, sparkles, and pink so I tried to tailor my supplies accordingly.
Feminine Christmas gifts from Fossil -- best gifts to give yourself

I would love to add a Fossil phone wallet to my wardrobe. Don’t know what it is about the wallets that I absolutely love — maybe my expensive taste? Wallets are a great gift for women because we all have cards, money, phones, etc. to carry. I’ve had the same wallet since my honeymoon (my husband bought it for me as a honeymoon gift) but I am beginning to think about switching it out.
Feminine Christmas gift giving from Philosophy

What’s better than Philosophy products?

Philosophy Christmas set! I have yet to try this set but I will be happy when I do. 




  • Sweat pants: because every momma needs a good pair!
  • Spa day
  • Gel nails (my favorite): do it yourself with this Nail Dryer UV Lamp.
  • Guilt free day: no cooking, no cleaning; just you and Netflix.
  • Snuggly blanket
  • New pair of shoes
  • Hair cut: time to part with those split momma ends!
  • A Sephora splurge
  • Feminine coffee mug: “Today is going to be a great day!”

I will update this list as the Christmas season approaches — maybe I’ll find a fabulous deal that would be perfect for this list!

The best gifts to buy yourself this Christmas season

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