How We Saved Over $80 in Change Our First Year of Marriage


How We Saved Over $80 in Change Our First Year of Marriage

Coins in your pocket or wallet can be a nuisance.

Coins smell.

And are full of germs.

But, do you know what I love about coins?

When I buy a latte, I can use my little change stash in the car to use as a tip for the barista without breaking another dollar and throwing away more change.

I love that coins will survive in my husband’s sweaty work pocket when dollar bill can’t.

I love that without thinking about it, we saved $80 just within the first eight months of our marriage!


So, we save our change.

So how did we do it? It’s pretty simple, you just don’t think about it and save every coin you find.

My husband always puts his change in his jean pockets and so every time I do laundry I just bring our change bowl over to empty the pockets and about 9 months later this is what we had just from his jean pockets!

How We Saved Over $80 in Change Our First Year of Marriage
This bowl was on my husbands night stand


Yes, that is A LOT of change. In fact, it totals a little over $130 now but at the time I started this post it was at $80.

We have a stash in our car which was around $6 however I recently used that to pay for a latte and a parking spot. Of course I also have a small stash in my wallet which is about $15.

I’d say, this would be a way too literal meaning to the term penny-pinching!

Dream with me a little, if we keep on this change saving track I can assume within the next couple of years we will have enough to go on a small vacation! What I love about this method of saving is that we are not mentally thinking “Okay we need to put away a certain amount from our pay check for a future vacation”,

How We Saved Over $80 Our First Year of Marriage

saving change just became a habit.

Another idea we have is from a family friend. She has a jar for coins on her kitchen counter. When her husband wants a little something from her he will stick some coins in the jar and once that jar fills we will use it on a date for the both of them! 

So, next time you are debating that penny in your hand just remember you could save it and be one step closer to that family vacation or a nice date with your spouse!


Do you save coins in your house? How do you spend your coins after years of saving? Please leave a comment below! 


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