21 Farmhouse Fall Decor Finds on Amazon

21 Farmhouse Fall Decor Finds on Amazon

Fall season is approaching and I literally can’t wait! AHHH!

I might be in the extreme minority here but I really do not enjoy summer; the heat, the sunburns, the electric bill for AC… just not my thing. Buuuut, fall season on the other hand is perfect; not too hot, there’s lots of fun celebrations, gorgeous fall colors, and of course PUMPKIN everything.

Decorating is also my favorite for the fall season because of how “primitive” and “nature-ish” it seems to be. Colors center around gorgeous earthy tones to mimic the changing leaves and key decor items come straight from the outdoors. I just love it.

Did I mention the lower temperatures? 😉

So, in light of the fall season quickly approaching I decided to go decor shopping via Amazon and share with you what I found. Amazon is literally my life saver since my husband is away from home for the majority of the weeks and we have one car. I can’t just pop out any day of the week to shop but with Amazon I can… kind of. I mean, yeah, I still have to wait for my items to be shipped but I’m not really a person that ever needs something right away.

Can you do me a favor and if you own one of these items below let me know what you think? I am super curious since I’ll be ordering some of these adorable fall items soon!

1. This adorable pillow case!

Happy Fall Y’all Pillow Case — $5.98 plus $3.98 shipping



2. These “natural” twig pumpkins (only one is included in that price).
Natural Woven Grapevine Twig Pumpkin — $13.87


3. Uhhh, can’t decorate for fall without fall leaves!

Maple Leaf Decor — $5.83



4. There’s just something about white decor items and farmhouse style!

Assorted Size Harvest Off White Faux Gourds and Pumpkins — $14.99



5. I didn’t even realize Amazon sold candles but pumpkin candles is my middle name!

Pumpkin Spice Scented 13 Ounce Mason Jar Candle — $9.99



6. K, maybe not “fall-ish” but I was thinking windmills remind me of harvest so…?

Metal Windmill Rustic Clock — $27.95



7. Because banners are every Instagrammers best friend right now.

Happy Fall Banner with Pumpkin — $24.99



8. This pillow was by far my most favorite fall find!
Pumpkin Spice Fall Decor Throw Pillow Case — $8.99




9. Blanket ladders are like the ICON of a cozy rustic home. I need!

(p.s. Ignore the negative comments. People are mad because they aren’t away of what a blanket ladder is for!)

Barnwood Rustic BLANKET ladder — $59.99


10. This adorable galvanized “thankful” sign reminds me of Joanna Gaines!
Thankful Word Galvanized Metal Wall Decor — $19.75 plus $5.06




11. Cute table runner with warm-toned colors for fall.
Gray Burlap Table Runner with Bow Ties — $13.59



12. Dried wheat to decorate for the harvest season!
Dried Triticum Natural Wheat Stalk — $18.99




13. Ahhh, so cute! 
Give Thanks Wooden Sign — $9.99 plus $4.99 shipping



14. Okay, honestly I wouldn’t pay that much for mason jars because they are easy to paint but if you have minimal time then this may be a good deal for you!
Rustic Fall Mason Jar Table Decor — $36.99 plus $10.45



15. It’s a little embarrassing to think how long I spent searching for the “perfect” cozy Amazon blanket due to reviews. Here’s the winner!
Knitted Throw Couch Cover Blanket — $33.25



16. COME ON! This is just adorable and now officially on my wish list.
Fall Pumpkin Sugar Dish with Spoon — $12.88



17. Tea towels are always a great way to celebrate without the celebratory decor clutter!
Pumpkin Linen Tea Towel (Happy Fall) — $14.98



18. This would be so cute at the front door with some pumpkins & dried wheat!
Galvanized Finish Milk Jug — $17.56



19. Terrible picture but this crate has great reviews!
Antique Gray Stained Rustic Wood Crate — $19.49 plus $8.99 shipping



20. Call me naive but I had no idea how expensive real custom wreaths are but this one is gorgeous and showered with wonderful reviews!
Rustic Farmhouse Fall/Winter Wreath — $75.00 plus $17.50



21. Straws because they make every occasion THAT much more fun!
Fall Party Straws (75 Pack) — $12.99 plus $1.99 shipping


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>>> I do receive a teeny, tiny commission if you purchase from some links above. However, I try to recommend products that I believe will resonate with my readers or have great reviews. Thank you for your small contribution!




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  1. Love your list!! So helpful and fun! 🤗 I also love Amazon! And Pinterest! Thanks for culling all these fun finds!

    • Hey Delanie, thanks for commenting! I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have access to Amazon and Pinterest. Go crazy maybe? 😉

  2. Every single is perfect for the farm house. Thank you for the tips, its so helpful and fun.

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