DIY Farmhouse Inspired Marriage Vows

DIY Wedding Vows Wall Art 3

Artistic wall display of marriage vows

My husband and I have a great marriage. In fact, it’s better than great, it’s down-right amazing. We encounter occasional bickering but it’s never anything that can’t be solved in a 24 hour period– mainly because I have a hard time getting over things…. oh to be a woman.

I decided to display our marriage vows as a reminder. When we are bickering and see our vows, we are reminded that we made a promise to God, in front of witnesses, that we would overcome our differences — for better or for worse. This means he can’t be upset with me when I want to paint our bookcases with girly gold flowers because he’ll walk by these vows and remember the promises that he made.

That is, if he actually would read something I put on our walls.

Which he doesn’t.

Soooo this means that when I am upset with him for setting his dirty underwear NEXT to the hamper for the 1000th time, I’ll remember the promises I made when I walk by these vows on display (on my way to throwing his underwear into the hamper).

But seriously, we have a great relationship and I give credit to our prayer life, little reminders around the house such as this one, my bible time, and great books out there as a reference– such as the Five Love Languages which you can read more about this book on my reading list here.

However, the biggest and most influential help has been from the Lord who has helped us to see the other person’s side in the rough situations and has helped calm our anger to see the fools we have acted like. I suppose that could be considered prayer and bible time but He is just too great to be shoved into such a small category.

I believe that displaying your vows is a great tool for any marriage. It acts as a continuous reminder of exactly what we promised a long time ago. Memories fade, health fades, color fades – it’s just the way life works– which is why we need something to keep our promise fresh in our mind.

DIY Wedding Vows Wall Art 5

This is what I started with. Two vows, one promise: to love each other through thick and thin. We wrote them ourselves so they aren’t perfect. I don’t mind the imperfectness because the only love that is perfect is the love Jesus has for us. Plus, we were a very young, eager couple. If I could write my vows now, it probably wouldn’t be filled with so many quotes and would have been more along the lines of “I promise to love you even when you ‘accidentally‘ fart the worst fart of your life and kill me in my sleep” because it can be extremely hard to honor such beautiful vows when your last breath is the smell of rotten eggs.

DIY Wedding Vows Wall Art 6

I started out with two very ugly picture frames that have seen a lot of love. A great place to find picture frames is a thrift store! These picture frames were pre-loved and had the weirdest picture of a cat. I’m not a cat person so it didn’t hurt my feelings in any way to throw out the pictures the frames came with!

DIY Wedding Vows Wall Art 7

I used Lace Chalk Paint by Americana decor. I won’t get into too much detail about how I did it because I made a course that specifically talks about the chalk painting technique which you can check out here.

I did two and a half coats, the last one acted as a touch up because my paint is getting old but usually you only need to do one or two coats. The picture above is after one coat… bad I know. The first thing on my to-do list is to buy more chalk paint!

DIY Wedding Vows Wall Art 8

Here’s the finished look!

I like to really distress corners and raised areas on the project because that’s ideally where the object would wear the fastest but I have seen many people do many techniques with chalk paint so it’s really up to you.

DIY Wedding Vows Wall Art 4

The last thing I did was print out our vows and cut the paper to the size of the frame. I tried a couple different formats for our vows but I ended up settling with a basic layout and fancy font. Our vows are very…. wordy…. which didn’t leave me much room to design a special layout as I wanted it all to fit on one page.

I blurred the picture a bit so that I wouldn’t overwhelm you with a lot of sappy sappy cheesiness.

What can I say? We are in love.

DIY Wedding Vows Wall Art

All hung up and looking pretty fancy on our bedroom wall!

For some odd reason I like to read the vows my husband wrote for me every night. I’m not sure if it’s just because it is in eye sight or if I genuinely love reading it — probably a little of both. Either way, I just love having our vows displayed in such a beautiful, farmhouse sort of way.

Adds cute charm while having a practical purpose.

What do you like to display that helps you keep positive notes in your home? Leave a comment below!

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