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DIY coloring pages

mommy and me printable coloring pages


DIY coloring page

If you haven’t already heard the buzz around here, we are celebrating our Mommy & Me coloring page collection which launched yesterday! Yay! It’s always exciting to launch a product but it’s even MORE exciting when it’s partly made with your own artwork.

This Mommy & Me coloring page collection is available — for free– as a gift to those of you who join the Beauty Within 31 community. It’s a bible based coloring collection including 10 mommy pages, 10 child pages, and one bonus mommy page!

If you would like to receive your free Mommy & Me coloring page collection, click the picture above or click here.

Anyways, it’s DIY Thursday and to celebrate this launch I thought it would be a great idea to show you how you can make your own coloring pages. 

Here’s how to make your own coloring pages!

DIY coloring pages



1.  Access to PicMonkey or another graphic program

2. Paper, pencil, sharpies

3. Printer and computer

Have you ever looked through coloring books — which are all the rave right now — but found yourself unsatisfied because the drawings just aren’t “you”? I know I have! It took me a long time to find a coloring book which was Christian based and also trendy. It seems like a lot of generic Christian coloring books consist of a badly illustrated bible scene.

Finally I found the coloring book “Today Is Going To Be A Great Day Inspirational Adult Coloring Book” which contained scripture, beautiful illustrations, and more. But, it took me a long time to find a coloring book I enjoyed which often led to the question, “can’t I just create my own?”

After a lot of YouTube videos, free online seminars, and amazingly informational blog posts, I finally had enough information I needed to create my own coloring pages. (This is coming from someone who really knew nothing about computers beforehand.)

And now, I want to share what I learned with you!

STEP ONE: Draw something

You can make a coloring page straight from a computer program but sometimes the fastest, easiest way is to create your own drawing on paper.

DIY coloring pages

This is one of the drawings I created last week. You’ll need to sketch the drawing out with VERY light pencil and then trace over it with sharpie. The hard part is to make sure that your pencil strokes are very light because they can mess up the picture once you transfer it to your computer.

STEP TWO: Take a picture

This step kind of took me a while because I knew absolutely nothing about photography before launching the blog. I don’t have a professional or digital camera, all I have ever used is the camera on my iPhone 6. But, there are some key factors to keep in mind no matter the device you use.

  • Lighting – place your drawing in a very light — yet indirect sunlight — spot. The best place may be close to a window.
  • Light bouncer – I use a white piece of stock paper to bounce the light onto the object I am taking a picture of.
  • Focus – make sure your device is focused on the object (or drawing).

I have an old computer so the easiest way for me to get my picture to my computer is by sending it to my alternate email. Once it’s in the email inbox, I just click on the picture and download it to my computer.



Now, this is the most time-consuming step. But, it’s also the step where you turn a simple drawing into a coloring page. You don’t have to do it in PicMonkey but that is my program of choice (because it’s simple to use).

  • Go to PicMonkey and click *EDIT*, this is where you will upload your picture.
  • The first thing I like to do is crop out any excess that you don’t need in the picture (AKA carpet, wall, cardstock, etc). I crop all my coloring pages at an 8×10 because the size looks good on printer paper.
  • Next I will adjust the lighting to my liking in the “exposure” category. I light to really brighten up the picture with brightness and then add highlights. Sometimes I will also add a bit of shadow (-25%) to darken the lines. The last thing to do is to bring the contrast all the way up to 100%. This will take out all the unwanted color.
  • Now, to really create the coloring page look, you will need to sign up for the paid PicMonkey to get this feature. The cool thing is (I think) you can get the first month free and after that it’s only $4.99 per month (or $39.99 yearly) which is MUCH better than Photoshop. I love creating cards — such as Christmas cards — in PicMonkey because it’s a cheap alternative to purchasing regular cards. (This is an affiliate but I promise I am only sharing it with you because I recommend PicMonkey 100%. I use their program for ALL graphics you see made by me!)

So, head to the left-hand column and click the second icon which is the “magic wand”. Scroll all the way down             to the “artsy” category and click EDGE SKETCH. This effect will turn all of your filled lines into edge sketches.             Pull the thickness all the way up to 5 and the details all the way up to 100%. If you have a lot of black lines                     then you will need to click “apply” and then click the effect again. The reason to do it twice is because                               sometimes the very thick, black lines leave a black residue. Doing the effect twice cleans up some of that.

  • Digitized lines? The best thing you can do in PicMonkey is to resize the image. To find this, go to the first icon in the left column. I will generally resize my picture to a little lower quality and that will clean up some of the digital mess.

DY coloring pages


And that’s about it!

Save your coloring pages to print. That simple!

What’s your favorite coloring book? I need to find a couple more! 

Don’t forget to join the Beauty Within 31 community to gain instant access to our free Mommy & Me coloring collection download!

coloring pages DIY






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