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Hey friends!

I have recently teamed up with a wonderful children’s book company and I wanted to tell you about it! I don’t usually talk about paid programs but I really think you’ll enjoy this company and what they have to offer.

Epic! is an e-book company that caters to children 12 & under. They have thousands of popular reads for each age group of children AND audio books. However, the best part about this program is the price. You pay $4.99 monthly (for FOUR children) to access an unlimited amount of best-seller children’s books.

Epic! The Importance of reading to your children


Okay– I’m done with all that technical stuff. Phew, somehow I managed to explain the details of this program in four sentences… there’s got to be an award for that! Now that the boring logistical stuff is out of the way, I want to tell you why *I think* this program is amazing.

I used to hate reading as a child. My poor mother would literally drag me by my heels to the library because she knew I wasn’t going to pass my reading test if I had no books to test on. She tried and tried to get me to read ANYTHING but I was a stubborn and persistent child.

And then something amazing happened.

After much debate, my mom finally let me read the Eragon book that the whole Junior High was buzzing about. I’m talking dragons and magic type of book! And that was it. That was all it took for me to be hooked on reading. I read Eragon in about a week (which was pretty impressive for me at the time). It was like once I found this magical world that a book can take me to, I never stopped reading and I never, ever looked back.

The Netflix of Children's Books

As you can probably guess, I am very avid about reading and writing. I know that reading can have a huge impact on children both educationally and emotionally. I also know that there are many children who absolutely DO NOT want to read — been there, done that. Sometimes the only thing these protest reading children need is a book that can act like a gateway. These type of children need only one special book that makes their imagination come alive and the rest could be history.

Epic! is fun and educational.

Educationally, there are many extreme benefits for a child who has a reading background. Your child doesn’t even have to physically read the words to reek the educational benefits! You can read to your child and that alone will be enough to start the snowball effect.

Here are some facts I found off of the National Education Association— now I’m getting all technical again!

  • “Twenty-six percent of children who were read to three or four times in the last week by a family member recognized all letters of the alphabet. This is compared to 14 percent of children who were read to less frequently.”
  • “The NCES1 also reported that children who were read to frequently are also more likely to:
    • count to 20, or higher than those who were not (60% vs. 44%)
    • write their own names (54% vs. 40%)
    • read or pretend to read (77% vs. 57%)”
  • “The Educational Testing Services reported that students who do more reading at home are better readers and have higher math scores”

And these are just SOME of the amazing facts.

Still not convinced? Here are a couple more facts I have found.

  • “The single most significant factor influencing a child’s early educational success is an introduction to books and being read to at home prior to beginning school. National Commission on Reading, 1985” as found on Bernies book bank.
  • “Having books in the home is twice as important as the father’s education level. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 2010″as found on Bernies Book Bank.

There has been reports that even a teenager who has been read to as a child will more likely score higher on their college prep tests than those who don’t!

That right there is some crazy stuff. These children don’t even have to see the words to educate themselves!

Reading to children also helps tremendously with their imagination. 

A book gives a child the chance to imagine a world full of hope, magic, suspense, love, wonder, overcoming fear/darkness, and heroism.

So you don’t have money to travel the world; that’s what books are for! Books show our children culture different cultures and customs. They introduce our children to loving people who are different than ourselves. Books can also encourage and give a child the courage to achieve what would have been unattainable before.

Epic! saves my wallet.

I also know how much it costs to buy brand new books for your children. Books are expensive! I wanted to buy a small toddler book for my daughter the other day but once I saw the price of $12 I decided to wait on it. However, with Epic! I only have to pay $4.99 each month and my toddler has instant access to hundreds of age appropriate books she might like.

Of course you also have the library as an option for your children. I love the library! The only problem I actually have with the library is the getting dressed, gathering everything, and driving there — plus the possibility of being kicked out because my child was too loud.

Epic! saves my sanity.

I love Epic! because I honestly just needed something to keep my daughter entertained during quiet times. Those silly tablet games were not going to cut it for me. Plus, my daughter absolutely adores books and playing on the tablet. I decided that investing in Epic! would be a great way to add some education into her fun and would save me money in the long haul.

Epic! also saves my back.

Meaning, I am not carrying FIVE HUNDRED books– literally– to bring to grandma’s house for the day. Instead, I bring my small tablet and let her use it for some reading when there’s down time.

Reading on Epic!

I’ll quickly list a couple books that you might recognize for each age group.

Ages 0-2

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Goodnight Moon
Farm Animals (Discover Series)

Ages 3-5
It’s a Firefly Night
Where the Wild Things Are

Ages 6-8
Ramona Quimby, Age 8
My Father’s Dragon
Frozen: The Junior Novelization

Ages 9-12
Bridge to Terabithia
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe
The Bad Beginning: Or, Orphans! (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1)

Side note– Epic! also keeps track of books read, pages flipped, and hours logged. If you look at the picture below you can see how the tracker is set up.

Kids Profile on Epic!

So, I hope you don’t feel bombarded with ads. I really wanted to write this post to let you know about how much I genuinely appreciate Epic! and what it has to offer. I am paid a very small reward compensation if you do choose to subscribe however I ONLY promote items that I am truly confident in and know that you will love as well.

If you sign up now  today, you’ll receive TWO MONTHS free to test the program. If you love it, great, but if you don’t then there’s no harm and no foul.

Not all things work for all families but I love it so I thought I’d share and see what you think. If you do sign up, please feel free to let me know how the first month went for you!

What books do your children love? Leave a comment below! I am making a list of “must-read” books for my children and I would love suggestions.

Much love,

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