Why Everyone Should Appreciate the Farmhouse Trend


Why we all should love the modern farmhouse trend
Why We Should All Love the Farmhouse Decor Trend

Are you not a big fan of the ‘ever’ famous farmhouse decor style? I feel ya, I have been in the same boat! Although I often blog about farmhouse decor, it’s not what my heart truly enjoys when it comes to my own home. My own decor style is what you may call…. moody modern with a touch of industrialism.

But, even though “farmhouse decorating” is not my favorite look for my own home, there is a lot to appreciate when it comes to this particular trend which is why I like to randomly blog about it!


Why Everyone Should Love Farmhouse Decor


It may come as a surprise but I am very big in history — basically, I really enjoy understanding the origin of a trend or historical item. Just like with people, understanding an origin gives us insight into why it looks/acts/does the things that it will do. It’s like the cause and effect theory.

Decor trends are much more than “does this look good here” and “does this color match the others” — it’s about understanding where the trend came from and persevering that history through repeating the trend!

So, what do you REALLY know about the famous “farmhouse” trend?

The trend that is taking Pinterest and Instagram by storm.

And, the trend that has become even MORE trendy thanks to the lovely Joanna Gaines.



#1: The word “farmhouse” actually represents how the home functions versus how it actually looks?

#2:  Farmhouse may also be called “folk house” in a decorators world.

#3: The actual style comes from our pioneers utilizing the resources around them rather than importing.

#4: The earliest farmhouses were built by colonial families in 1700s — wow!

#5: It wasn’t until the mid-19th century when we began to see individual style with farmhouse homes thanks to the railroad.

#6: Farmhouse homes in certain areas may look uniquely different than other areas due to nationalities settling “together”.

#7: Those sought after farmhouses that feature a wrap around porch and white railings? They are known as a “Queen Anne Farmhouse”.

#8: However, those with white columns are called a “Greek Revival Farmhouse”. Cool huh? Who knew!

#9: The farmhouse designing process today is what we now call “eclectic” due to mixing different cultural looks/designs.

#10: Key elements to a farmhouse is rural location and fictional porches for all of our hardworking men and children with muddy boots!

Thank you HGTV  for providing us with this valuable information! 


Although the farmhouse style is not what makes my heart sing, I can truly appreciate the functionality and family friendly nature a farmhouse entails! Nothing makes me more happy than the thought of sitting on a large porch during the sunrise on my own private land. A place where my children and dog can roam freely without the fear of bad, careless drivers and kidnapping!

What I really love about our modern farmhouse style is the freedom that it entails! You do not have to buy the most expensive materials to make your home truly feel the farmhouse trend. You can roam garage sales, estate sales, second hand stores, flea markets, and junk yards for the perfect pieces with added historical flair!

Only have $50 to spend? Head to your local flea market and bargain down a gorgeous old-fashioned ceiling tile which you can place over your fireplace mantel. In fact, you could probably get a couple with that budget! Or, find a $50 used dresser and spruce it up (or down) with chalk paint and some elbow grease (which you can find my tutorial with chalk paint HERE).

That’s what I love about the farmhouse trend. It’s so versatile and leaves no one left behind! Every woman that wishes for this decorating style in their own home can create the look even with a small budget and some elbow grease.

You don’t have to utilize something in your own life to appreciate it!

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  1. I love this trend! And how easy it is to duplicate on a budget. Something about it just speaks to my soul. Paired with an industrial flair, my heart sings!

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