12 Encouraging Momma Bloggers You Need to Check Out

12 Encouraging Momma Bloggers You Need to Check Out

12 Encouraging Momma Bloggers

It should come to no surprise to you that I love all things blogging! I love the writing, the reading, and most of all the connection it creates. I have had a lot of trials throughout the past couple years and I credit a lot of my newfound hope to these momma bloggers and what these women have been bold enough to say on a public platform.

I decided to create a small list post of momma bloggers who have encouraged me most through the different trials my family has faced. My hope in creating this resource is to help direct you to the encouragement that will speak to your heart at this specific hard time in your life.

Each one of these momma bloggers are unique and amazing; I highly recommend you check them out!

12 Encouraging Momma Bloggers You Need to Check Out

1. Money Saving Mom by Crystal Paine

If you’re looking for budgeting and Christian momma bloggers then Crystal’s Money Saving Mom blog is the one to check out. Crystal also talks freely about blogging and her journey which is how I came across her website.

She also does a lot of freebies, giveaways, deals, and coupon sharing!

Crystal has wrote an AMAZING book called Say Goodbye to Survival ModeI am assuming you have seen this book in book stores or have heard of it through the grape vine (it’s everywhere). However, if you have not, her book is basically chalk full of ways to simplify your life as a homemaker and a working mom. Her book has tips and tricks to knowing how to set boundries, realistic goals, priorities, and managing time wisely.

2. Inspired to Action by Kat Lee

Kat is one of my favorite momma bloggers who does most of her ministry through Podcasts! She is INCREDIBLY encouraging for women in all stages of life. Plus, her voice is very calming so her Podcast is very easy to listen to. Kat brings many great guests on the Podcast with different niche’s to encourage all kinds of women in all stages.

3. Young Wifes Guide by Jami Balmet

Young Wife’s Guide was the very first blog I have ever read or encountered and I absolutely what Jami has to say.

She works hard on her ministry for women and you can tell right away. She shares everything homemaking on her blog and is very interactive with her followers. I especially love her encouragement for mommies and her detailed Christian book reviews.

I have nothing but good things to say about the Young Wife’s Guide ministry. Jami is a busy women with TWO sets of twins and pregnant with their fifth child. I don’t know how she does it to be honest with you!


4. Sarah Titus by Sarah Titus

I haven’t had the chance to virtually “meet” Sarah yet but she is so good at blogging that I already feel like we are friends! She is completely down to earth– sharing her heart fully– and is so easy to relate to. Sarah gives great advice for handling your finances/credit as a Christian woman and is also a blog coach. I have learned many great tips about making money, saving money, and being wise with how I handle my credit through her.

I included a link to her book below. Sarah talks about how her husband decided to get a divorce, leave her with huge bills, and how she figured out a way to support her children on her own.

How to Become Financially Free: From Homeless to Well Off: I’ll Show You How

5. Just a Girl and Her Blog by Abby Lawson

Abby’s blog has three main categories under one roof: organizing, decorating, and blogging. I initially came across her blog when trying to find realistic tips for a new blogger but fell in love with her bright decor style and keen eye for organization. She blends decorating and organization to create to create a beautifully organized space.

6. The Harper House by Christy

I recently came across Christy’s blog when she reached out to me and I am so glad she did! The Harper House blog documents house flipping projects that her husband and herself completed. She has an eye for beautiful design– much like Joanna Gaines– and has fantastic farmhouse styled DIYs. Christy also talks about her faith and trials as a mommy/wife.

7. God Centered Mom Podcast by Heather MacFadyen

Heather runs a beautifully encouraging Podcast for Christians (specifically women). I believe she is a wife of a Pastor and a mother of four little boys! I listen to her Podcast when I am doing the household chores because it helps me stay in a Christian mindset (and not hate the pile of dirty dishes). She talks about all sorts of topics with highly known guest speakers about parenting and being a women. Heather even dives into hard topics such as sex in a Christian marriage and depression.

8. Club 31 Women by Lisa

I always turn to the Club 31 Women when I need wisdom on marriage. Lisa writes very truthfully and fearlessly about hard topics in marriage that other’s may have a hard time doing.

If you’re looking for a good marriage series, check out Lisa’s 100 Ways To Love Your HusbandI’m all about improving my marriage and making it more Godly and this series does just that and more!

9. Sally Clarkson‘s blog

Sally Clarkson is a Christian best-selling author and a seasoned mother. If you need some deep spiritual encouragement and inspiration for creating a beautiful family/home atmosphere, Sally is your gal. Together Sally and her children work on creating a ministry that can help encourage a family by sharing their experiences as children and parents. So, not only do you read a mother’s perspective (Sally), you also read her children’s perspective on how they were raised.

Sally is a very wise woman and I can practically feel the Holy Spirit reaching through her to me. Every time she announces a new book I always jump on the bandwagon waiting list because I know that it will be encouraging to me in some way despite the topic.

Here are my two favorite books by Sally. The Lifegiving Home book seriously changed how I viewed parenting and inspired me with so many ideas as to how I should approach homemaking. Own Your Life was a HUGE encouragement for myself because it helped me see how my life has meaning and purpose.

The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming

Own Your Life: Living with Deep Intention, Bold Faith, and Generous Love

10. Jen Hatmaker‘s blog

Jen is a down-to-earth, hilarious Christian momma best-selling author — phew, what a mouthful– who often uses light humor to break into hard topics that us mommas sometimes just don’t know how to talk about. I have not read her newest book For the Love yet but I have heard amazing things about it! Her book is about living in a world full of comparison and judgement. It’s also about how us mothers need to break free from the impossible high standards you see on social media platforms such as Pinterest.

Once I have acquired the funds, Jen’s book is first on my list of items to purchase.

11. Scissortail Silk by Becky Thompson

I was whining about how I wished there was momma bloggers dedicated to us mothers who are up all hours of the night with our littles. That is when my friend introduced me to Becky Thompson’s blog and books! The first thing you need to do is follow her on Facebook because that is where the heart of the community seems to hang out. On Facebook Becky often posts encouraging videos and midnight devotions for moms who are up late! When I am up at 3am and notice how many women have commented on her midnight devotions, it’s encouraging to know that I am not the only one; we are in this together!

Becky released the beautiful book Hope Unfolding: Grace-Filled Truth for the Momma’s Heart not too long ago and I absolutely adore it! Not only did she release the book recently but she also did this beautiful thing of a “pay it forward” where for a time she promoted the idea of women purchasing the book for other women who need encouragement. Everything she does is just absolutely beautiful and you really just need to check out her stuff to get the full effect of what I am talking about!

12. Gracelaced by Ruth

Ruth’s ministry is my all-time favorite thing to read when I need a boost. She is very clever and somehow found the perfect balance of ministering to women THROUGH her artwork (which is absolutely stunning). She often encourages by using Instagram as a mini blogging platform. Instagram is where she shares stories and biblical truth with gorgeous pictures of her artwork and family. I am always left with inspiration and a newfound hope after reading what Ruth has to say.

P.S. Ruth is also the mother of SIX boys. Six!


I hope these momma bloggers are the encouragement you  need to get through this specific time in your life! P.S. There are many momma bloggers, these women are just some of my favorite or recent ones I have come across.

P.S.S (is P.S.S even a thing?) If you need someone to pray for you or a situation you’re currently in please feel free to contact me!  I’d love to keep you and your troubles on my heart and mind today with helping to lift your sorrows up to God.

12 of my favorite christian bloggers





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