Fall Leaves Spokane Photoshoot with Toddler

Spokane, Washington saw an absolutely gorgeous fall season this year — wow! As a born and raised Montana girl I am not accustomed to actually going outside and enjoying the leaves in mid-temps. Where I grew up my siblings and I would spend all of October bracing ourselves for the icicles that would form from our nostrils Halloween night!


Tenesha Zinne photography -- Spokane Washington photographer


So, imagine my surprise when just a week before Halloween here in Spokane Valley I was walking outside without a coat. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed the fall season quite to this degree.

These photos were taken of my toddler, Yvette, outside my apartment complex on a gloomy fall day and have been pleasantly surprised with how they turned out!


Tenesha Zinne photography -- Spokane Washington


Now, if you’re a mom, going to be a mom, or have ever seen a mom in a grocery store then you know the struggle is REAL when it comes to toddler jitters.

For a sweet, innocent child this girl has some mad running skills that surpass my 23 years of practice. When we finished this shoot I was convinced that each photo would resemble the flash (in a miniature version) but ended up — quite literally — giving myself a pat on the back for producing functional shots of this chunk!


Tenesha Zinne photography


The white hat and pink dress coat she is sporting were found at Target and have held up through many poop, puke, and “oh goodness, gracious what is that?!” fiascos.

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Tenesha Zinne photography


The funny thing about taking photos of toddlers and babies is that you have — and ONLY one — chance to snap that perfect pose.

If you’re out of focus…. you lose.

If you’re too slow… you lose.

If you do anything (including breathing)…. you lose.

The point I am trying to make? I could not believe I caught the above photo of her reaching for a leaf. Proud photographer mama moment!


Tenesha Zinne photography

My silly faces don’t phase this child one bit so I had to be really creative with catching a full-face shot. Luckily bright and shiny things are her jam so all I had to do was carry a flash light around and shine it at her to get about a second’s worth of her attention.

Check back in December where I’ll be doing a HUGE photoshoot (including props and backdrops) for Yvette’s third birthday.

If you’re in the Spokane area and want some photos taken feel free to send me an email!

Tenesha Zinne Photography -- Spokane Washington

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