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Do not be a gluten free pharisee -- feeding our souls with something real

Do Not Be A Gluten Free Pharisee!


When you hear the word snack, what pops into your mind? Something snacky, right? Candy bars, chips, cookies, brownies…the typical American junk food. I was right there with you until about five years ago when I developed a lot of food allergies. Suddenly, I could hardly eat anything.

After three years of research, trial and error and prayer, I discovered a doctor online who not only suffered with the same issues, but she had some answers. She said that if a patient like me wanted to make it through the day with a strong level of focus and energy, we needed to eat often. Start snacking between meals. While I loved that idea because I am always hungry, one of my allergies was to gluten. How does someone with a gluten allergy snack? Gluten is in so many of our prepackaged snacky foods, so I guessed I should start looking for gluten free cookies and stuff.

As I read on, she straighten me out real quick by stating that patients should stay away from what she called GRJF. (Gluten Free Junk Food) This doctor said that it does no good for us to remove the gluten junk from our diets only to replace it with gluten free junk. A snack needed to be just a smaller version of a meal. Every time we eat, we should be consuming something nutritious, healthy and beneficial. Not filling our bodies with a empty, health lacking fluff.

While I was a little disappointed that I could not dive into a gluten free cinnamon roll twice a day, the whole situation really got me thinking about how often we go GRJF in our Christian walk.

Once we have given our lives and hearts to Christ, we know that we must be obedient to His word and give up our sinful habits that are contrary to His instructions for our lives. (Ephesians 4:17-24)

Most of us are pretty willing to do that much. Habitual sin is painful, destructive and it makes us feel terrible….just like gluten does to one who is allergic to it.

However, what are you and I replacing our habitual sin with? Is it things that are feeding our soul, drawing us near to Jesus and increasing our spiritual wisdom and understanding? Or are we filling our hearts with spiritual gluten free junk food?

When we live lives that are clean — following all of the “rules” —  but that is all we are doing, it is very easy for us to start living like a Pharisee. Instead of spending our time watching offensive TV, we start watching cleaner TV; we choose cleaner books, cleaner friends, a cleaner wardrobe. We replace our spiritual gluten with spiritual gluten free. While it may be better, it is not best and it is definitely not what God desires for any of our lives. He did not die on the cross so that you choose “better”. He willingly gave His life so that you and I could enjoy the BEST!

{The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 NIV}


Just like healthy food requires prioritizing and planning, our spiritual health has to be of upmost importance to us. We cannot just grab it as we are running around from thing to thing like it is a prepackaged supporter to simply tide us over for a while. Jesus Christ is our Bread of Life and Living Water. Yes, He may be different than what we have been used to, but just like going gluten free, filling up on Jesus daily can become a way of life for each of us. It may feel like a huge sacrifice at first, but the renewing and refreshing of our souls quickly become so sweet and valuable to us that we could not imagine having it any other way.

I would like to challenge you (and me!) to stay away from the spiritual gluten free junk food this week. The temple of the Holy Spirit deserves better than clean behavior. We are not Pharisees bound by expected behavior and tradition. Let’s not modify our actions, but instead, deal with our hearts. Would you commit with me to snack often on the things of God? Our spiritual bodies need some real nourishment and nutrition. Do not be a Gluten Free Pharisee this week.

Go taste and see that the Lord is good!-Psalm 34:8

Summer Overstreet -- Raising A Daughter To Find Her Identity In Christ
Hey Sisters, my name is Summer Overstreet. I am a Christ believing, Sunday school teaching, sweet tea drinking Southern belle. I have been a floral designer for fifteen years and I LOVE my job! I am new to the blogging world and am seeking to encourage and inspire women to embrace a lifestyle of joy and hope in Christ. I would love to see you at jessicasummeroverstreet.com soon!


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  1. So very true. I am always looking for books and posters whose teaching is so rich I feel full when I read or listen to them. I am always after something substantial!

  2. AMEN!!

    Keep writing Tenesha! You are doing a great work!

    Love you and your beautiful family!!

  3. The Word says that we can so easily feed a growing appetite with the wrong things… this reminder through your post today challenges my heart to continue feeding my soul with the things that will make me want more of him! So glad I popped in from Salt & Light!

  4. Such truth in this post. Much like the Israelites had to gather the manna daily. so we too, must come to His Word daily to find exactly what we need for the day. Grateful to be encouraged to eat healthy both physically and spiritually today! Blessings!

  5. So good, Jessica. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease 8 years ago and can so identify with your struggle. Even though I don’t ever eat gluten, I often replace my bread and pizza with GF junk 🙁 – Never thought of the parallel with our spiritual lives! Great insight here. Grateful to have been your neighbor at Abby’s linkup this week!

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